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Wounded Feminine Energy: 5 Signs You’re Repressing Your Inner Goddess

Wounded Feminine Energy: 5 Signs You’re Repressing Your Inner Goddess

Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably familiar with the term feminine energy. But what does wounded feminine energy mean? Time to find out.

We both know that feminine energy is emotional, empathetic, kind, and compassionate – and it’s all about embracing intuition and creativity. About nurturing healthy and meaningful connections with others. Feminine energy is more about being present in the moment, being free.

In order for all beings on earth to function properly, we need both masculine and feminine energy balanced and in harmony. Both of these have their wounded and divine side. It’s up to you to readjust and stabilize them.

The wounded part usually comes from the darkest parts of ourselves and it leads to pain and misery. Once we identify these wounded parts and shine some light on them, we’ll be able to nurture healthy relationships, both with ourselves and with others.

When our feminine energy is blocked, we’re actually suppressing it and going through life with our masculine energy. Nowadays, it actually feels right to live this way. But what we keep forgetting is that unhealthy will look for its equal – and that’s when the troubles start.

There are a couple of reasons your feminine energy may be wounded and you’re probably not even aware of it. Maybe you were hurt before, or you went through some traumatic experience, so hiding your feminine side became your coping mechanism.

Common reasons behind wounded feminine energy

DONE! Wounded Feminine Energy 5 Signs You're Repressing Your Inner Goddess

Based on what I’ve learned so far, there are four main reasons your feminine energy may be blocked. The first possibility is that you grew up with a mother or other female role model who had wounded feminine energy.

The second is that you’ve been through a traumatic experience as a woman and now you want to push that part of you aside. Because of this, you may feel insecure and afraid every time your feminine energy tries to rise to the surface.

The next possible cause is actually the most common – you’ve been raised believing that it is wrong to express your feelings openly. Everyone around you taught you that it’s better to have masculine traits and how they should be rewarded, contrary to feminine traits that should be silenced.

And last but not least, throughout your life, you may have taken on many masculine roles and, as a result, forgotten how it feels to be your most feminine self. You were probably taking care of others, providing for your family, or even at a certain point, you felt like you need to fight to survive.

The most important part is to start recognizing every circumstance or past trauma that caused wounded feminine energy and then work on each one to properly heal. In the next part, we’ll go through the signs that you’re a bit out of balance.

5 signs of wounded feminine energy

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to recognize signs of wounded feminine energy. Of course, there are a lot more signs that you are restraining your divine feminine energy, but in this article, we’ll cover the most obvious.

1. You seek external validation

DONE! Wounded Feminine Energy 5 Signs You're Repressing Your Inner Goddess

Do you often feel like you’re not good enough? Are you constantly looking for external validation? You’re trying to get the approval of others, and not doing things that make you happy because you think your mom/dad/boyfriend/friends would criticize you for that.

Also, if you’re spending a lot of time fulfilling someone else’s needs rather than your own, it means that your feminine energy is wounded.

2. You attract men with wounded masculine energy

Okay, take some time to step back and honestly analyze all the important men in your life. Are they present, loving, and caring? Or are they neglecting your needs, and controlling and not validating your feelings?

If the latter is true and you’re at least partially aware that you’re dating a toxic guy, that indicates that you have blocked feminine energy. Get ready to work on yourself, and get rid of that trash, baby girl.

3. You’re ashamed

DONE! Wounded Feminine Energy 5 Signs You're Repressing Your Inner Goddess

Do you feel guilty when you prioritize your own needs? Do you shy away from men’s attention and the spotlight in general? Are you not satisfied with the way your body looks? For instance, do you think that you shouldn’t be wearing dresses?

It’s time for you to start loving yourself more and walk around with confidence. You’re beautiful and you have so much to offer!

4. You’re prone to burnout

Are you constantly tired, but at the same time you think you haven’t done enough? You probably feel drained and exhausted, but you keep pushing forward.

This is a clear-cut sign that your masculine energy has taken the lead and it will only take you to burnout if you don’t do something about it soon. If you’re already there though, time to change something, don’t you agree?

5. You hate being dependent

DONE! Wounded Feminine Energy 5 Signs You're Repressing Your Inner Goddess

Are you that strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to fulfill the difficult tasks? You hate being dependent on others, so you refuse help. You never actually asked someone to help you with something, because you’d rather do it on your own, even if you’ll struggle.

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but this means that your feminine energy needs healing and you need to reach stability ASAP.

If you found out that you are in fact carrying wounded feminine energy, don’t worry. There is nothing to be embarrassed about since it’s rarely your fault. On the other hand, the good thing is that you’re the one responsible for your own healing.

It’s time for you to be confident in your own body and speak your heart with no shame. Be grounded, gracious, and strong. Love, support, and care for others, but put yourself first. Be authentic and vulnerable, and ask for help if you need it.

Identify what blocks your feminine energy and embrace that inner goddess you’ve been hiding!

Wounded Feminine Energy: 5 Signs You're Repressing Your Inner Goddess

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