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8 Signs He Secretly Likes You

Signs he secretly likes you
Written by Karen Clark

Sometimes, you just feel that a guy is into you. But, you can’t be sure, because he is not being direct about it and as it looks like, he is not planning to do anything about it. So, you think you are probably imagining things, but at the same time, you see some signs he secretly likes you. Reading his mind is impossible and you don’t want to be too pushy by directly asking him if he has a crush on you. But, there is a solution for this situation.

You may think that you can hide when you are in love with someone, but trust me, your body and behaviour will tell you sooner or later. We all show affection in different ways, but there are some behaviour patterns most of men display when they are into a girl. You just need to know what to look for. Therefore, here are 8 clues and signs he secretly likes you.

Although you may think that some of these examples are childish, when we are in love, we act pretty much the same, no matter the age.

  1. He looks you deep in the eyes

If you are wondering if a guy is into you, one of the first signs he secretly likes you are his eyes. When someone has feelings for you, he will subconsciously try to make eye contact. They don’t say that our eyes are the reflection of the soul without a reason. So, even if a guy is not telling you anything directly, if he is into you, you’ll see it in his eyes- they’ll simply radiate affection. You’ll catch him literally staring at you without any apparent reason and turning his look away the second he sees you noticing his glaze. This is something he can’t control, no matter how hard he tries, because he simply has the need to look at you.

  1. He is nervous around you

One of the nonverbal signs he secretly likes you is the way he acts every time he is around you. You may think that blushes and coy smiles are only reserved for girls, but guys don’t differ much from us when they like someone. So, if this guy is nervous and starts to act awkwardly whenever you are around him, this is an undeniable sign he is into you. He may be talking weird or not talking at all, or he may be playing with his hair, biting his nails, shaking his leg or displaying any other form of fidgety behaviour, but the bottom line is the same- this guy likes you, but isn’t ready to admit it to you and that is what causes him to be nervous around you.

  1. He never misses an opportunity to touch you

When we like someone, we have the uncontrollable urge to touch this person. So, if a guy likes you, he will probably be extra touchy with you. But, this doesn’t mean he won’t respect your boundaries or that he would act all creepy. He’ll simply never miss an opportunity to touch you- when he talks to you, he’ll touch your shoulder or he will tap your hand. Every time he sees you, this guy will always hug you a little bit longer or kiss you on the cheek. He does this because your body attracts he like a magnet and because he is subconsciously making sure you are not repulsive towards his touch. In the same time, he is questioning your boundaries to see how far he can go, so if you are not comfortable with anything he is doing, don’t hesitate in letting him know.

  1. He pays you a lot of compliments

One of the signs he secretly likes you are the compliments this guy has been giving you, when there exists a reason for them and when there doesn’t. He may not be brave enough to tell you he likes you just yet, but he is fascinated with both of your looks and your brains and can’t help himself but tell you that. This guy is in love with you, so for him, everything you wear, say or do is perfect and he is always inspired to tell you something nice. Therefore, he can’t miss an opportunity to express his admiration towards you.

  1. He is jealous

Despite the fact that the two of you are not in a relationship and he is very well aware of it, if a guy acts jealous if you just happen to mention another man, he is definitely into you. He is interested in every guy that comes near you and sometimes, he may get jealous without a reason- he does this because he thinks you are perfect and is madly in love with you, so every other man near you must see it and is for sure, feeling the same way about you. This guy knows he is not your boyfriend and therefore, knows he doesn’t have the right to be jealous, so he won’t verbalize his jealousy- but you and everyone else will see it and sense it. He may get mad at you when he sees you interested in someone else or he will keep finding flaws for every guy in your surroundings. This guy has a crush on you, so it is natural that he can’t stand hearing you talk about other men or seeing you with other guys and that is the reason for his territorial behaviour.

  1. He always has time for you

One of the signs he secretly likes you are his time management skills. No matter how busy or tired this guy is, he will always find time for you and will use every chance he gets to hang out with you. You never bore him and even going shopping with you is not a trouble for him- he’ll do literally everything just to spend some time near you, even if that includes activities that he wouldn’t usually enjoy. Besides, this guy will gladly cancel all of his other plans, just to be with you and there is no better indicator he is in love with you.

  1. He remembers every little thing about you

When a guy is really into you, he truly listens to everything you have to say. He doesn’t just pretend to listen to you, so he could get inside your pants- he really pays attention to you. Therefore, this guy manages to remember every little detail about you, even if it is the most irrelevant thing ever. For him, everything that has to do with you is important, because you are important. He doesn’t put an effort in this- it just happens and is one of the clear signs he secretly likes you.

  1. He is trying to impress you

If a man has a crush on you, he will make sure to present himself in the best possible light in front of you. So, he’ll do anything he can to show off for you or to impress you. This doesn’t have to mean he’ll pretend to be something he is not- he just wants to leave a good impression and wants to be more likable, which is natural and is a definite sign he is into you.

8 Signs He Secretly Likes You