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23 Under Breast Tattoo Ideas For The Bravest Women

23 Under Breast Tattoo Ideas For The Bravest Women

There are so many beautiful under-breast tattoo ideas that can inspire your next tattoo! The way they fit the shape of this body part is quite important, and you should definitely consider getting one for yourself.

This is a delicate placement for the tattoo, but it’s extremely feminine, as it surrounds an area that’s so special to many women. So, if you’re thinking about tattooing the skin under your breasts, then you can find many examples in this article, to inspire your design.

These tattoos won’t be visible to everyone, but once summer comes, I believe that you’ll find ways to enchant everyone with the gorgeous tattoo that you’ve picked out for yourself.

Mandala under breast tattoo ideas

Mandala tattoos are quite popular. They represent the balance of life, as they’re symmetrical. In this particular tattoo design, the mandala is in the middle of the breasts, while the rest of the design follows the shape of the breasts and to each side of the ribs.

This is another simple under-breast tattoo of a mandala. These details are much bigger, and the dotted shadows are thick, but the rest of the tattoo is mostly done with simple outlines.

An under-breast tattoo can also be on just one side of the ribs. Just like in this example! The mandala is in the shape of a moon, is moon is outlined with thick lines, but the rest of the mandala is done in much thinner linework. The whole tattoo encompasses the side of the breast and that’s what makes it so eye-catching.

Here we have another example of a mandala tattoo that’s set under the breast. This time, it’s half of a flower. The entire tattoo is done with contrast in mind, there are some very light shadows, but there are also huge chunks of negative space that make the tattoo look even more whimsical.

Floral under-breast tattoo ideas

Floral images are very popular with under-breast tattoos. If you’re looking for under-breast tattoo ideas, then you’re probably also thinking about this. This little bunch of flowers follows the shape of the breast perfectly and the shading is immaculate.

This is a much simpler tattoo design of flowers that are perfectly nested under the breast. The stems of the flowers, as well as the leaves have a little bit of shading, while the main flowers are mostly just the color of the skin.

This is a very feminine and dainty under-breast tattoo that has all of the main pieces focused on the flowers. The stem is quite thin, while the flowers are much bigger to turn them into the center of attention.

Also, you don’t have to make your tattoo too big to make it pretty. This is a very small tattoo idea that doesn’t include any shadows, just clean and crisp linework.

Floral under-breast tattoo ideas
Source: @youxg_guxxz

If your favorite flowers are roses, getting just a little rose tattoo could be your best choice. There’s a lot of shading in this particular design, so you may want to think about if this is as dark as you’d want your tattoo to be.

Floral under-breast tattoo ideas

This floral under-breast tattoo doesn’t really need too much explaining, as the tattoo itself is very feminine. The flowers are centered under the breast to fit perfectly. The little dots that are surrounding the flowers give the entire design more personality.

If you want to go big, then how about a tattoo that goes completely around your breast? This is a big tattoo, but the main flower is in the center of everything. As the tattoo goes around your breast, it will become smaller, until it’s nothing more than a branch. Could that be something for you?

Insect tattoos for under the breasts

Butterflies have always represented a transformation. A couple of butterflies could be tattooed on your skin under your boob to fly around it. The middle of each butterfly is done with solid black ink, while the outlines are much more dainty and crisp.

If you want to add an insect to the new tattoo under your breasts, you can still do that by adding it in the middle of your abdomen, so that the flowers can expand all around this area – just like in the tattoo that you can see above.

Common under-breast tattoos

There are some quite common under-breast tattoo ideas, so maybe you’d fancy one of them. People usually get some type of quote tattooed in this area. Something meaningful in a simple fond could add a lot of character to your choice.

Even though this could be used as a cover-up tattoo, it’s also a wonderful choice all by itself. This feather is something that many people get inspired by. It represents the freedom that birds have, and that’s why there are also images of birds flying away incorporated into it.

These leaves are very common tattoo choices for women who like something whimsical but simple. The simple outlines combined with the shadows make a wonderful contrast to your skin.

Unusual under-breast tattoo ideas

Unusual under-breast tattoo ideas
Source: @ustrehova

You don’t have to settle for tattoos that almost everyone has. You could get an adorable (but quite eerie) bunny tattoo. The gradient of this bunny tattoo is quite sharp, but the solid black part is extremely well done.

When you’re looking for under-breast tattoo ideas, you’re probably not considering every option there is! How about getting the phases of the moon tattooed? The phases of the moon are a very magical thing and when you make them fit the shape of your body it would look astonishing.

Another thing that you probably didn’t think about are tribal tattoos. These tattoos have thick lines and solid black parts. There’s always a meaning behind tribal tattoos, so you should do your research beforehand.

Under-breast tattoos can look like anything you’d ever want! This tattoo looks like jewelry on your body and the shape of it follows the body perfectly.

Colored under-breast tattoos

Even though black and gray tattoos look beautiful, I believe that colored tattoos look even better. This tattoo, for example, doesn’t have any outlines. Most of it is done with colors. The gorgeous roses follow the shape of the breast and the branch comes to the middle.

Tulips are gorgeous flowers, they always grow one stem and one flower at a time. So, getting a tulip could be the most unique tattoo for you. The petals of the flower are making a wonderful dance around the breasts.

Colored under-breast tattoos
Source: @jessica.mach

And here we have a poppy flower. The stem ends in some sort of shadow, but there are no outlines in this tattoo. The red is well-saturated, to make the tattoo look very rich, even though it’s so simple. I hope that this is one of those under-breast tattoo ideas that you’ll take into consideration.

23 Under Breast Tattoo Ideas For The Bravest Women

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