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10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

Dating has its benefits and can be fun, but eventually we all want to find a person we’ll be able to grow old with. Sadly, this person is usually hard to find. Even if you are in a stable relationship, you maybe don’t know if this is the one. So, here are 10 signs you’ve found the person you’re supposed to grow old with.

1. You are relaxed around this person.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

The first sign you have met a person you can grow old with is that you can be your true self around them, without the need for modification of any kind.

You won’t need to pretend you are someone you not just to be more likeable and just to impress them. Instead, you won’t hide your imperfections, because you know you can show your true personality in front of them.

And most importantly, they will love you with all of your flaws, without ever trying to change you and will always accept you for who you are.

2. This person calms you.

We all enjoy the butterflies and the excitement the start of every relationship brings, but what you really need in your life is someone that makes you calm.

Yes, emotional rollercoaster is fun, but that is not the basis for a healthy, life-long commitment. Once you meet a person who simply knows how to handle all of your difficulties and knows how to deal with your temper, know that this is a person to grow old with.

This is a person which will give you a peaceful life you need. It doesn’t mean you won’t be in love with them—you’ll only experience what true life and partnership is all about.

3. You two have meaningful conversations.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

Communication is a basis of every healthy and long-lasting relationship. If you and your partner don’t listen and don’t understand each other, everything else is in vain.

When you meet the person who you should grow old with, every conversation you two have, will be meaningful. This person will truly listen to you and will understand your emotions, even without you verbalizing it.


This is the person you won’t be ashamed to talk about anything and a person you trust enough to share all of your dreams and fears. If you and your partner are honest to each other and have good communication, every problem will seem resolvable.

4. You are a priority to this person.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

If you are planning a life with someone, you want to feel important to his person. If you are with someone who puts you first, no matter what, this someone is a person you need to grow old.

This is one of the hardest things to find nowadays, although it should be a part of every relationship. This person is not selfish and self-centered and puts your needs even before their own.

Nobody else is more important for them and they never treat you like one of their option. Instead, you are a priority to them and they never hesitate to make that clear.

5. You have each other’s back.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

When you are dating someone who supports you no matter what, that shows that this person cares deeply about you and has the qualities of someone you should grow old with.

Life is tough on its own, and it is crucial to have someone to share your problems and difficulties with. When you find a person who considers your problems to be his or hers issues as well, you should try to grow old with them.

This person pushes you forward and believes in you, no matter what. You know they’ll have your back through thick and thin. It’s always easy to find someone when everything is going smoothly, but if this person doesn’t back out when things get rough, they are right for you.

6. Your fights are productive.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

No relationship is perfect and every couple fights, even if some say they don’t. So, don’t think that your relationship doesn’t have a future if you two have a dispute from time to time.

What matters is the frequency and the quality of those arguments. Of course, you should ask yourself if you and your partner are right for each other if you fight over every little thing. But, if you manage to grow a conclusion out of these arguments, it means that you have a healthy relationship with a bright future.

When you fight, you don’t insult or belittle each other. Instead, both of your opinions are always taken into consideration and both of you try to look at the things from each angle.

Most importantly, you guys don’t argue just for the sake of argument—your fights are productive and the conclusions and compromises you draw out of them are actually beneficial to your relationship.

7. You two share a mutual respect.

Love is one of the most important foundations of each romantic relationship. But respect is equally, if not even more, important. If you happen to find a person who does not only loves you, but also treats you with a great deal of respect, this is the person you should grow old with.

There is no love without respect. This person know this and appreciates you and everything you do for the relationship and you act in a similar manner.

Most importantly, neither of you tries to put themselves above the other person. Instead, you are equal partners in your relationship.

8. You enjoy spending time together.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

It’s possible to enjoy spending time with many people, and it’s natural that you like to be in the company of your partner—so, this alone doesn’t have to be the indicator that the two of you should grow old together. But it is crucial for every long-lasting relationship.

When we talk about a person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, this person should be someone whose company you really love and enjoy. You two use every possible opportunity to talk or see each other.

When you are together, everything feels so natural. Besides, you guys spend quality time together, doing the things both of you enjoy.

9. You are not just loversyou are also friends.

They say that feeling of being in love comes and goes after years spent together. But what remains is a different type of love. And what remains is friendship.

So, if you and your partners are not just lovers, but also best friends, it is a good indicator that the two of you should grow old together. You feel like you can tell anything to this person, you trust them unconditionally and you cherish every piece of advice you’ve ever gotten from them.

You and your partner don’t just share a romantic love. You see each other as companions, family members, and friends. If you have all this in one person, be sure that this is the real deal.

10. You are compatible.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

One of the most important things when it comes to life-long relationships is compatibility. You two may share strong love and passion, but if you don’t share the same, or at least, similar worldviews, you will have a hard time making this relationship work.

Simply, there are some deal breakers, such as marriage, finances, or having children that are crucial for every relationship.

If you found a person with the same beliefs and worldviews, when it comes to the important stuff, it’s one of the biggest signs this is the person you should grow old with.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Person You’re Supposed to Grow Old With

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