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23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

There’s something about hugs that lifts the spirit no matter how low you’re feeling. Hugs are a great symbol of love and they’ve also been used to show affection for as long as romance has existed. But there are many types of hugs in the modern era that carry very different meanings.

With the evolution of romance, so have hugs that people give also evolved. Understanding them makes it easy for you to determine which one to give in a certain situation.

Wondering which type of hug to give, or trying to decipher the meaning behind a hug you got from someone? Well, here they all are so that you’ll be able to interpret them properly to avoid confusion.

1. Cold shoulder hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

Everyone has received it at some point. It usually an awkward one meant to show politeness.

A guy will give you a shoulder hug to minimize real contact and it usually comes with a polite smile as well.

Getting that kind of a hug should be taken to mean that the guy is undecided about you and is feeling very awkward around you.

The guy giving a cold shoulder hug probably wasn’t planning to hug you in the first place.

This is the kind of a hug given when there is absolutely no way it can be avoided.

A cold shoulder hug is usually given to weird uncles, distant cousins, or strangers.

If you are getting a cold shoulder hug from a guy, you should make a mental note never to get a second one from him in the future.

It will even leave you regretting getting the hug. A handshake or a simple hello would be better than a cold shoulder hug.

2. Quick squeeze hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

It’s the most misunderstood type of hug.

Someone giving you this kind of hug means that they are getting straight to the point and breaking contact immediately.

A guy who gives you a quick squeeze hug will probably be in a hurry but still want to let you know that he actually does care about you.

It usually comes with a quick kiss and a squeeze too.

It can also be given in the case where a guy is preoccupied yet still wants you to feel his presence.

Getting it should remind you that you are on his mind no matter how busy he is.

3. Catcher hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

This one’s such an adorable hug! It’s where the guy hugs you, holds you by the waist and lifts you off your feet.

Catcher hugs also often come with little kisses. In the process, you also get a chance to wrap your legs tightly around his waist.

He’ll be holding you tightly against him.

Unlike a cold shoulder hug where the guy wants to minimize contact, the point of a catcher hug is to maximize contact.

From such a hug, it should be clear that the guy has missed you and he couldn’t wait to see you again.

This is a common type of hug in romantic movies and rare in real life, but oh-so-cute when it does happen.

So, if a guy gives you this hug, he’s really into you.

The body language says it all and it is also the kind of a hug that takes you back to the fairy tale saying, “sweeping you off your feet.”

If he’s gives you this hug, then you may have just found your Prince Charming.

4. Twirl hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

It is also called the spinner and it’s quite awesome. It’s free-spirited and whimsical, and will definitely leave every girl with a smile.

The girl runs into the guy’s waiting arms and he picks her up, kisses her, then spins her around.

If someone is giving you a twirl hug, it means he’s comfortable, happy, and playful around you.

Guys love making a girl they love happy and giggle, and the twirl type of hug accomplishes just that.

But this is also the kind of hug girls get from a guy best friend (minus the kissing, of course).

If you’re not sure whether it is because the guy is into you or just comfortable around you, look for other clues.

His body language and non-verbal cues should clear any doubts you have.

5. Bear hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

Of all the types of hugs, the bear hug is the best. It shows how close the people hugging are.

It is a tight hug that leaves you breathless and may even end up with him lifting you off your feet.

A bear hug is shared with people who are comfortable with each other to the point where they aren’t afraid to show the world how close they are.

It’s also a squeeze hug and the parties want to keep holding onto each other for as long as possible.

A bear hug is a long hug where neither is trying to hold back about how much they love the other and there’s no pretense.

Also, the girl isn’t even worried about messing her makeup or outfit in a bear hug.

All she wants is to express her feelings with a tight hug. It is such a beautiful thing to witness.

Count yourself lucky if you are on the receiving end of a bear hug!

6. Sleepy hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 6

When talking about different types of hugs, you can’t leave out the sleepy hug.

When the girl is tired, she’ll most likely lean on the guy’s shoulder or chest and doze off.

You hold her in your arms and give her a squeeze hug as she drifts off to sleep.

It is likely that she reciprocates this by wrapping her arms around you and giving you a squeeze hug back to express how she feels about you.

In her groggy state, she may not even differentiate whether you are human or pillow, but it’s one of the best types of hugs you can ever hope for.

The best thing to do in return is to give her a long hug back and gently rub her back.

If she can fall asleep in your arms, it means she feels safe and comfortable around you. 

7. Tight squeeze hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

Getting a squeeze hug is one of those things that leaves girls giddy with excitement.

If he hugs you around the waist and proceeds to squeeze you, it’s just divine!

The squeezing and other things that can accompany this hug might be flirty, but it should tell you that the other person is attached to you and happy to be around you.

Even though it isn’t necessarily a romantic hug, it’s still a good sign. It’s also a quick hug, but it does bring a lot of pleasure to both parties. 

This hug also may tell you that the other person considers you to be a great friend and he/she is hoping for long-term friendship.

8. Flirty hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 8

Another type of hug is a flirty hug.

Not only is a flirty hug adventurous, but also temptingly long. In this romantic hug, the woman will not be gripping the man, but rather aligned to his body.

This allows the man to get a perfect perception of how beautiful her curves are.

A flirty hug brings the lovers together in a seductive yet intimidating way.

The woman’s hands will be down allowing the man to give her the perfect hug around the waist and also perhaps other parts of the body.

Women who have beautiful curves love this and it will be the best hug you’ve ever had if you’re on the receiving end.

A flirty hug can be a back hug or a tight hug, depending on what those involved want to express.

It’s a two-sided hug that is meant to express more than just affection, it speaks of desire.

9. Passionate hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

This is one of the serious types of hugs.

It is close to a provocative embrace. From her body language, it’s clear that the woman is enthusiastic about this love hug.

Besides, a guy is likely to get it if she feels comfortable around him and they’ve known each other for quite some time. 

It is a long love hug where she withdraws gradually with her hands lingering on him.

At the same time, her eyes are fixed on him and this signals her craving for him and also a wistful connection.

Not only will it be the best hug ever, but from her body language, he can tell it gives her extreme pleasure to be in his presence.

This isn’t the kind of a romantic hug to be overlooked. Also, it is hard to forget.

This passionate tight hug shows care and that the woman feels responsible for him. It is a romantic hug every guy hopes for from his lover.

10. Polite hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 10

This is one of the types of hugs you are likely to get at special functions, parties, meetings, or events.

It is a quick hug that shows courtesy and it is given for the sake of social etiquette.

It’s usually a quick hug too that is just for the sake of hugging only. Touching is minimized.

If your date gives you this type of hug, then it means there is a minimal chance that you’ll get a second date.

Despite it being polite, it ends with a great smile.

11. Warm hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

Of all the types of hugs that exist, this is the most famous for showing affection. It doesn’t even have to happen among people who are close.

It is the best hug when the intention is to show that you care for each other. Hugging is somewhere between holding hands and kissing.

Women like being touchy and expressing how they feel, and warm hugs make them happy.

There are times when words aren’t enough for someone to tell you how they feel about you, and this is when the warm hug comes in to communicate just that.

A warm hug isn’t too long or short, but most importantly it is genuine. It conveys love, fondness, affection, and care.

These types of hugs are famous because they carry no ulterior motive.

12. Buddy hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 12

This is the type of hug that is given to friends only. From the hug, you can tell how special you are to the person.

It’s warm and friendly, and your friend or loved one may even rub your back at the end. It gives an all-round nice feeling.

This is the kind of hug that’s special and memorable.

13. Side hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

This is also referred to as the buddy hug. A side hug tends to be relaxed and it is quite common among close friends.

The huggers are likely to be in a good mood and it is quite common among acquaintances and even friends.

Although it doesn’t fall among the types of romantic hugs, it’s still sweet and tight.

Looking at many photos among friends or family members, you are likely to see them locked in a side hug.

It is a common hug that shouldn’t be interpreted to be romantic.

You need to look at his body language to determine whether you have to go the extra mile for him to see you as more than a friend.

14. Rear bear hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 14

This can be a type of romantic hug, but it is also common among friends and family members.

It is usually a hug from behind where someone wraps their hands around you in a protective manner.

Picture it as one of the hugs from behind you get from your parents that leave you feeling protected and cozy.

Men love it when they get a hug from behind from a woman they’re into. They may reciprocate by giving a playful flirty hug in return.

15. Long hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

These can be among best friends or lovers and if you have ever received this kind of a hug, then you’ll agree that it leaves you feeling pretty special.

Best friends give this hug when they have missed each other and it is also an intimate hug among those in a long-term relationship.

A long hug makes you feel how much love the hugger has for you and it also elicits deep feelings. 

Your upper body will be tightly squeezed against the other person to maximize physical contact.

In long hugs, your arms will probably be holding the upper body of your partner, but they may also be around your partner’s waist.

This intimate hug is mainly reserved for those you have deep feelings for.

If shared with other people, it can make you feel pretty uncomfortable.

A long hug is also a perfect way to welcome your long-term partner back home after being away for some time.

Some days are tough and this hug is capable of making you forget whatever stresses the day held.

It is because of such little things that a relationship works. So you shouldn’t hesitate to give your partner a random friendly hug or long hug often.

16. Back hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 16

A back hug that’s intimate. It’s similar to a rear bear hug, but in this instance, it maximizes physical contact.

You may not be at an eye-to-eye level with the person giving it, but it will make you feel great.

You’re likely going to get a waist hug or straddle hug in this case.

However, they can also have their arms on your upper body, especially if the person hugging you is taller than you.

You may not be eye-to-eye but there should be no doubt that the person hugging you in this manner has deep feelings for you.

17. Straddle hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

A straddle hug is common among people who are in love.

While one person is giving a waist hug the other party (usually the girl) throws her arms around the man’s neck and straddles his waist with her legs.

It is the kind of hug that leaves one exposed, which is why it isn’t given to just anyone.

On the same note, it can be given in a reverse hug kind of away.

Before you go ahead and give anyone a straddle hug, it’s good to establish trust.

It reveals physical desire and you don’t want to send the wrong message.

18. London Bridge hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 18

This is quite specific in that the huggers touch each other with the upper body only, while the lower torso is far apart.

This is a polite hug and cold as well.

It is the kind of hug diplomats and politicians give each other.

If you get this kind of hug from a guy, you should know he’s likely not interested in forming any deeper bond with you.

You may wonder why people would want to give this kind of hug in the first place.

However, don’t just assume that this type of hug means someone is uptight, because it actually means they are not too keen on showing emotions.

The London Bridge hug isn’t a favorite to many, no matter what it means.

19. Eye-to-eye hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

This is a popular type of hug among people who are in love.

Even though it is an intimate hug, it can also be suitable for your loved ones like family members.

The prolonged eye contact helps the huggers feel the love between them.

It may be a slow-dance hug where you don’t break eye contact just to show how in love you are.

An eye-to-eye hug from your partner should tell you he’s madly and deeply in love with you.

It is the type of hug that reassures you that your relationship is built on a strong foundation, and you should relax and enjoy it.

20. Pickpocket hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 20

The pickpocket hug has to be reserved for your partner only.

You hug them in a way that allows you to put your hands in their back pocket. It became a thing following the ’80s movie Sixteen Candles.

The pickpocket hug is a cheeky type of hug given that your hands are practically on someone’s butt.

If the man hugs you back in the same way it means he’s also comfortable with you. You can also maintain eye contact while giving this type of hug.

If the man hugs you in such a way in front of friends and not just when you are alone, it means he’s not afraid to tell the world about you.

21. Ragdoll hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

The ragdoll hug involves two people where one isn’t interested in the other.

It cannot even be said to be a friendly hug because one party simply doesn’t care for the other.

You’ll see a ragdoll hug mostly in case of a one-sided relationship. No matter how much the one in love tries to make the relationship work, it will never.

22. Sloppy hug

DONE 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean 22

The sloppy hug might be long, but it shouldn’t be taken to be a friendly hug either.

People give this kind of a hug because everyone else is doing the same.

A lot of people end up misinterpreting the meaning of this type of hug. It conveys no love or affection and you shouldn’t read much into it.

23. Cuddle hug

DONE - 23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

This is one of the types of intimate hugs among people in love. The couple cuddles to let each other know just how in love they are with each other.

It is usually a hug around the waist where she simply floats away for some time.

Cuddle hugs are lovable, romantic, friendly, and warm, showing deep affection or even infatuation. 

This hug also means that the woman feels safe and secure around the man.

It is one of the best when it comes to types of intimate hugs because of the incredible chemistry between the huggers.

Wrapping up…

Now that you know about all the different types of hugs and what they mean, it will be easier for you to know what kind of hug to give depending on the situation and the person you’re hugging.

Hopefully, you’ll now not only be able to interpret the hugs you’re receiving but also to avoid giving mixed signals when you’re hugging others.

23 Types Of Hugs And What They Mean

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