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Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

Dating trends are constantly changing and it seems like each one of them has a specific name. Are you familiar with the term Snapchat cheating? If you’re not, I’ll explain it, don’t worry.

Infidelity became something inevitable in every relationship, or people don’t talk about good things anymore. Are there partners that didn’t cheat on each other and are married for 50-ish years? Probably, yes.

I believe that love can only flourish in a kind of environment where there’s respect and honesty, nothing else. Make sure you nurture a healthy relationship with your spouse and you won’t need to read these kinds of articles.

Anyways, back to dating trends. What is Snapchat cheating?

Sometimes it’s not the easiest task to follow what’s happening around us or to learn all the new words people invent. I know; I struggle a lot too. But this one is easy, I promise. The name itself is self-explanatory.

Obviously, it’s some kind of cheating, and since it has Snapchat in its title, it has to do something with that app as well. I assume that this makes sense to you, so we can move on and explain in detail what Snapchat cheating really is. Buckle up, ladies!

What is Snapchat cheating?

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

Starting from the basics, Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that became extremely popular in 2018 and is widely used now. One of the main features of this app is that messages disappear as soon as the recipient opened them and they can’t be seen again.

The term Snapchat cheating means that the cheater is using Snapchat as his weapon of choice in getting what he wants. It’s not easy to discover this kind of betrayal since you don’t have any solid evidence that your partner cheated.

The text messages that are exchanged on Snapchat vanish as soon as you exit the chat box with the person you were texting with unless you save them. When it comes to pictures and short videos, you can only check them out once.

Because of all of these features the app has, it became convenient for unfaithful partners. They don’t have to try hard to cover up their affairs since Snapchat is doing it for them. There’s no need for them to stress out if you’ll find traces because there are none.

Online flings are really difficult to spot, so if you do notice some of the signs of infidelity, confront him. Make sure that it’s not just one thing from the list, but a couple of them. Snapchat cheating is easy to camouflage, but here are some signs that he may be using this app in an immoral way.

7 signs your partner is Snapchat cheating

You don’t have that fire emoji (or any other) next to his name on your Snapchat, he doesn’t Snap you often, yet he’s constantly online. If he’s hiding his phone from you and even withdrawing, something may be off. I mean, if he’s using messaging apps often, and you’re right next to him, who is he texting?

Even though technology brought us a lot of positive things and eased everyday struggles, it created a whole other world. At one point, we’ve all seen “Instagram vs reality” posts, for example, meaning that we’re trying to create another, virtual reality, for our followers.

The same thing is with other social media networking apps. We can use them to run away from our problems and actually create a life we’d like to have. That’s where catfishing and identity thefts came into the picture. But, back to the topic…

Are you ready to reveal the signs that your partner may be Snapchat cheating on you? Since we’ve finally clarified what the term really means, we can go on through some proof that he may be maliciously using the app.

1. He’s using Snapchat a lot but doesn’t snap you

DONE Snapchat Cheating A Relationship Phenomenon You Have To Know About 2

You don’t have a streak with him, yet you know (and see!) that he uses Snapchat often. It’s easy to spot those fire emojis next to his friends’ names, but there isn’t one next to yours. Why isn’t he sending snaps to you?

You’ve noticed a lot of different BFF signs next to some people, but the gold/yellow heart worries you. Even though you’re not a passionate Snapchat user, you know that means he’s exchanging a lot of snaps with one specific person.

But how can you know if it’s his best friend or some relative? Maybe he’s cheating and that conversation may be really helpful to prove it. However, unless you catch him in the act, you won’t be able to collect any proof because of the attributes this app has.

2. He’s hiding his phone away from you

He would always leave his phone on the table, the display turned up. Recently, he changed his habit. You knew his password because he voluntarily shared it with you and he’d always tell you who’s he texting even if you never asked.

Is he hiding his phone away from you now? This may be the sign he’s cheating on you, but pay attention if something else is happening alongside. Notice if he’s whispering when he’s talking on the phone, or if he’s texting at weird hours. He changed his password, and he didn’t share it with you this time.

Maybe you’ve unconsciously spotted some micro-cheating signs, but you chose to ignore them. Trust your gut feeling if it says that something may be wrong because it usually is. There are many kinds of cheating and the emotional one is the easiest to cover (yet, it hurts the most).

3. He’s smiling at his phone but doesn’t share what’s funny

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

His screen lit up, he took the phone in his hands, and now he’s smiling at his phone. Did you ask him what’s funny and he rejected to answer or told you something like “Alex sent a meme, but you wouldn’t understand, it’s an inside joke”.

Yeah, right.

Even if it truly is something between his coworker and him, why wouldn’t he share it with you? That only gives him an excuse to tell you that anecdote and include you in his life a bit more. Which again, means more bonding and time together.

If he’s smiling at his phone and it started to happen more often, he’s probably texting another woman and he’s trying to hide it. Pay attention if some of the important dates in your relationship are near, because he may be preparing a surprise, if not, listen to your inner voice.

4. He’s taking snaps when he thinks you’re not looking

You probably went to the kitchen, but you’ve heard his phone making those specific camera sounds and when you asked about it, he said he’s just keeping the streak with his friend. Maybe he even went to the toilet and snapped a quick photo behind the closed door.

He’s taking snaps when he thinks you’re not looking and he’s taking a lot of selfies – something he rarely does! You needed to ask him a couple of times when you were dating to send you his photo, now he’s sending it to someone behind your back.

Doesn’t it sound weird to you? If he’s trying to hide what he’s doing online, I’d advise you to keep an eye on him. He’s probably cheating or thinking about it. He may be talking to a random stranger he met online, or some of his close friends, and sending them photos of himself.

5. His snap map may be a bit unusual

DONE Snapchat Cheating A Relationship Phenomenon You Have To Know About 4

You’re familiar with this in-app feature, right? There is a Snap Map that shows where you’ve been throughout the day. You can even zoom in and see the exact address which was very controversial back in the day when the update was released.

Your Bitmoji is showed up on a map and you can see everyone in your surrounding. You can tap on your friend and share your location with them, or use it in a “ghost mode” (your location is not shown on the Snap Map). Even if the app is running in the background, your location will be shared.

If you suspect that your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you, you can check his activity based on his saved locations. You can easily see who’s he currently with and if he’s bowling with his friends, as he told you. Therefore, if you notice something unusual, you can ask him about it.

6. He’s been withdrawing from you

He’s not talking with you as much as he used to; he’s not initiating dates or spending quality time together. Your boyfriend or spouse had been behaving a bit oddly? Have you tried to find a reasonable explanation for his actions, but you failed every time?

He may be distant lately and it may be a bit too obvious that he’s been withdrawing from you. If you notice that his behavior toward you has changed, talk with him. The only way you can try to solve this problem is through clear communication.

There are multiple reasons why men are running away from the love of their lives, and honestly, one of them may be guilt-tripping, because he cheated (or did something that may hurt you). That’s why, if you notice that he’s trying to avoid serious talk, you should insist that you have that conversation.

Maybe he’ll clear your doubts, maybe he’ll confirm them – you don’t know unless you actually talk, right?

7. He’s paying more attention to his physical appearance

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

Is he using hair gel, putting on a bit more perfume, or making sure that his shirt doesn’t have wrinkles? Maybe he started going to the gym again and you see that he truly pays more attention to his physical appearance lately.

If you think that this may be for the wrong reasons and you don’t believe in his “I just want to be healthier and look better”. It may be one of the signs that he’s either thinking of cheating, or he’s already on it. Snapchat cheating doesn’t have any direct influence on this, except that he wants to look better in the photos.

However, instead of accusing him right away, try to get some proof that he’s doing something behind your back. You can never be completely sure because you’ve noticed a sign or two. So, before you call him a cheater and shake up your relationship, make sure you have strong proof.

Is Snapchat cheating harmless or serious?

Wouldn’t you agree that any form of cheating is serious? I know that the boundaries that are set at the beginning of a relationship are unique for each couple, so what’s cheating for one, doesn’t necessarily count as harmful for others.

However, Snapchat cheating is a big deal and you should be aware of that. As I previously mentioned, online affairs are super easy to cover up and this one tops the list. When someone you blindly trust betrays you, it hurts like hell.

Emotional affairs are one form of cheating, and from my point of view, extremely destructive for a serious relationship or marriage. Basically, it means that your partner gets emotional support and feels closer to the other woman.

In this part, you’ll be able to read about all the reasons Snapchat cheating is truly harmful to your relationship, so let’s go.

1. Emotional connection can easily turn into an affair

DONE Snapchat Cheating A Relationship Phenomenon You Have To Know About 6

Even if you don’t want to admit it, an emotional connection can easily turn into an affair, both emotional and physical. When you’re constantly talking with someone and sharing the things that are happening to you daily, you’ll create a strong bond with that person.

If he’s not cheating on you now, he’s teetering on the edge. Try to prevent something serious from happening and talk with your partner as soon as you notice that he’s changed. You won’t even notice when he starts confiding in other women and starts withdrawing from you.

2. He shows that he doesn’t respect you

If he started neglecting your needs and compromising your relationship, there’s no need to think twice about leaving him. When he’s completely ignoring your concerns or trying to minimize them, he shows that he doesn’t respect you.

That’s why you should take things into your hands and show him how he needs to treat you if he wants this relationship to last. No ifs and/or buts; he has to genuinely appreciate you. I mean, you’re not in a situationship, but in a committed relationship.

3. He’s crossing relationship boundaries

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

Let’s say that he was flirting with someone over a text and you told him that you don’t find that harmless. What is he doing now? Is he disrespecting you and still doing the same thing? Have you confronted him about his behavior and you agreed on new terms?

If he’s crossing newly-set relationship boundaries and you suspect that he’s Snapchat cheating on you, don’t hesitate to leave him. Behaving this way, he only shows you how you shouldn’t be treated.

4. He’s gaslighting you

You’ve noticed that he’s acting a bit weird, but every time you check his Snapchat, there’s nothing suspicious. When you confront him, he finds some explanations and he usually says you’re overreacting. Perhaps, he’ll even try to convince you that it’s nothing serious.

You know, everybody’s using Snapchat; it’s not a big deal. There’s no reason for you to be jealous because he’s not doing anything with other women; they’re just texting.

5. He’s taking you for granted

DONE Snapchat Cheating A Relationship Phenomenon You Have To Know About 8

Do you want to be in a relationship with a guy who’s taking you for granted? If he’s Snapchat cheating on you, it means he’s now aware of how important you are. You don’t need someone in your life who won’t treat you right, but rather a person that will admire you entirely.

Staying in this kind of relationship will only lower your self-esteem and you’ll get hurt deeply. Opt to walk away for your own sake.

What to do if you suspect he’s Snapchat cheating on you?

Now that we’ve covered the most important signs that your partner may be Snapchat cheating on you and explained why it’s not harmless, it’s time to talk about the next steps. If you still suspect that he’s having an affair there are a couple of things you can do.

1. Confront him

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

If you’re sure that the evidence you have is not only circumstantial, confront him. The best way to know where you’re standing with your partner is to openly talk with him. Tell him your suspicions and that you’d like to clear things up.

Be bold and don’t swipe your problems under the rug. You need to know what’s going on and you deserve his respect. If he doesn’t respect you enough to tell you where the hell it went wrong, there’s no reason good enough to stay in that relationship.

You can tell him that you’ve noticed his changed behavior, and ask him if he can explain to you what’s happening. If he accepts and opens up, be patient and listen carefully to what he has to say. On the other hand, if he gets defensive, you’ll know something’s not right.

2. Try to solve relationship issues you may have

No matter how bad the situation is if you deeply care about the person you’re with you have to try and solve the problems that may appear down the road. You’ve watched a lot of movies where they were taking their wedding vows and they said “for better, or for worse”, right?

Even if you’re not married but in a committed relationship, you gave a promise to someone once you agreed to be his girlfriend (and vice versa of course). You have to cherish whatever you have and fight with your partner against the problems – you owe yourself that much.

Don’t run away when the first argument happens; learn to navigate through the conflict. Talk with each other and solve relationship issues as they show up. It’s the love of your life and you versus the obstacles that life puts in front of you; remember that.

3. Set up new boundaries

DONE Snapchat Cheating A Relationship Phenomenon You Have To Know About 10

There are certain boundaries in every healthy relationship that need to be set during an early stage of dating. In case you missed doing this, I guess you developed some as you were going through the relationship itself.

For example, it became an unwritten rule that you don’t flirt with others and that you put your partner as a priority. If any of his priorities changed or if he crossed a line, it was time to set up new boundaries. Perhaps he’s not aware that something’s wrong, or at least not completely.

Tell him what’s bothering you and listen to his side of the story. Keep calm and try to find a compromise. Conflicts are inevitable in healthy relationships, so don’t avoid them. It’s normal that you don’t agree on certain things, but how you solve them is what matters.

4. Leave if he doesn’t want to change

This may be a difficult thing to do, but the main aspects of any relationship are trust and honesty. If your boyfriend or husband did something that hurt you, it’s natural that you want to clear things up. If he rejects and doesn’t want to change – leave.

Easier said than done, I know. But you have to do it for your own good. You deserve a happy relationship and one where you’ll be respected and heard. If he’s not the one, you’ll know it in your heart. The union that you two share is sacred and he should treat it as such.

Once you do the hardest thing, he’ll realize what he’s lost, but it will be too late. Don’t look back and prioritize your health and well-being. You have to take care of yourself in those moments, and the guy who’s going to treat you right will eventually walk into your life.

Snapchat cheating is not something that will first come to your mind when someone mentions online affairs, but it’s a real deal. Be careful if you spot signs and try to react on time. If you see that there’s no way you can save your relationship, it’s better to move on.

Snapchat Cheating: Has Your Partner Betrayed Your Trust?

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