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10 Unexpected Ways Dogs Make Your Relationships Better

10 Unexpected Ways Dogs Make Your Relationships Better

Dogs are our BFFs, our furry children, and our life-long companions. Whether they entertain us with their antics, greet us at the door with their hyperactive tails, or offer endless photo ops for our social media feeds, dogs are the best. What are some of the ways dogs make your relationships better, though?

Imagine this – two people walking their dogs in the park, each minding their own business. Their paths cross when their dogs decide to greet each other, tangling their leashes. As they awkwardly try to untangle the leashes, they inevitably fall in love.

We all love a good 2000s romantic comedy, but it makes us wonder – are dogs responsible for these happy endings? Although it’s a cliché, there’s some truth to the idea that dogs affect us in ways we’re not always aware of. Fortunately, science can back up these claims.

Pet parents often say that their canine companions are the superior species, responsible for making them more committed, caring, and empathetic – all traits essential for a successful relationship. So, could those romantic comedies have been onto something? Scroll down to find out!

What are the ways dogs make your relationships better?

10 Unexpected Ways Dogs Make Your Relationships Better

1. A dog can be your furry wingman

One of the biggest perks of owning a dog is that your four-legged friend can become your furry wingman when you’re looking to meet new people. Whether it’s a trip to the dog park, a stroll around the neighborhood, or a doggy date, dog lovers are often eager to socialize.

What’s even better is that people generally respond more positively to strangers with dogs. Your potential partner might initially be surprised by your direct approach, but your dog can break the ice with a simple wag of its tail.

Our advice? Take your dog everywhere with you!

2. A dog can make you go from awkward to a social butterfly

We need to underline that there’s nothing wrong with being shy, awkward, or reserved when meeting new people. You might not be comfortable with striking up a conversation at a party or approaching a stranger and offering them a drink, but you’re probably not the only one.

With a pup by your side, though, you’re guaranteed to become a lot more approachable. What that means is that more times than not, you won’t even need to lift a finger to meet someone new – people will come to you.

While you might be scared that you’re going to chase the potential suitors away with your awkward nature, that’s probably not going to happen, either. Dogs are known to make their owners a lot more sociable, open, and companionable.

3. A dog can melt away your stress

10 Unexpected Ways Dogs Make Your Relationships Better 3

Wondering about the ways dogs make your relationships better?

For starters, dog owners are accustomed to the hard work that relationships require. Studies have shown that dog owners are more likely to remain calm and collected in stressful situations, including arguments and confrontations.

Couples with pets tend to have lower blood pressure during stressful times compared to those without pets. Having a four-legged friend by your side encourages constructive conversation instead of unproductive yelling and blaming.

4. Dogs can strengthen your communication skills

Who knew that dogs were the ones responsible for our partners sharing their daily problems, work drama, and gossip with us? Just kidding.

Seriously though, research indicates that couples with dogs communicate better, spend more time together, and prioritize social contact with loved ones and friends.

Sharing the responsibility of a dog means more time discussing and planning things, from training and walk duties to playtime. All these activities not only improve your dog’s life but also strengthen your relationship.

5. Dogs can get you to spend more quality time with your partner

Dogs have a knack for helping couples spend quality time together. Relationships can sometimes become monotonous, especially when you lack the time or energy for frequent dates or weekend getaways.

With a furry companion, however, you’ll find yourselves spending your free time on walks, road trips, and arranging adorable doggy dates. While it may not be as glamorous as a weekend getaway to Paris, the time you and your partner spend bonding with your pup is priceless.

Couples who share a dog often find their bond strengthened. There’s no question about it – sharing a dog brings people closer together.

6. A dog can strengthen your relationship with your partner

10 Unexpected Ways Dogs Make Your Relationships Better

We know that dogs make everything better, but who would’ve thought a dog could strengthen your relationship with your partner? When you care for a cute little creature, you don’t have time to stress over the petty things that typically ruin people’s relationships.

You focus on the fact that your bundle of cuddles wants you to be happy and healthy. You prioritize spending quality time with your pup and your partner. You spend most of your time snuggling with the two “individuals” you care about most – your pooch and the love of your life.

7. A dog can make you more affectionate and appreciative

What do you do with your dog when nobody’s around? You snuggle, play fetch with your dirty socks, run around the apartment, cause mischief, and munch on all the treats you can get your hands on. While that might sound trivial, it’s actually prime bonding time with your pup.

Whether you were a pet parent before you met your partner or became one with them by your side, your dog likely made you a better person.

Dogs make people more affectionate, appreciative, and empathetic, which is why dog owners often have happier relationships than those without dogs.

8. Dogs teach you to value the little things in life

Dogs are happy when you’re happy, right? When you get home from work and give your dog a little pat on the head, your dog looks like the happiest little pooch in the world. When you go for a walk, visit Grandma’s house, or arrange a playdate with your neighbor’s dog, your dog is thrilled.

How do dogs make your relationship better, you wonder? A dog can teach you to value the little things in life and to focus on what really matters. A dog can prevent you from overreacting to trivial matters or getting worked up over something inconsequential. What more could you want?

9. Dogs teach you responsibility

10 Unexpected Ways Dogs Make Your Relationships Better 5

Your partner likely appreciates that you complete your obligations without questioning them and that they can count on you when they’re struggling with something. While it may not seem obvious, dogs are excellent at teaching responsibility in a relationship.

Adopting and caring for a dog comes with a whole set of challenges – from major lifestyle changes to accepting certain compromises, you might not even realize all the adjustments you and your partner need to make to accommodate a dog.

Now that the three of you are a family, you’re responsible for each other’s well-being and that’s a great way for you to figure out how to care for each other.

10. A dog can make you happy and healthy

Where do we even start? With all the extra exercise you get regularly, you and your partner lead a happy and healthy lifestyle thanks to your dog. You go on walks every single day, plan hikes on the weekends, and spend a lot of time outdoors because that’s what your dog loves.

Dogs are known to motivate you to leave the house even when you’re tired, grumpy, and not in the mood to face the world. With a pup by your side, you and your partner are bound to engage in activities that make your life better, richer, and more fulfilling.

With that said, we can only conclude that owning a dog is a wonderful thing – not only for you and your dog but for your romantic relationships, too.

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