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Will My Affair Partner Come Back? 8 Signs He’s Still Yours

Will My Affair Partner Come Back? 8 Signs He’s Still Yours

“Will my affair partner come back?”

You probably know by now that this topic is kind of taboo in this world. People aren’t very happy with the fact that affairs are a thing, but you believe that your affair was something special.

You felt a special connection with your affair partner and the moment things became more serious, they also started becoming more dangerous. Both of your marriages/relationships were at stake here, as well as your affair.

This led to your affair partner cutting ties with you, he went no-contact, and you became desperate for his attention. In his absence, your heart became fonder of him, and you fell in love with the idea that you would run off into the sunset together.

However, now that he’s not there, your heart is broken, and you’re just waiting for the moment he comes back to you. But you’ve got that million-dollar question lingering in your head: “Will my affair partner come back to me?”

We hope to have some answers for you.

Will my affair partner come back?

Will My Affair Partner Come Back? 8 Signs He's Still Yours

1. He still checks your social media

You don’t have to ask yourself if your affair partner will come back if you can see him all over your social media. Just like any ex-boyfriend of yours, he wouldn’t be so interested in your life if he didn’t have some feelings for you.

You can see that he’s watching your stories, that he’s always liking your posts, and that he even comments on some of them. When you post a picture of yourself, he’s always in your DMs telling you just how beautiful you are.

This wouldn’t be happening if he didn’t have feelings for you. He would try to mend his marriage or relationship, but it seems like he’s more interested in keeping you on your toes. I guess that’s what happens when you have a genuine connection with someone outside the relationship.

2. You keep bumping into him

“Will my affair partner come back? I mean, I keep seeing him everywhere! That should be a sign, right?”

Your affair partner knows you quite well. He knows where you go for your morning coffee, which gym you go to, and where you go out to have fun. That means that you also know he doesn’t frequent those places without a particular reason.

Yet you keep seeing him everywhere! He’s in all of your favorite spots. Since he knows your routine well, he also knows when you’ll be there, so chances are he’s patiently waiting.

When you’re out with your partner, you can see him walk in with his wife/girlfriend, and you exchange a meaningful look. It’s like you tell each other a little secret.

If he doesn’t usually visit those places, he’s obviously doing that to see you, even though he knows he shouldn’t. It’s his way to get your attention, and to let you know that he still thinks of you.

This is a good sign that he’ll come back sooner than you think. If he was over you and didn’t want to jeopardize his relationship, he’d try to stay as far away from you as possible. However, this man is clearly obsessed with you.

3. You heard that he’s leaving his wife

Will My Affair Partner Come Back 8 Signs Hes Still Yours 2

“I heard that he’s getting a divorce! Will my affair partner come back?”

Somehow you heard about this, either on his social media platforms or from someone who knew that you two were involved. Either way, there’s a good chance that this information will find its way to you.

When you hear this, you’re obviously excited to know that he’ll soon be single and that you could also leave your partner to finally start a genuine relationship with your affair partner. You’re confused, because he probably didn’t contact you immediately, and you really want to know if he’s having those same thoughts, or if he’s divorcing her for some other reason.

Well, if you’ve gotten close during your time together, you know him well enough to understand the reasoning behind this. You know why he’s getting a divorce, and you’re certain that it has something to do with you.

So, he’s probably trying to find his way back into your arms.

4. He initiates contact

When you think about whether your affair partner come back, you also start wondering if you’re just being delusional or actually seeing signs that he’s trying to reconnect with you.

All of those other things could be taken in many different ways, but this one should give you the peace of mind that you’re looking for. You don’t have to ask yourself any questions anymore, because a man who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, definitely wouldn’t contact you. He wouldn’t even try to reach out to you and talk to you. He would continue with his life and pretend like you don’t exist anymore.

However, something is holding him back, and he obviously wants to continue a relationship with you. If that wasn’t the case, he would’ve blocked your number a long time ago.

5. He reminds you of the good times you’ve had together

Will My Affair Partner Come Back? 8 Signs He's Still Yours

When you talk or text with him, what does he talk about? Does he bring up the good things you’ve experienced together?

Does he remind you of those times when you were intimate with each other? Of the time when you first met, and you fell for each other? What about that time when he had to leave your place with nothing more than a shirt on?

All of those things made you laugh back then, and they still make you laugh today. That’s why he’s doing his best to remind you of them and to bring back those emotions you had for him.

He wouldn’t be reminiscing if he wasn’t ready to start something with you. He would try to forget all of those things. He wouldn’t be communicating with you at all, let alone talking about those intimate moments that you’ve shared.

6. He asks your friends about you

“Will my affair partner come back if he’s asking my friends about me?”

Affairs are something that people hide from the world. It’s not one of those things that you’re proud of or something that you’ll scream from the top of your lungs. It’s very private and secretive.

For that exact reason, you’re trying your best to keep your relationship a secret. However, if there was someone who knew about you two, then he’d go and ask them about you. He’ll ask if everything is okay, if you’re doing fine, if you ever talk about him, and so on.

Do you genuinely believe that a man would go to these lengths just to ask about a woman he didn’t want to go back to? He wants to be in your life, that’s why he’s trying to see if you’ve broken up with your boyfriend (or if you’re married, if you’ve divorced your husband).

7. There’s a lot of spicy tension between you

Will My Affair Partner Come Back 8 Signs Hes Still Yours 4

Whenever you’re talking to him, you don’t feel unease. You feel so calm. The only thing that’s giving you a weird feeling is the fact that someone could see you together.

However, you’re more than relaxed around him. You love talking to him and seeing him happy. So, there’s no tension between the two of you. There’s actually an intimate feeling that’s rising in your body, and you know that he feels it, too. You can see the way he looks at your lips and the way his voice changes to that rasp you love so much.

That tension creates a feeling in your belly that continues to give you hope for your relationship. You can’t shake that feeling, and the tension only increases with time.

8. You can feel it

Sometimes, you can’t even explain it.

When you look at the way you’ve been talking for the past couple of weeks or months, you simply know that things are about to get serious again. There are too many synchronicities that keep you on your toes. Everything points in the direction of reconciliation, and even when there’s no communication, you can feel something big coming your way.

Even though you’re worried about your current relationship ending, and you’re scared that he has feelings for the committed relationship he’s in right now, you’re still sure that you two should have some sort of relationship. And you know that something is coming your way. You’ll be able to see those thoughts come to light when he’s back in your arms for good.

These relationships are hard to explain to others. They’re hard to predict, and it’s hard to know what will happen after you break up. However, you know you’re able to trust your instincts in this situation. You’ve shared your energy for so long, that you can understand when things are about to go down.

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