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When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good: Find Out How He Feels

When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good: Find Out How He Feels

What happens when your ex sees you looking good? Let’s say that you’re walking down the street with your friends, or maybe your new crush. Then you suddenly bump into your ex. You look at each other, and say something like “Oh, hey, how are you?“.

Then both of you continue doing whatever you were doing before you saw each other. However, some weird feeling stays attached to you. Maybe you even feel guilty if you’re next to your new partner or a crush, but you feel confused by what just happened.

It’s totally normal that some questions will pop up after you see your ex. It could be something like: “How’s he doing? Does he have a new girlfriend? I saw him on this street so he must be going to his workplace.

And it’s something you shouldn’t feel guilty about. We are all curious, and as long as you stay loyal to your partner it’s completely fine.

If you are left with this weird feeling in your stomach, then your ex most likely feels the same way. But what if I tell you that I know exactly what is going on in his head after he sees you? I do, and after you read this you’ll know it too.

What happens when your ex sees you looking good?

Okay, so we’ve already talked about how everyone gets affected by seeing their ex. Sometimes it will remind us of the good old times, but sometimes it will serve as a reminder of how bad life was while you were dating them.

It’s one thing to walk down the street and your ex sees you, but you haven’t changed much. But it’s totally different when your ex sees you looking good. And I’m here to tell you how that makes him feel. Are you ready? I bet you are, so I won’t keep you waiting anymore.

1) He will think about the past

When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good Find Out How He Feels

If your ex passes by you and you’re looking better than ever, that will bring lots of feelings to him. But the one that will prevail is nostalgia. He’ll feel nostalgic about the times when the two of you were together.

He’ll remember all the good memories you’ve made. Your first date and the way you smiled at him. Then your first kiss and the way you held his hand. He’ll think about the handmade gifts you used to give him and all the stupid jokes you made, but he still laughed because they came from you.

In his mind, there will only be enough place for the good memories that are left after you broke up. He will compare the old you to the “you” he saw that day. And he’ll go to bed thinking about the last time he kissed you, the last time he hugged you, and the last time he held your hand.

2) He will be happy to see you smile

When your ex sees you looking good, he’ll be happy to see you that way. When you smile, he’ll remember the way you smiled at him. And even though it might be hurtful because you aren’t together anymore, it will still be something that will make him happy.

Why is it like that? Because no matter how and when the two of you broke up, you’re still a person he used to care about once. And he probably still does in a way. When you truly love or have loved someone, you will always wish for them to have the best life possible.

It’s likely that he was wondering about how you are and what you’re up to. Your honest smile is good enough proof that you’re doing well. And it’s something that will definitely make his day, even if he misses you or wishes to be with you again.

3) But he will be sad because you broke up

DONE When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good Find Out How He Feels 2

No matter how happy it will make him to see you smile, he will still be sad. He’ll be sad because the two of you didn’t manage to solve your problems. And you ended your relationship even though you made so many plans together and you have lots of beautiful memories.

He was probably doing fine and he got used to not being with you, just like you did. However, seeing you looking good made him think about you. It made him remember all the good times you had together, all the small fights, and even the way you felt after you broke up.

Seeing you might remind him of how difficult it was to carry on without you by his side after the two of you decided to go your separate ways. And that reminder might stay with him for some time after your encounter.

4) He will be jealous

Another thing that might happen when your ex sees you looking good is that he’ll start feeling jealous. About what you may ask? There are a few possibilities, but there are two that I’d like to explain to you to help you figure out what’s going on in his head.

Firstly, he might be jealous because the way you’re looking will prove to him that you’ve moved on. He’ll know that you found happiness somewhere where he isn’t present and that will hit his ego. Especially if he still didn’t find the way to move on from everything you two had together.

Secondly, he might be jealous because he saw you in a male company. He won’t know whether it’s your new boyfriend, a crush, or just a friend and that will bother him. And he will be jealous because he’ll be reminded that you’re not his girl anymore and someone else will get to see you smile every day.

5) He will feel confused

When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good Find Out How He Feels

No matter how long ago you’ve broken up, seeing you looking good will always leave him feeling confused. Remember all those things you’ve just read? That he will be happy, sad, or nostalgic. Feeling confused is what happens when you mix all those things together.

He’ll probably feel like he can’t be bothered by bumping into you on the street. But seeing you looking better than ever will make him second-guess that opinion. The way you look, talk and behave is something that will make it hard for him to even remember why the two of you broke up.

He will probably spend the night feeling confused about his feelings for you. Because he was so sure that he was over you, but since your encounter left him feeling lots of things at once, he won’t be so sure anymore.

6) He’ll be proud that you were once his girlfriend

However, there’s also something that often happens when your ex sees you looking good. And it’s that he will feel proud. I know that it might sound surprising but after I explain it to you, you’ll realize how easy it is to understand it.

He will feel proud because you were once his girl. He won’t focus on the sad things like the one that you actually aren’t together anymore. Or that he has just seen you with another male, who can possibly be your new boyfriend or at least love interest.

Instead, he’ll do himself a favor and he’ll focus on the fact that he had a chance to be the guy you dated. He will feel proud that you chose him even though you’re so perfect and you could’ve been with anyone else.

Of course, he was sad that you broke up, but now he decided to focus on the good memories that are left behind. And it’s all a part of his coping mechanism.

7) He will admire your beauty

DONE When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good Find Out How He Feels 4

He missed your unique smile. Your beautiful hair. The way you like to dress. And the look in your eyes that appears when you’re talking about something that you love. So when he saw you, and he got a chance to be reminded of all of those things, you were still stuck in his head for the whole day.

He admired your beauty. At the same time, he was happy that he saw all of that again. But he was also sad because you were together once. And during those months he was the one who got to watch that beautiful face of yours every single day.

If you notice him looking at you and being almost frozen, then the chances are he’s feeling just as I described. But he’s not to blame, because who wouldn’t be amazed by your beauty?

8) He’ll feel guilty

Another possible thing that can happen when your ex sees you looking good is that he’ll feel guilty. He’ll feel guilty for letting you go. For not trying hard enough to solve the issues you had in your relationship. And for not making you as happy as you deserve to be.

Seeing you looking better than ever will make him think that he didn’t treat you well. Because you never looked that amazing while the two of you were together. And that means that you’re much happier without him and you’re living the best life ever.

He will feel guilty for disappointing you, but also himself. Because he had a chance to spend the rest of his life with the best girl out there, but he gambled his chance.

9) He will overthink his looks and personality

When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good Find Out How He Feels

And lastly, he’ll probably spend some time overthinking his looks and his whole personality. As he will be feeling guilty and overall confused, he’ll eventually think about himself as well. But not in a beautiful way that he was thinking about you.

He will worry that he wasn’t good enough for you and that’s why you aren’t together anymore. Since your ex saw you and you were looking amazing, he might start feeling a bit insecure. Insecure about the way he is and the way he looks.

Especially if he saw you with a good-looking guy he never got a chance to see before or some of your friends he was always jealous of.

Now that we’ve read what happens when your ex sees you looking good, would you say that you expected him to feel all of these things? Were you surprised about some of them? Sometimes people even recognize themselves while reading something, and if that happened don’t be afraid.

Seeing someone from our past will always make us think about our memories. Sometimes it will last for a few seconds, and sometimes it might stick with us for a few days. Instead of worrying, be happy that you’ve made lots of memories during your life.

The good ones will always stay there to bring a smile to your face. While the bad ones will serve as a reminder of how strong you are because you survived everything that’s happened to you.

When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good: Find Out How He Feels

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