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21 XOXO Tattoo Ideas To Inspire A New Jewel On Your Skin

21 XOXO Tattoo Ideas To Inspire A New Jewel On Your Skin

The small XOXO tattoo is a wonderful filler between your other tattoos. Also, it can be a little jewel on your body that reminds you of something special that’s more than unique to you.

The meaning behind “xoxo” is well known. It stands for “hugs and kisses”.

In the form of a tattoo, it represents a lighthearted way to express love, friendship, affection, and sincerity. The X represents kisses, and the O represents hugs! It’s such a small but still cute way of ending your messages, and also expressing your feelings.

You’ve been wanting to get this tattooed for a while now, however, you don’t know how it would look on you, nor do you have any idea about the actual design. It seems like it’s better to do your research before you actually go into the tattoo parlor and just tell them to give you a XOXO tattoo.

We have some ideas for you that are simple yet effective! You’ll definitely have an eternal jewel on your skin that will represent something cute and memorable.

Simple XOXO tattoo

The simple XOXO tattoo doesn’t have to be more than the letters in any type of font that you find to be aesthetically pleasing. This means that you can create a design that suits your needs in any type of way! For example, you can definitely let someone else write this and tattoo their handwriting.

This design is simple, but the lines are gorgeously crisp.

Simple XOXO tattoo
Source: @fein.lines

This XOXO is a little bit bigger, and the linework is a bit chunkier, however, the lines a crisp and clean. This is a great placement for this tattoo, and it’s definitely a good choice of font.

You can also do something a little more stylish with your design choice. For example, having the shape of the O’s a little bit different would make your usually boring tattoo much more interesting. Like the one in the photo above, where the O’s fall into the X’s.

Simple XOXO tattoo

It’s also a possibility to turn your simple XOXO tattoo into something more well-thought-out by putting it into a square design. This design has, again, a very chunky font, it’s much bigger than many people would love, but if this is the design you’d like then it would be perfect.

Simple XOXO tattoo
Source: @sweber999

This is a similar square-shaped XOXO tattoo, but the font is much thinner and the lines are much finer. The entire design is very feminine and dainty than if you would do it with chunky and bulky lines.

Unique XOXO tattoo designs and placements

As you may know by now, people use XOXO at the end of messages to convey their love for them. So, this tattoo looks like it’s a written message with the XOXO at the end. You’ll still get the meaning that you want, and add something more to it.

Unique XOXO tattoo designs and placements
Source: @frau.ines

This is a very weird tattoo choice, but no one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t get on your body. It’s simple, it’s adorable, it looks like someone free-handed it right onto the skin, which makes it look even more unique.

This is a simple tattoo design, it’s just the XOXO tattoo, but it’s an interesting placement. No one would expect you to have a tattoo on the inside of your lip. That’s why it’s so unique and different.

Turning the O’s into hearts, and making everything look like a trash polka design, is a very interesting design choice. For that exact reason, you could definitely use this design as your inspiration for your own tattoo.

Candy hearts are getting quite popular right now. Adding your little XOXO tattoo design to this candy heart would make a wonderful little addition to your already gorgeous skin.

Unique XOXO tattoo designs and placements
Source: @dycotattoo

This is another great placement, it’s unique, but it’s also a good combination of masculine and feminine energy. The X’s are so sharp, yet the O’s are little hearts. This design is so unique, but the placement is even better.

Considering that XOXO means hugs and kisses, I’d say that a wonderful thing to add would be some kissing lips. The smooch looks very intimate and delicate, and combined with these flowy letters, it’s very feminine.

Unique XOXO tattoo designs and placements
Source: @han.denov

Another XOXO tattoo with smooching lips that are quite realistic. They look like someone actually kissed you on your hand and it left a permanent mark. Even the letters look like they were drawn on by a sharpie. It’s an interesting design choice, but it’s gorgeous.

Matching XOXO tattoos

Considering that XOXO is a way to tell someone that you love and appreciate them, it would be a great idea to do matching tattoos. You’d actually have something that would always remind you of that specific person.

You can get your friend or family member to write it, and you can use their handwriting for the stencil.

These XOXO matching tattoos are so crisply done, that the ink is perfectly saturated, and the meaning behind these tattoos is obvious. You’ll be happy to always look at your hand and remember that you share something with someone special.

Matching XOXO tattoos
Source: @la.gangieee

Two girls who love to party should always have matching tattoos. Especially, when you’re able to match them with the lips and kisses.

Matching XOXO tattoos
Source: @wildcoyoteco

The wrist is also a gorgeous placement for your matching tattoos. Your XOXO tattoo will always remind you of the person that you love so dearly.

Matching XOXO tattoos
Source: @jdtattoos5

Your XOXO tattoo doesn’t have to be a boring black tattoo. You can do it in red and make it even more unique. I mean, using red ink for these simple designs is always a stretch, but it’s very pretty.

Another XOXO tattoo that’s done with red ink! The linework is very near, but the tattoo itself is so dainty.

The simple XO tattoo

The simple XO tattoo
Source: @pure.ttt

You don’t even have to get the entire XOXO tattoo. You can just get XO. It has the same meaning, but it’s on a smaller scale. This tattoo design is a bit chunky, the letters are some sort of Gothic font, but the lines are very crips.

The simple XO tattoo
Source: @strayparrot

And lastly, but definitely not least, we have a XO tattoo that looks like someone painted it with lipstick on the mirror. The red color is perfectly saturated, but the heart on top adds a very coquette moment to a very flirty message.

21 XOXO Tattoo Ideas To Inspire A New Jewel On Your Skin

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