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An Ode To Your Bravery: 24 Snake With Flowers Tattoo Designs

An Ode To Your Bravery: 24 Snake With Flowers Tattoo Designs

A snake with flowers tattoo is one of the most beautiful designs in the world. There’s a lot of meaning behind this combination and if you want something great on your body, then this is the perfect tattoo for you.

The tattoo of a snake with flowers represents the balance between strength, bravery, danger, and love, divinity. The triumph of good over evil is more than apparent in this tattoo choice. It doesn’t matter if you get a huge piece with millions of colors in it, or you simply choose a small design with fine lines – either way, you’ll have an eternal reminder of the hardships that you’ve gone through.

So, we compiled 24 examples to put on the canvas that is your skin, to commemorate the hard things you’ve been through.

Snake with flowers and a sword or dagger

The combination of a snake with flowers tattoo and a dagger or sword is a sign of accomplishment. This tattoo design represents everything that you’ve gone through to become the person you are today.

In the photo above, there’s a simple design. The snake perfectly envelops the sword, and the flower is a wonderful feminine touch. The thick lines won’t disappear over time.

Snake with flowers and a sword or dagger
Source: @ejintatt

This tattoo design can have a lot of details. The details on the dagger are marvelous, the roses are shadowed and actually quite realistic. The snake goes around the dagger to envelop it, even though the tail end is a dotted shadow that trails perfectly down the arm. The contrast of black, gray, and the negative space is well combined.

I didn’t think that these designs could get any simpler, yet here we are. The dagger or sword can go through the middle of the rose. The rose itself has more negative space than any colors, which is a perfect center-piece to the black leaves and the snake.

Snake with flowers and a skull

Snake with flowers and a skull
Source: @dee.tats

You may think that the skull is a little bit too dark, but this combination of designs shows even more of the path you’re on. Putting a skull into a snake with flowers tattoo shows the end of an era. You’re symbolically leaving a part of yourself behind. In the tattoo above, you can see a wonderful design, yet it’s quite simple. The red rose creates a wonderful contrast, and the little splash of color is wonderful.

A big back tattoo can be perfectly designed to put all the right pieces into focus, like in the photo above. The roses around it, the sword in the middle, combined with the skull and the flowy snake, this design is feminine yet striking.

This is a very dark design, the flower is completely blacked out, but the skull and the snake are the centerpieces. The negative space of the skull creates a wonderful contrast to the black background.

Snake skeleton tattoo with flowers

Snake skeleton tattoo with flowers
Source: @nana.orient

The snake skeleton is a very intricate tattoo that you can get on your body. These symmetrical snake skeletons may seem big, but it’s so detailed with the lines that it definitely isn’t bulky. The red flowers in the middle are perfectly shadowed.

The flowers can also be incorporated into the entire snake. As seen in the photo above, the tattoo is made to represent a snake, and the skeleton of one, that are intertwined into each other. The flowers all throughout the snake are colored, and detailed, and the leaves give it a slight 3D effect.

The contrast between the colors and the black and gray skeleton of the other snake gives this entire tattoo the depth that you didn’t know you needed.

Colorful snake and flowers tattoo

We’ve mostly talked about black and gray designs with a small amount of color. However, your entire tattoo can be filled with colors if that’s the tattoo design that you prefer.

In the photo above, you can see a gorgeous blue snake with red flowers and green leaves. The color palette is intricate and the white ink was perfectly used to create contrast.

Combining those colors and bringing the image to light is going to make a wonderful snake and flowers tattoo. Here you can even see how you can incorporate other things, like the oranges, into your tattoo. You don’t have to settle for just a couple of images, but you can have everything that has a meaning to you in the tattoo.

Colorful snake and flowers tattoo
Source: @tacojoetaco

Old-school tattoos are definitely known for their vibrant colors. Mostly, artists use the combination of red, yellow, and other warm tones as you can see in the design above. The tongue of the snakes transforms into the handle of the dagger, the colors are very bright, and the little flowers around it take the edge out of the tattoo.

Japanese-style snake and flowers tattoo

Japanese-style snake and flowers tattoo
Source: @lescollier

Japanese-style tattoos are characterized by big and bold lines, and those big spaces are usually filled with solid colors. In the photo above, you can see a very standard image of this style, because they almost always include animals and flowers into their designs.

This thigh tattoo has a big yellow flower as the centerpiece, but the snake is still quite eye-catching. Even the small leaves around it create a wonderful balance of colors. There’s a lot of shadow in the background, that makes the tattoo stand out even more.

You can never go wrong when you combine black, gray, and red. As seen in the photo above, the composition of this tattoo is marvelous. The snake goes around the entire arm, and the head rests perfectly on the shoulder. The black in the background is an amazing contrast to the red flowers that seem to be a wonderful filler for your tattoo.

Symmetrical but still asymmetrical. Two snakes that make their way around the arm to peek through the flowers on the shoulders is what this design is all about. The cool colors of the snakes give way to the red tongue so that they’re automatically seen. The snakes are incorporated into the flowers so that it doesn’t look bulky, but rather elegant and delicate.

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Full sleeve tattoo

A full-sleeve tattoo is a brave endeavor, but considering that you’re looking for an ode to your bravery, this is the perfect tattoo choice for you. A snake with flowers tattoo can be done marvelously even on a big canvas as you can see in the photo above.

It’s black and gray, but the negative space creates a wonderful contrast. The black is solid, even at the parts that represent shadows. The composition of flowers and snakes is what makes this so unique and worth putting on your body.

Full sleeve tattoo
Source: @_janetho

If you’re too intimidated by a full-sleeve tattoo, how about a half-sleeve? Here we have a gorgeous example of a feminine design. The flowers are detailed, but they don’t take away any attention from the main star of the show – which is the snake. For a moment the snake disappears behind the flower only to emerge and look like she’s ready to attack.

Even the small outline of a crescent moon at the top is a gorgeous detail.

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Enchanting snake and flowers tattoo

Many people believe that snakes have spiritual powers. Women have always been in love with this symbol, and it’s mostly because they were often considered to be the guardians of witches.

So, you may want something quite enchanting, like in the photo above. There isn’t an actual flower there, but some would consider leaves to be the prettiest part of flowers. The snake is filled with little stars that are mesmerizing on the blackout snake. The snake itself looks like a shadow that whirls around the leaves and the moon. Even the strong outline can’t compare to the snake.

If the primary colors, or black and gray aren’t your thing then you should go for pastel colors. In the photo above, we can see the head of a snake with a dagger, the handle of the dagger is actually the flower that you’d want to incorporate into your tattoo. The saturation of these colors is immaculate, and the composition shows creativity.

Enchanting snake and flowers tattoo
Source: @q_tattoos

If you want an enchanting tattoo of a snake with flowers, then this is the right thing to choose. Here we have a snake, with a skeleton tail, that’s completely designed with pink flowers throughout the body.

Snake with Roses tattoo

We dedicated an entire part to the beauty of roses within this tattoo. In the photo above, you can see a snake that enveloped roses. The black and gray detailing is immaculate, and the contrast of this tattoo unmatched.

Snake with Roses tattoo
Source: @onitattoo

You can also go for an option like this one, where you’ll have the flowers in one color, and the snake completely black and gray. This way, both images will be shown in their respectful opacity.

Floral snake bracelet tattoo

A snake with flowers tattoo definitely gives you a lot of options. Especially considering that you can create a bracelet with the snake. Here we can see a combination of red roses and a snake that swirls around the arm. The crisp lines go completely around the arm and they create a negative space within the tattoo.

You can also choose thinner lines, with minimal shadows, as seen in this example. The flowers are big, while the snake is lean. Even the leaves around this tattoo add to the richness of this design.

Floral snake bracelet tattoo
Source: @bk_tattooer

And now, we can put all of our ideas into one. This design is extremely detailed. With the skull in the middle, it looks sinister. However, if you look closer this is an ode to the Capricorn zodiac sign.

This tattoo envelops the entire arm and looks like a big bracelet. The shadows are done well, and you can see that the flowers add quite a feminine touch. The snakes even look like they’re protecting the person wearing this tattoo.

An Ode To Your Bravery: 24 Snake With Flowers Tattoo Designs

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