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27 Sacred Heart Tattoos To Symbolize Your Devotion

27 Sacred Heart Tattoos To Symbolize Your Devotion

Sacred heart tattoos are among many of the most popular tattoo choices. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; a sacred heart has probably been on your mind for your next tattoo appointment.

Either way, it’s an interesting design with a deep meaning. It represents sacrifice, suffering, but also devotion. It’s an image that summarizes Jesus’s love for people and his sacrifice.

This religious image really is a wonderful way to commemorate your love for Christ and to show your devotion to him.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @pointsworker

Black and gray is definitely one of the prettiest tattoo styles. This sacred heart tattoo is done with little beads around it, and the shading is immaculate. It looks like it’s made out of actual glass.

To make sacred heart tattoos even more feminine, you can add images of flowers in the middle of it. The little flame on top is a very common tattoo choice. The three daggers are gorgeous, the linework is fine and dainty.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @timararose

This sacred heart has an eye in the middle, and the tears represent the sacrifice that the sacred heart stands for. The shadows are quite dark, but the contrast is what is the actual eye-catching part of this tattoo.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @is_toms

To add more meaning to this already sacred tattoo, you can add the thorn crown that Jesus wore on the day of his crucifixion. There’s a lot of detail in this, the heart looks more realistic with the veins that are within this design.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @nizi_tattoo

The big chunks of black ink in this tattoo are well-saturated. It’s quite an unusual design, with the thick lines, and the way it shows that even the boldest of tattoos can have a deep meaning.

Sacred heart tattoos are a religious image, especially when you add a cross on top of it. The thorn crown around it is blended into the rest of the tattoo, and it’s still quite obvious. The cross is the lightest part of it, so that it represents the light that we should all follow.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @g.bul_tattoo

This is quite a simple design. It’s just made out of a couple of common design choices. However, the light shading is what makes a huge difference. The roses are outlined with fine lines, but they’re still obvious because of the immaculate shading.

Sacred heart tattoos can also be done with a lot of shading and saturated black ink. The surrounding lines are supposed to represent a shimmer, but the cross on top of it is surrounded by the flames of the sacred heart.

Another floral design represents the hope that comes from pain and suffering. This tattoo shows all the most amazing designs that you could put into this tattoo and take it to your next appointment. There are flowers coming from the flames, that adds a lot of meaning into everything.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @sarahwtattoo

This is a much darker theme than the usual sacred heart tattoos. Here, there are no flames on top, but rather the smoke that’s coming out of it turns into a skull. Even the cross on the dagger is done upside down so that the overall feeling of this tattoo is very gothic.

Black and gray sacred heart tattoos
Source: @jeon______

The tattoo that you can see here doesn’t have a lot of dark shading, but it’s actually very light. However, there are so many details in it that the more you look at it, the more you can see.

An interesting design choice for sacred heart tattoos is to add a face into the middle of it. This face is quite sad and it has an animated feel to it.

Another example of a face in a sacred heart. This time, the face is much softer, and the shadows aren’t as saturated. The face is quite light, and the expression is very content.

Full-color sacred heart tattoos

Full-color sacred heart tattoos
Source: @geeetattoos

Even though black and gray tattoos are so gorgeous, it’s also possible to get your sacred heart tattoos done in full color. In this tattoo, you can see the gradient in the flames, while the heart is solid red.

Full-color sacred heart tattoos
Source: @jin_qchoi

This is a well-saturated sacred heart, and the shadows are also very prominent. The flames are huge, and the crown of thorns is a wonderful contrast to the red underneath it.

Sacred heart tattoos come in so many different designs, so it’s great that you have a lot to choose from. The veins in this one are done with the negative space, and the highlights create a gorgeous contrast.

Full-color sacred heart tattoos
Source: @eltrudix

Sacred heart tattoos also don’t have to follow any norms. You can choose the colors that suit your aesthetic the best! Just like this person used a combination of black and gold to show their appreciation for Christ’s sacrifice.

This tattoo is absolutely stunning. It looks like someone is peeking through the glass heart! The surrounding details are beautiful, and the background doesn’t have any outlines which makes it even more whimsical.

This one is quite similar to the previous sacred heart tattoo. The skull in the middle is extremely detailed, so it’s the center of attention. The rest of the tattoo doesn’t have that many details, but that’s what creates the contrast.

Sacred heart tattoos also don’t have to be small. This example is huge, and the saturation is amazing. The best thing about it is that the rest of the design is done in black and gray, while the heart itself is a gorgeous shade of red.

Full-color sacred heart tattoos
Source: @bunnie.tatz

Here we have a pastel sacred heart tattoo. If you’re someone who likes pastel colors more, then this may just be the style choice for you.

This time, the crown of thorns isn’t going through the middle of the heart, but it’s rather the background. It’s an interesting style choice that you should genuinely consider.

Traditional sacred heart tattoos

Traditional sacred heart tattoos
Source: @micahnorman

The traditional tattoo style is one that most people would choose in these circumstances. However, it’s your choice. I’d say that this design is very classy, but the details and style of it really make it pop out in comparison to the other tattoos.

This is another traditional tattoo. Sacred heart tattoos are usually done with these big chunks of color, but here we have a black and gray example of that. The heart is quite dark, and even though the lines are so bold, the actual tattoo is very bright.

The traditional tattoo style is usually recognized through these big chunks of saturated color. Here you can see what I mean by that! The amount of red here is stunning. The flowers in the middle aren’t colored in, so they are the ones who are creating a wonderful design.

Blue ink isn’t that common in traditional tattoos, which is exactly why you should consider adding it to your tattoo. It will look unique, and there’s nothing better than being the only person with a personalized tattoo.

This is a prime example of a traditional tattoo. Sacred heart tattoos come in so many different styles, but this one genuinely tells the story that it’s supposed to. The chunky lines are clean, and the colors are extremely vibrant. The entire tattoo is well done, and it’s representing a story that’s worth telling.

27 Sacred Heart Tattoos To Symbolize Your Devotion

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