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This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

You know the feeling when everything is going well, then suddenly your relationship changes?

You have noticed lately that things have taken a dip, but everything is fine your end.

Your partner changes and he doesn’t find you challenging anymore. That is the reason why he is pulling away from you.

The problem seems to be when a woman starts to settle for his behavior and makes excuses for his laziness and inappropriate attitude.

I know it is a scary feeling if the guy that you are seeing starts pushing you away.

You begin to self-doubt, your insecurities start to act up and you become paranoid.

What’s even worse is that he is withdrawing, but you don’t know why he is doing that or what you should do about it.

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

When a guy is pushing you away, he wants to break up but doesn’t know how to do it.

He starts to act differently and his actions stress you out to the point where you want to break free from his behavior.

I have seen many a woman being clingy and trying to hold on to him even harder when he starts to push her away.

She starts to think that she will be heartbroken if he breaks up with her.

You don’t want to believe that he is doing everything he can to push you away from him. And you question yourself: “Why is he acting like this?”

Your relationship was going well and you saw each other quite often. You are being affectionate and loving toward him.

And now suddenly, his behavior is totally different from the way he treated you at the beginning of your relationship.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions right away until you have read the following signs.

If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, the best advice for you would be to re-evaluate your relationship and decide what to do next.

Avoiding you becomes his priority

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

A partner who is constantly not there for you is trying to say to you that he isn’t interested in you anymore.

Why is that? Well, the answer is somewhat complex.

Maybe you are not a challenge to him anymore, or he isn’t certain of his emotions, or he likes another girl. The possible reasons are endless.

However, if you are seeing less of your boyfriend, that is a sign that he is pushing you away.

He cancels date nights or he turns down your invitation to a special event and he doesn’t want to give any of his time to you anymore.

He’ll seem uninterested in the things you say and he will seem distant when he is with you.

He simply has no time for you and he will suddenly be busy or tired.

The thing is, he may spend time with you if you nag him or make him feel guilty, but what is the point of that if you don’t spend quality time together?

Dismissing fights as a way out of the relationship

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

You have had fights in your relationship, and that is a good thing.

However, every time that you fought before, he quickly tried his best to make up, so you could continue with a clean slate.

Now, even this has changed. He doesn’t want to deal with any drama in his life and avoids having fights altogether.

It seems like he doesn’t care about you or your feelings anymore.

The only thing that seems important to him after a fight is to stay away from you and leave you alone with your own thoughts.

The consequences don’t seem to bother him.

This is one of the signs that he is pushing you away.

Him not trying to resolve the issues at hand is him saying that he wants to move on from your relationship and that he is not interested in making any more effort.

A lack of affection

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

Let me clarify this. By lack of affection, I don’t mean a lack of action in the bedroom. I think that will have completely stopped by now.

If a guy is trying to push you away from him, him being touchy-feely will completely come to a halt.

He will not hug you or kiss you or anything near that.

Once the warmth has disappeared, there is no turning back. The little kisses that he used to give you are gone now.

If the affection has stopped, then it should be time for you to move on from him and begin the healing process.

You as the scapegoat

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

When push comes to shove, you are the one he blames for every mistake that happens in your relationship.

However, you know that you are not to blame. You are baffled about what he blames on you, as you haven’t done anything.

That is his way of saying he wants to break up with you, but he is too weak and acts cowardly instead.

He is trying to find a way out and one of the ways is by blaming everything on you. He wants you to feel guilty for so many things.

Maybe he will point out all of a sudden how you cannot cook or how you don’t care about his needs.

However, you know that he is overreacting or making it up.

Demanding the impossible from you

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

When a guy wants to push you away, he might demand impossible things from you as a way to manipulate you.

He may ask you to do something that he knows you cannot fulfill.

Nevertheless, he uses this technique as a way to push you away and to make you reconsider your relationship.

His demands could range from something small like doing the laundry or something bigger like going on a trip somewhere even though he knows you have to work.

He is aware that you cannot satisfy his needs, but he still demands things that are impossible for you to achieve.

He uses this to turn you into the bad guy when it is you who is the least to blame here.

His feelings are hidden

DONE! This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

At the beginning of your relationship, he would tell you all about his feelings and emotions.

He didn’t leave out a single thought. He used to tell you about the things that were going on in his life.

However, if a guy is pushing you away, he will keep his thoughts and emotions to himself and leave you there wondering what he is thinking and you are forced to try and read his mind.

The time that you spend with your boyfriend is now spent trying to guess what he’s thinking and why he is feeling a certain way.

This is a sign that he is pushing you away.

A fulfilling and happy relationship should not make you wonder what your partner is thinking or feeling.

Re-evaluate what you want from him and decide before it is too late.

If you have noticed some of these signs in your relationship, you should consider confronting your partner about them and let him know how you feel.

This Is When You’ll Know He Is Pushing You Away

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