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When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

Being in a relationship and keeping it a secret is like a never-ending waiting game. He keeps you a secret while you’re desperately trying to get him to commit to you.

You can see the potential in your relationship because otherwise there are no issues between the two of you. There’s not a doubt in your mind that you’d make a great couple.

The very moment you met him, you saw that he was something special. The way you would flirt with each other would make your skin tingle with the need to feel him touch you, hug you, kiss you.

He’s considerate and he always responds to your texts. He even always makes sure to pick you up and drop you back home when you go out. How many times have you wished for a man like that, just to finally find him? But here he is, trying to hide your relationship from everyone.

DONE! When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

At first, it started when he didn’t want to hold your hand while you were walking through town. He didn’t want anyone to assume that you two were anything serious. It didn’t matter that you’d already had that conversation, he still didn’t want to touch you in front of other people.

Whenever you try to reach for his hand, he doesn’t let you. The man you’re so in love with even gets angry at you for trying to touch him when other people are around. It’s like he’s ashamed to be with you.

The way your heart breaks each time you look at him and you know that he won’t even look your way, it hurts. It hurts because you can’t believe that the caring man who whispers sweet nothings into your ear every night is the same man who doesn’t seem to care less about you.

You want to shake him out of that state. That’s not the man you fell in love with.

But you ignore it because you’re afraid that you may lose him if you continue to run after him. You don’t want to fight, nor do you want to hear him call you dramatic.

DONE! When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

The next thing that comes to mind is probably the fact that he doesn’t even want to tell his family and friends that you’re together. He keeps you a secret from everyone around him, as if it’s some sort of curse that he brought upon himself.

You feel like you’re embarrassing him just by being in his presence but every time you try to talk to him about these issues, he says that you’re making a big deal out of nothing. He says that you’re the problem because you don’t understand his point of view.

How many more times can you listen to that before you decide that enough is enough?

How many more times will you let him look into your eyes and shrink into yourself because you can sense that things aren’t going to change any time soon? He’ll continue to keep you a secret until the day you decide to scream from the top of your lungs.

DONE! When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

But why would you want to do that? Why would you put yourself into such an embarrassing position when you can just leave?

You’re staying because of the good parts of your relationship, right? Because he’s caring and he’s there for you? But how can you say that?

There’s probably something behind the scenes that he’s trying to keep a secret from you. There’s not a man in this world who wouldn’t be proud to have a woman like you, unless he’s doing it for some shady reason.

He comes to you at night, just to remind you that he’s alone at that time. He wants to show you how well he can treat you when no one’s watching. But that’s not what you want, right?

That’s why you believe that he’ll change. But why would you want to stay with a man who only has the potential to be a good boyfriend one day but isn’t now?

He wants to get all the benefits of being in a relationship without actually being in that relationship. He doesn’t care about what you want or what you need. All he cares about is his own needs and as long as you’re willing to fulfill them, he’ll continue to play his little game.

DONE! When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

And at the end of the day, even if you leave him to see how he reacts, he’ll still accuse you of being dramatic. A man who’s not a toxic piece of trash wouldn’t even try to keep you a secret.

This guy is just leading you on and you’re letting him do that. That’s why you need to keep him out of your life if he keeps you a secret.

There’s someone in this world who won’t be able to wait to present you to the world. He’ll want everyone to know that you belong to him. He’ll be so proud of you and he’ll keep bragging about you.

Even at times when you won’t feel confident, he’ll make sure to remind you just how special you are to him. That’s a man who won’t make you guess his actions. He’ll be outright honest with you.

This current guy you’re seeing will probably never be that. You’re wasting your time on him as if he’s worth it when he’s not.

He keeps you a secret even though he knows that you’re not happy that way. You’re miserable but he’s not ready to change that because of his own selfish reasons.

DONE! When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

He’s not a guy you should keep in your life any longer. Make space for someone who’ll be ready to shout your name from the top of his lungs because he’s so happy to love a gorgeous woman like you.

Don’t block your blessings for someone who’ll never change his mind about you. If he chooses to live his life this way, let him find another victim. You can be so much happier than that.

When He Keeps You A Secret, Keep Him Out Of Your Life

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