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25 Sensational Soccer Tattoos For Those Extreme Fans

25 Sensational Soccer Tattoos For Those Extreme Fans

Soccer tattoos may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they definitely score with the people who are hard fans and would love to commemorate that passion forever.

That’s why these examples are made for everyone who has felt the impact of this sport on their lives. Either you love to play this sport professionally, or recreationally, or you just like to watch it in front of the TV with your buddies. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect design when there are so many options, which is why we have some designs to inspire your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

Small soccer ball tattoos

There’s a wonderful way to incorporate as much color as you want into a tattoo and still make it look simple. I mean, this tattoo has three different soccer balls, the entire design is quite small, but the truth is that there are a lot of details in it. If you can’t choose just one ball design, then this is the perfect tattoo for you.

Do you remember when we were kids and we would play soccer with our friends? Well, back then, the ball never looked new. It would always look well-loved, just like the ball in this tattoo.

This tattoo is done in black and gray, but the white ink creates a lot of depth to the design.

If you’re a lover of geometrical tattoos, you can still incorporate those details into soccer tattoos. This tattoo has a soccer ball in the center of it, but the surrounding circles and lines make it more artistic.

Small soccer ball tattoos
Source: @turtlecarter

A smaller tattoo of a soccer ball can still represent how much this sport means to you. Especially when you add details like in this example. The ball and the heart have a lot of shading incorporated into them, but it’s still not a dark design that will just turn into a black blob when it’s healed.

Big soccer ball tattoos

Soccer tattoos have been around for quite a while, which is why there are so many designs available for you to choose from. If you believe that you’re an extreme fan, then adding a crown to the ball is the design to go for.

Big soccer ball tattoos
Source: @tmctattoo

Traditional tattoos have a very special place in the heart of every tattoo artist. So, if you choose to bring this design, everyone will be happy. The roses and the leaves surrounding the soccer ball bring a lot of color into the design, while also keeping the main focus on the ball.

Big soccer ball tattoos
Source: @bohnrts

Some people would say that their love for soccer comes from deep within. This type of soccer tattoo is exactly what would commemorate that statement.

The design shows ripples of skin that give way to a ball that’s coming through. It’s not done realistically but rather made to put the ball into focus.

You don’t have to add a lot to soccer tattoos to make them look amazing. For example, this tattoo only has a soccer ball and some squiggly lines surrounding it. It looks like there are some magical powers coming from it, which is how many feel when they’re watching a good game.

This tattoo is another example of those worn-out balls we used to play with when we were kids. That is why this love runs much deeper than you’d expect!

Even though this tattoo could be considered a basic tattoo of a soccer ball, it’s still authentic because of the details within it.

Big soccer ball tattoos
Source: @daniel_pant

If you want your tattoo of a soccer ball to have even more of a connection to the actual game, then adding a pair of cleats into the mix would make everything even more authentic. This tattoo is done in black and gray, and some of the surrounding shading really creates a lot of depth to the whole design.

Childhood soccer tattoos

Considering that most soccer fans have started out from a very young age to appreciate this sport, it could be a great idea for a tattoo. Either you have a child, and its childhood is filled with soccer, or you were that child that fell in love with it.

Either way, this example, of a child holding a soccer ball in front of the goal is a wonderful reminder of simpler times.

Do you have a son who fell in love with soccer just as much as you did at his age? Then, how about adding the number of his jersey and his name on the tattoo?

Childhood soccer tattoos
Source: @linoraimondi

This is a bit of a different approach. The child in this tattoo isn’t holding the ball but is actually ready to play. There are some great details in this tattoo, but the shading makes it even look a bit realistic.

Sometimes, it’s not about how realistic the tattoo looks, but rather the message behind it. Just like this tattoo! The goal is drawn on a wall, and the whole design is within a geometrical shape. The lines are crisp and clean! Even the details of the camera and cleats are so authentic, that this should be the perfect inspiration for your next ink.

Soccer player tattoos

Soccer player tattoos
Source: @kiutattoo

Different people like different teams. Everyone has their favorite player, but I’m just here to give you some inspiration regarding the tattoo design! No one says that you should get Ronaldinho tattooed on your skin, but this black and gray design could inspire you to get your favorite player tattooed.

This is another tattoo of Ronaldinho, but this time it’s fully colored. There aren’t any shadings here, but the white ink is what shows the creases in the tattoo.

Soccer player tattoos
Source: @lefran_artt

Another one of the favorite players is Messi, but even if you don’t like him as a player, this tattoo is perfect for lovers of geometrical tattoos who want to commemorate their favorite player. The dotted shading behind Messi creates a certain depth to the design that you usually wouldn’t be able to get.

Unique soccer tattoos

The best part about tattoos is that you can design whatever you want, even if we’re talking about soccer tattoos. This tattoo shows a player in action, the ball at the top is the main star of the show, but the other details like the dotted shading, and the dark dots really add a sense of magic to the whole thing.

Unique soccer tattoos
Source: @blady.czort

If you’re a huge fan of soccer and you mostly watch it on TV then this design is for you. Everyone knows how invested people get when their favorite team is playing, so this tattoo represents that feeling.

Unique soccer tattoos
Source: @85tattooer

You can have as much fun with your designs as you want. Soccer tattoos have no rules to them. This tiger tattoo is fun and it’s colorful.

The yellow and blue ink is perfectly saturate, but the shading is also immaculate.

Is soccer the driving force in your life? The most saturation that you can see in this tattoo is in the soccer ball, which makes it the center of attention. However, the anatomically correct heart and all those other details turn this design into an authentic expression of your love for this sport.

Was there a pair of cleats that remains in your memory as the best pair to plan in? Maybe this is a controversial tattoo, but no one can tell you what you can get inked on your skin. The white highlights on this tattoo create a depth that usually wouldn’t be there, but the red details are an amazing addition.

Unique soccer tattoos
Source: @stvz_tattoos

You can also have a design that really says everything that you feel about this sport. Soccer tattoos can be extremely detailed, but sometimes a simple design is the best option.

Full-color tattoos have a certain feel to them that you can’t get from black and gray tattoos. Soccer tattoos don’t have to be of players and/or balls, it could also be a FIFA World Cup Golden ball.

Unique soccer tattoos
Source: @frogbellys

Pin-up girls are everyone’s favorite thing. Especially when you have a hot girl sitting on a soccer ball while being dressed as a referee. The small green shading makes her waist pop out even more, and the red heels are a provocative detail.

25 Sensational Soccer Tattoos For Those Extreme Fans
25 Sensational Soccer Tattoos For Those Extreme Fans 2

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