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7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time

7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time

You finally found a decent guy and got your hopes up. But now you realize that something’s off. It feels as if the only reason why the two of you are together is that he’s trying to make his ex jealous. Could it be true? What are some rebound relationship signs that you should be on the lookout for?

Figuring out that you’re being used as a tool to get over someone is the worst feeling ever. Especially if you’re starting to fall in love with this guy.

He seemed to be a nice man and you truly believed that this could lead to something serious, but unfortunately, things don’t seem to be going as planned.

Still, you don’t want to break up with him just yet since you’re not sure what’s actually going on. You want to be 100% certain that you’re just a rebound before you call it quits. So, let’s get your dilemma solved.

7 rebound relationship signs

7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time

When you feel like you’re stuck in a rebound relationship, you’re going to see some clear signs that prove the point. I’m going to mention some of the most common ones so you get an idea of what’s actually going on.

1. He recently broke up

Has your new guy recently gone through a breakup? Did it happen just before he met you? And all of a sudden, he’s acting like he loves you more than anything? Something’s fishy!

When people get out of a relationship they tend to believe that the best way to deal with the heartbreak is to focus their attention on someone else. So, they move fast into another relationship, thinking it would solve all their problems.

In reality, they only end up hurting more and causing pain to one additional person who has nothing to do with their breakup.

If you know that your current partner recently broke up, be cautious and try to figure out what’s his ulterior motive. Does he actually like you or is he just pretending so you can help him move on after his ex?

2. Everything is happening too fast

You met this guy not a long time ago and two dates later, you feel like your relationship is moving too fast. You’re all over his social media and even though you like the idea that he’s not keeping you a secret, you still feel like something’s off.

You like the idea of being with a man who’s not afraid to say what he means but this one is already calling you the one even though your relationship isn’t official yet.

All this love bombing and social media sharing are his poor attempt to ignore his feelings and pretend like he’s over his ex. In reality, he’s still suffering and he’s simply using you as a distraction.

If he tries hard enough, he may convince himself that he’s actually into you. In reality, you’re just there to fill the void his ex left behind.

I know that hearing this isn’t easy but the sooner you accept that you’re just a rebound, the easier it will be to save yourself from unnecessary pain.

3. He keeps comparing you to his ex

7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time 2

Does he mention how his ex made the best lasagna every time you invite him for a meal? Does he remind you that his ex had a great sense of style whenever you take him shopping with you?

I’m sorry to break it for you but this guy is still in love with a girl who was there before you. The only reason why the two of you are together is because he’s using you as a rebound.

Whenever you meet a guy who can’t shut up about his ex, the chances are that he’s still not over her. He can tell you whatever he wants but his actions are giving him away.

I’m sure that he wants to move on, but the truth is that he’s rushing his healing process and asking the wrong person for help. He can’t be with you unless he first forgets about the ghosts from his past.

So, if you notice him talking about his ex more than he talks about you, run for your life. The Universe is sending you a clear sign you’re in a rebound relationship. Unfortunately, it will never turn into something bigger.

The moment he gets bored of you, he’ll simply find another girl in desperate hope to fill the void in his heart. That’s the best he can give anyone at this point since his heart is still broken into two pieces.

4. He still holds a grudge against his ex

7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time

When he’s not comparing you to his ex, he’s talking about her as if she’s his biggest enemy. You can tell from the tone of his voice that he’s still angry with her. She broke his heart and he can’t seem to accept that.

But instead of giving himself enough time to heal, he’s pretending to be okay and using you as a distraction from his thoughts. This is yet another one of the rebound relationship signs to keep an eye out for.

However, he can’t hide his feelings so he often mentions her and it’s obvious that he still holds a grudge against her. And then when you ask him something about her, he either tells you that she’s a horrible person or he avoids your question completely.

It’s obvious that this guy is still suffering and isn’t emotionally ready to be in a relationship just yet. So, you better save yourself and end things before you end up with a broken heart.

5. You don’t feel like you’re getting to know each other

7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time 4

He keeps telling you that he likes you and he’s not afraid of sharing you all over his social media. But at the same time, you don’t feel like your relationship is going anywhere.

You’ve been on a couple of dates but you never had a chance to get to know each other. To be more precise, he never bothered to get to know you.

You’re asking him questions about his life as you’re trying to figure out what he’s like. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to care what you’re like.

Whenever he’s talking, he’s talking about himself and you can tell that he’s not putting in any effort to find out more about you. If you were to ask him what’s your middle name, I bet that he wouldn’t know the answer.

Even when you’re talking about something that happened to you, it feels as though he’s not listening. Physically, he’s sitting right across you but mentally, he’s in a completely different place.

This is another warning sign you’re stuck in a rebound relationship. This guy doesn’t care about you as a person and he can’t imagine his future with you. The only reason why you’re together right now is that he needs to find a way to stop thinking about his ex.

He’s clearly still in love with her. Even if he doesn’t want to accept the truth, his behavior is proof.

6. He reaches out only when he’s upset

7 Signs Of Rebound Relationships That Can Save You Time

This guy won’t be consistent. He won’t take you on dates regularly or call to check up on you. He won’t care about your day and how you’re feeling. Instead, he’ll only care about himself and his needs.

That’s why he’ll only reach out to you when he’s upset and needs an ego boost. As a rebound, you only serve him as a way of getting his confidence back.

He’s using you to prove to himself that he can still be with whomever he wants. You’re the safe net that keeps him from falling down the cliff when dark thoughts overtake him.

And no matter how much love and affection you give him, he’s never going to change. He’s not looking for a serious relationship. He simply needs someone who will be there for him when he’s upset.

After you provide him with needed attention, he’ll go MIA until the next wave of sadness overtakes him.

7. Your intuition tells you that something’s off

A woman’s intuition is a strong tool that’s meant to protect us from situations that are never going to be good for us. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we’re happy and that everything’s okay. But then you hear that tiny little voice inside you, whispering and trying to warn you what’s about to happen.

There’s a chance that your new partner will seem like a great match. Even though he just got out of the relationship, you wouldn’t see any other signs that could prove you’re just a rebound. Your family and friends may also agree that you should give him a chance because he seems like a good guy.

But then, something inside you will tell you that things aren’t the way you see them. When that happens, you don’t need another sign but you need to move away from him as soon as possible.

Sometimes, we sense what the future holds. And even though there are no explanations for why we’re feeling the way we are, as long as we listen to our intuition, we should be just fine.

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