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Rose With Dagger Tattoo Meaning And 20 Thrilling Ink Designs

Rose With Dagger Tattoo Meaning And 20 Thrilling Ink Designs

Sometimes, you combine unusual and contrasting elements to get the meaning you’re looking for. What’s the meaning of a rose with a dagger tattoo, though?

Well, as you can already imagine, this tattoo signifies contrasting things in life. It’s a symbol of love and danger; life and death. The rose represents beauty, love, and all nice things in life while the dagger stands for power and protection.

If you like the idea of combining opposing elements such as these ones, then you should check out the tattoo options we’ve selected for you. Maybe you find inspiration in some of them.

Vibrant and colorful tattoo ideas

Whatever you ask for, we deliver! If you’re not afraid of big, colorful tattoos then this combination of a rose and a dagger could be exactly what you’re looking for.

This is another interesting colorful idea but what makes it more special is its placement. Sternum is such a cool spot for a tattoo and we wanted to show you how this combination of a rose and a dagger could look there.

Vibrant and colorful tattoo ideas
Credit: sicktattsnerd

If you like the neo-traditional tattoo style then you may fall in love with this design. The vibrant blue shades contrast the yellow hues, giving you a perfect combination that won’t go unnoticed.

Vibrant and colorful tattoo ideas
Credit: ivanz_tattoo

Red is a classic rose color, and even though it’s a common choice among tattoo enthusiasts, it doesn’t mean that we’re getting bored of it. This is an idea of what you can achieve with the combination of red and black ink.

What we love the most about this piece is the symmetry. Somehow, it satisfies even the most hardcore perfectionists. And, we also appreciate the touch of orange color which only intensifies the red and makes it pop.

Vibrant and colorful tattoo ideas
Credit: marcusxink

Okay, this one could be our favorite colorful version of a rose and a dagger. There’s just something about this deep shade of red that steals our attention and makes this tattoo so unique and different from everything we’ve seen.

Black and gray tattoo options

Just because you don’t prefer colorful tattoos, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a chance to wear a rose and a dagger on your skin. This is our first black and gray option, suitable for all of you who don’t mind bigger tattoos.

You can also go for a realistic tattoo such as this one and still stay in the range of black and gray ink. The shading and the highlights are what makes this tattoo special and give it character.

This is another interesting idea done perfectly. We especially love the added waterdrops on the rose since they look so real.

Black and gray tattoo options
Credit: awoodtattoos

First of all, kudos to the tattoo artist since this design is brought to perfection. It’s so neat and crispy and you can clearly see all the precise work it took to get a tattoo to look like this. Now that we’ve shared our praises, we have to mention how elegant this design looks. It’s perfect for all of you who prefer more classical tattoos.

Black and gray tattoo options
Credit: tattoovasquez

The tattoos of a rose with a dagger tend to be bigger and bolder. But, if that’s not your style and if you prefer something minimalistic, then we have a solution that you’ll love. Keep things simple with a design such as this one.

What makes this tattoo different from the rest of the options on the list is the amount of roses and the added pearls. This design is proof that even slight changes can turn the traditional tattoo into something different and one of a kind.

If you want to get creative, you can always separate these two elements and place them on different arms for example. That way, you get the meaning you’re looking for only when you put your arms side by side.

This tattoo may not be the smallest one you’ve seen but it’s definitely minimal in terms of the design. It’s a great choice for all of you who prefer simple tattoos, without too many details.

Fine-line tattoo ideas

This fine-line tattoo has been improved with the added dotwork that’s used as a shading technique. That way, the whole design gets a new dimension.

However, if you prefer to keep things simple and don’t want to complicate the fine-line style, then this is a solution for you. Thin, clean lines create the shape you’re looking for and give you the wanted silhouette even though there are no additional details.

This is another fine-line tattoo with a slight shading in the middle. We know it’s not exactly what people have in mind when they think of the fine-line style but we truly believe that this tiny portion of shading doesn’t change it drastically.

Blackwork-style tattoo ideas

Blackwork-style tattoo ideas
Credit: staceytattoos

Blackwork tattoos are the way to go when you’re looking for a piece that’s simple and bold at the same time. Let us explain! You get the simplicity through the design but at the same time, your tattoo will look bold thanks to the dark ink and the contrast it creates with the negative spaces on your skin.

This is another interesting idea done in a blackwork style. The design is slightly different from what you’re used to with the traditional rose and dagger tattoos but it’s definitely an option worth considering.

Blackwork-style tattoo ideas
Credit: dr.crimeboy

Last but not least, we have one intense blackwork idea with minimal negative spaces. This way you can see how you can play with your design and make it more prominent simply by adding more dark ink and leaving less empty space on the skin.

Rose With Dagger Tattoo Meaning And 20 Thrilling Ink Designs

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