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7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money: Open Your Eyes

7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money: Open Your Eyes

Falling in love with someone who only wants to take advantage of you is heartbreaking. But things get even worse when you find out that all he sees when he looks at you are dollar bills. Is this person taking financial advantage of you? What are the signs a man is using you for money?

When you met him, you instantly thought he was the nicest guy ever. Everything was great until you realized that he was asking way too many questions about your financial situation. Why does he care about how much you’re earning? It’s not like it matters, right?

Well, it doesn’t matter to you but it looks like it’s pretty important to him. Isn’t that suspicious? Doesn’t that scream “Run!”?

Before you decide on your next step, you first want to be sure what’s going on. You need proof that he’s only with you because of your money, and not because he likes you.

Here’s how you’ll be able to find out what’s going on.

7 signs a man is using you for money

7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money: Open Your Eyes

You’re looking for a real connection and you thought that you finally found it with this guy. He was nice and kind, and he caught your attention from the very beginning. However, the more time you spend with him, the more you realize that there’s one thing about you that interests him the most – your money.

Are you overreacting? Could it be that you misunderstood something? Or is this guy simply wearing a mask and pretending to be interested in you when in reality, he only cares about your dollar bills?

Well, if you see any of the following signs, I’m sorry to break it to you but he’s only using you for money and nothing more than that. The only reason why he’s with you is because he’s looking for a financial benefit.

1. He always borrows money from you

This is one of the first red flags you’re going to notice. Especially if he keeps telling you that he will give you the money back but never actually does that.

This man constantly has some emergencies and he’s always looking to borrow some money from you. When you ask him why he needs it, he gives you vague answers or comes up with the weirdest situations.

“My friend’s dog is sick but he can’t afford to take him to the vet so I told him that I was going to help him. I’m sure you don’t mind lending me some money to save a sick dog, right?”

That’s how most of his explanations sound. They’re weird and complicated but you can’t reject his request because he plays on your emotions every time.

In the beginning, you weren’t thinking about this too much. It was only logical that you would lend him the money because he seemed like an honest guy. But after this situation happened a couple of times, you started to realize there was something wrong.

Should you be more cautious with this guy? What is he trying to get out of you?

2. You’re always the one to pay

7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money Open Your Eyes 2

He was gentleman enough to pay on the first couple of dates. But that practice stopped a long time ago. Now, every time you hang out, you’re the one who pays the bills.

He doesn’t even offer to pay anymore. He just walks out of the restaurant and waits for you to deal with it. Could this be one of the signs a man is using you for money?

I’m sure you don’t mind handling the bill from time to time. But when you realize that he doesn’t even ask to split, you start to feel suspicious about his intentions.

Are you dating a cheap man who doesn’t want to spend his money? Or are you dating a male gold digger who expects you to finance him?

No matter what, you don’t like the way he acts about it. He requires you to pay all the time which isn’t okay, no matter who we’re talking about.

3. He’s worried that other people are financially using you

This man has no shame. Every time you mention that you had dinner with a friend or went shopping with your cousin, he keeps asking you if you were the one to pay. At first, you didn’t think much of this question and you gave him honest answers.

But at one point, he started telling you that other people are financially using you. He started giving you advice on what you should do when others expect you to pay the next time you hang out with them. The audacity this man has!

Trust me, a guy who allows you to pay every time you’re hanging out isn’t exactly the type of person who should advise you on what to do with your own money. It’s obvious that the only thing that’s worrying him is the fact that you get to spend less on him.

4. He keeps asking about your financial situation but gets upset when you ask him the same question

7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money: Open Your Eyes

When you think about it, most of your conversations revolve around money. And it’s always him who starts talking about it.

He asks you how much you earn and what are your monthly expenses. He doesn’t mind questioning you if you have any savings and how you plan on spending them.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if you were planning to move in together. But this is definitely not something you talk about at the beginning of a relationship.

Now, when you face him with the same questions, he gets upset. It feels as if he’s entitled to ask about your financial situation while you shouldn’t know anything about his.

These double standards make no sense and they’re proof that he’s only using you for money.

5. He’s always the one to initiate spending your money

Every time you go out, he has these crazy ideas on what you should do. He’s either trying to get you to visit a fancy restaurant that just opened or he plans a weekend away. But when the time comes to pay for it, he simply waits until you pull the wallet.

The funny thing is that all of these plans also include him. He won’t tell you to splurge on yourself and buy something you always wanted to. He will always make sure that he benefits from your spending.

It’s obvious that this man is using you financially and he’s doing it whenever he can. He’ll enjoy different luxurious experiences and he won’t even feel guilty about it. Even so, he’ll keep suggesting different trips and restaurant visits every time he spots a good opportunity.

6. You get a feeling that your money is the only thing that interests him

7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money Open Your Eyes 4

At this point, his behavior is getting more than suspicious. Even your gut feeling is telling you that something’s wrong.

He doesn’t even bother to get to know you better. Most of your conversations are dull and pointless and the only person who’s making an effort in this relationship is you.

He on the other hand is only interested in your money. His eyes spark every time he asks you something about your financial situation. And you can sense the disappointment in him every time you avoid giving him a clear answer.

It’s now obvious that this man doesn’t care about you as a person. He doesn’t even plan to have anything serious with you. The moment you figure out his intentions, he’s going to disappear from your life like he wasn’t even a part of it.

Open your eyes and listen to your gut. If something keeps telling you that he isn’t with you because he likes you but simply because he’s in love with your money, then have a conversation with him. See how he’s going to react once you face him with some facts.

7. Your friends point out that he’s using you

7 Signs A Man Is Using You For Money: Open Your Eyes

Even if you still don’t want to believe that this man is financially using you, your friends will know the truth. They will keep telling you that he’s a bad choice, even if you don’t see it yet.

Think of it this way. Every time you were in a bad relationship, who was the first one to point it out? It was your friends, right?

You can easily sense when someone is a bad choice for your bestie, and she can sense the same about you. You’re looking at this man with rose-colored glasses on while your friends see him for who he actually is.

So, when they warn you about someone, don’t take their words for granted. Instead, try to be honest with yourself and objectively analyze this man’s behavior.

Once you realize that you keep paying for everything, that he’s always asking you to lend him money, and that he constantly keeps questioning you about your financial status, it will become obvious that something’s sketchy.

Bear in mind that guys like this will do everything they can to keep you by their side. He enjoys the fact that you’re treating him like a king while he’s not doing anything in return.

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