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20 Stinging Elegant Scorpion Tattoo Ideas For The Fearless

20 Stinging Elegant Scorpion Tattoo Ideas For The Fearless

Are you born under the sign of Scorpio? Or do you wish to get this animal inked onto your skin because of what it represents? Either way, getting a scorpion tattoo is always a good idea.

Even though not big in size, scorpions are poisonous creatures who know how to scare away their enemies. That’s why they’re used as a symbol of resilience and power.

They can also represent a new beginning after a failed relationship or going through a hardship in life. Some cultures even believe that they’re omens of good luck and protection.

Despite all of these meanings, you’re always allowed to have your own story on why you’ve chosen to get this specific motif. At the end of the day, it’s your tattoo and you’re more than welcome to make it personal.

Now, it’s much easier to figure out why you want to ink a scorpion onto your skin than it’s to figure out which design you wish to get. With all these options, your thoughts are running wild and you’re afraid that you’re going to make the wrong decision.

Allow us to give you some ideas that may inspire you and help you with this whole thought process.

1. Traditional scorpion tattoo

This design is a good option when you’re looking for something to represent your recent heartbreak. It’s not overly complicated and it can fit anywhere you’d like.

2. Double the trouble

2. Double the trouble
Credit: janibellart

When one scorpion doesn’t seem enough, you simply go with the two of them. When you place them like this, you get a perfectly symmetrical tattoo that will satisfy even the most hardcore perfectionist.

3. Fine-line scorpion tattoo

3. Fine-line scorpion tattoo
Credit: johnb.designs

Fine-line tattoos are dainty and elegant. They’re a great choice when you’re not into complicated designs and prefer to keep things simple. Just don’t let anyone convince you that simple means boring!

4. Vibrant scorpion tattoo

Okay, this one is definitely for the bold ones. So, if you’re not afraid of colors and flashy designs, then you may fall in love with this idea. We’re aware that there’s a certain amount of people who would be willing to tattoo this onto their skin, but we love the design so much that we had to mention it.

5. Scorpion and other elements

This tattoo could be the right choice for all of you who are born under this zodiac sign. Maybe it’s because of the sparkly stars, but this design feels whimsical.

6. Pink scorpion

6. Pink scorpion
Credit: mel_nieto_

If you’re not afraid of girly tattoos that are vibrant, pinkish, and sparkly then this is a choice for you. Even if none of these things seem to work for you, then at least appreciate all the clean and sharp lines that make this tattoo feel perfectly executed.

7. Red ink scorpion

When you’re a fan of simpler designs but wish to get something a bit different, then the easiest thing you can do is to opt for red ink instead of black one. Just like that, you get a tattoo that’s different and yet far away from complicated.

8. Scorpio card

8. Scorpio card
Credit: moontatt_

This is another cool idea for all of you determined Scorpios out there. Even though it’s a smaller tattoo, it has all these tiny details that make it feel special. We love that about it.

9. Minimalistic scorpion

We believe that it doesn’t get any more minimalistic than this one. But even though it’s tiny, you still get the meaning you’re looking for and that’s what matters the most.

10. Old school scorpion

What about a traditional-style scorpion? Is that something you’re willing to consider? If you’re into brighter colors and are looking for something neat, this is a tattoo for you.

11. Red scorpion

What makes this tattoo different is the color combination. Actually, it’s the way all the shades blend perfectly and create balance and dimension. We love it, but what about you?

12. Scorpion and flowers

12. Scorpion and flowers
Credit: zinctattoo

When you think of getting a scorpion tattoo, the last thing that comes to your mind is to combine it with flowers. But now that you see the end results, you may change your mind.

13. Passionate scorpion

People born under the sign of Scorpio are passionate and emotional which makes them great partners. When you’re looking to celebrate that part of your personality, here’s how you can do it.

14. Blackwork scorpion

Blackwork tattoos use only black ink and all the shading is achieved through the stippling method or simply by leaving negative spaces on the skin. If you’re into this style then you’ll love the way this scorpion has turned out.

15. Scorpion and mushrooms

15. Scorpion and mushrooms
Credit: mirthwurm

This may seem like a weird combo but when you think about it, the whole design is inspired by nature. Mushrooms seem insignificant but they can be poisonous and it’s the same with scorpions. That’s the bond that makes this tattoo different.

16. Colorful scorpion

16. Colorful scorpion
Credit: badlittleyou

Here we have another traditional-style tattoo but what makes it unique is the red circle underneath the scorpion. It serves as a background and allows the whole design to stand out.

17. Scorpion with a pop of yellow

17. Scorpion with a pop of yellow
Credit: inkbyshane

When you opt for a simple design and want to make it pop, the easiest thing you can do is to add some color to it. In this case, yellow is a good choice since it perfectly contrasts with black ink.

18. Scorpion under the moon

This scorpion is similar to some of the other choices on the list but it has one additional element – the moon. Somehow, every tattoo with the moon instantly looks better.

19. Realistic scorpion

Do you like realistic tattoos? Then this scorpion will be your cup of tea. We love all the little details on this design since they’re the reason why this body decoration looks too good to be true.

20. Micro-realistic tattoo

20. Micro-realistic tattoo
Credit: _nico.nic_

Micro-realistic tattoos take a lot of time, patience, and a steady hand. They’re true pieces of art and what makes them even more special is the realization that the whole design isn’t bigger than your hand. Wow!

20 Stinging Elegant Scorpion Tattoo Ideas For The Fearless

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