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20 Cool Snowflake Tattoo Ideas That Will Dance On Your Skin

20 Cool Snowflake Tattoo Ideas That Will Dance On Your Skin

A snowflake tattoo comes with unique meanings all of which are positive and beautiful. To some, this tattoo symbolizes purity while to others it represents the importance of individuality. Some have a more simple approach and opt for this motif simply because they’re in love with winter and everything that comes with it.

No matter the reason, we have to agree that these tattoos always look stunning on the skin. Especially when you find a precise tattoo artist who doesn’t mind taking his time to make every little detail perfect.

Now, let us help you on your journey of looking for a perfect snowflake tattoo that will satisfy all your requirements.

1. Ornamental-style snowflake

Ornamental tattoos are intricate and full of details and things are no different with this one. Shaped as a snowflake, this tattoo is perfect if you’re looking for something simple but intricate.

2. Simple snowflake

Simple snowflake
Credit: rany_boskie

If you’re looking for something plain but equally impressive, this design could be the solution you need. What we love about it the most is the fact that it’s perfectly executed with each line placed exactly where it should be.

3. A snowflake and sparkles

This is one more simple tattoo with just a bit more detail than the previous one. The added sparkles give it more charm and make it feel a bit more noticeable.

4. Blue and purple snowflakes

Are you willing to get a colorful tattoo? If you don’t mind the idea, we recommend going with purple and blue shades that add to the wintery feel and make the whole design a bit more unique.

5. Three little snowflakes

Three little snowflakes

All snowflakes are different and have their own characteristics. If you’re getting this tattoo because you want to highlight the importance of individuality then this tattoo could be the way to go.

6. Icy blue snowflake

A combination of blue color and white highlights gives this tattoo an illusion of being covered by ice. If you’re into this design but are looking for something bigger, you can always add a couple more snowflakes and that way, play with the size of the tattoo.

7. An arrangement of snowflakes

Or, if you’re on the lookout for a really impressive piece, you can get something like this. This tattoo cherishes the uniqueness of snowflakes and leaves you with a design that will definitely get noticed.

8. Abstract snowflake

Abstract snowflake
Credit: abstrac.tua

Are you into abstract tattoos that play with the shape and the traditional approach to tattoos? This quirky snowflake looks amazing when combined with a watercolor-style background that allows it to stand out on the skin.

9. A snowy feel

For a real wintery feel, you can get these blue snowflakes of different shapes and sizes. Even though we’re talking about a simple design, the pop of color makes it feel a bit more noticeable.

10. Embroidered snowflake

Embroidered snowflake

Thanks to the combination of blue and white ink, this snowflake looks like it’s been embroidered on your skin. It’s an impressive tattoo that will steal attention and make people ask you questions about it.

11. Tiny snowflake

Simple, minimalistic, and small? If those are your wishes then we’re happy to say that this tattoo ticks all the boxes. It’s a straightforward solution when you’re not looking for anything complicated.

12. Realistic snowflake

Realistic snowflake
Credit: moco_tattoo

This tattoo fell from the sky straight onto your skin and is now engraved there forever. It’s a great option if you’re into realistic tattoos that look too good to be true.

13. Black and gray snowflake

If you’re a huge fan of a traditional black and gray style then we’re happy to present you with an option that will work for you. The shape of a snowflake is achieved through negative space while the area around it relies on shading and dotwork. All in all, we love the results and believe it’s a design worth considering.

14. Snowflakes and a pop of red

These two simple snowflakes are made interesting through the usage of color. The bonus is a red string that gives this design an additional pop of color.

15. Winter time

Winter time
Credit: riotinkohio

If winter is your favorite season then you’ll love this tattoo. It has all the elements that will make you count days to Christmas and start preparing all the needed decorations that will make your house look and feel festive.

16. Intricate snowflake

Intricate snowflake
Credit: monizetattoo

A ton of thin lines will result in a tattoo such as this one. It may seem like an easy thing to achieve but don’t underestimate the time required to end up with such a neat piece of art.

17. Snowflake with a quote

Snowflake with a quote
Credit: inkvici

A great way to personalize any tattoo (including your snowflake one) is to include a quote or a saying in a design. This way, you’ll add your own touch to a tattoo, and that way, make it feel like it truly tells your story.

18. Blackwork-style snowflake

Blackwork-style snowflake
Credit: pedroamveloso

f you’re looking for a bold tattoo that uses only black ink, this is the way to go. Thanks to the thick lines, this design is a real statement piece.

19. All the snowflakes

All the snowflakes
Credit: ann_fish_tattoo

Talking of impressive tattoos, you can opt for a shoulder filled with different snowflakes. They all seem very simple when observed on their own but when you add them together you end up with a decent-sized tattoo that expresses your love for this motif.

20. Half and half

Half and half
Credit: kaiaelise

If you’re getting a snowflake tattoo simply because you’re obsessed with winter, you can opt for this design. It combines mountains and a snowflake into one cohesive tattoo that will embrace your love for the coldest season of the year.

20 Cool Snowflake Tattoo Ideas That Will Dance On Your Skin

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