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Rose Tattoo On A Hand: Meaning And 20 Design Suggestions

Rose Tattoo On A Hand: Meaning And 20 Design Suggestions

The meaning of a rose tattoo doesn’t change if you decide to get it on your hand. It’s still a powerful symbol of love and commitment and is a common choice among couples.

1. Vibrant rose

Let’s start with something bold and colorful. If you’re looking to portray the natural beauty of a rose, then you should be ready to wear some color on your hand.

2. Elegant rose

If you’re more into classy and detailed tattoos, this design is made for you. It presents a rose in such an elegant way and subtly plays with the shading. The end results are to die for.

3. Wilting rose

Another cool idea is to get a wilting rose. The style of this tattoo is the same as the one of the previous design so it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a more feminine and delicate piece of ink.

4. Bold and dark

Black ink may seem like a great choice for outlining and creating the general feel of a tattoo. But there’s so much you can do with it besides that. Here’s an idea of how you can intensify your design by filling the majority of your hand with black ink.

5. Small black and gray rose

Black and gray tattoos are a perfect blend of simplicity and a trendy feel. They’re a great choice when you want a tattoo that has many details since this style can present them in such a nice manner.

6. Realistic rose

6. Realistic rose
Credit: babygirltat2

Your hands are some of the first things people see when they look at you. Why not impress them by getting a realistic rose tattoo right there? If that sounds like something you would be willing to do, then this is a cool idea you may like.

7. Tribute rose

7. Tribute rose
Credit: philipszlosek

We often use flowers to express our grief for a missing person. Following that logic, you can get a rose tattoo as a tribute to someone who has a special place in your heart. The design in the picture above shows how you can achieve that.

8. Soft, pastel rose

Pastel colors may not be so popular when it comes to tattoos which is exactly why we wanted to show you how amazing they can look when you find a tattoo artist who knows how to use them. You end up with a soft and subtle rose tattoo that feels elegant and classy.

9. Minimalistic rose

9. Minimalistic rose
Credit: forthesinners

Minimalistic tattoos are always a good choice when you don’t feel comfortable committing to a bigger piece. You get the best of both worlds with a design such as this one.

10. Traditional-style tattoo

If you want a combination of a traditional and a black and gray style, then this design is perfect for you. Your two preferred techniques have never looked better together.

11. Classic rose

Sometimes, you don’t want to complicate things and you want to stick with the classics. In that case, you’ll love this design because it’s evergreen. There’s nothing trendy about it; just a pretty red rose that fits perfectly on your hand.

12. Rose with branches

What we love the most about this idea is the fact that it shows what you can do when you want your tattoo to adjust to the natural curves of your hand. The added branches make the design even more intricate and eye-catching.

13. Colorful rose

What about a bold version of a traditional-style rose? If you like the combination of thick black lines with vibrant filling then this is definitely an option worth considering.

14. Stages of blooming

14. Stages of blooming
Credit: szymon_radzik

When one rose doesn’t seem enough, you opt for two of them. To switch things up, you can get one rose that’s at the very beginning of its blooming stage while the other one is fully open.

15. Tiny rose with a quote

Everything about this tattoo is perfect and we’re sure you’ll love it if you prefer tiny designs. The simple fine-line rose is stunning but what makes this tattoo even better is the added quote. Choose the one you like the most and that way, make this design more meaningful and personal.

16. Fine-line rose

This is a slightly bigger version of the previous rose. It’s there to show you how you can adjust the placement of your tattoo so it fits different parts of your hand.

17. Fully-covered hand tattoo

If you’re looking for a statement piece then this is what you need to get. This fully bloomed rose covers the majority of your hand, including your fingers. It may take a while for your tattoo artist to place the stencil perfectly but it will be worth it in the end.

18. Neo-traditional rose

18. Neo-traditional rose
Credit: katelynnrhea

Flowers are generally a common motif in neo-traditional tattoos. Somehow, they always end up looking perfect. If this technique is your cup of tea, then you may love this design. What we like the most about it is the color palette that works so well together.

19. Fierce rose

Would you consider getting a rose tattoo that looks so real that some may confuse it for an actual flower? If the answer is yes then this design could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a statement piece that shows your romantic side perfectly.

20. Two roses

Finally, we have two small roses that could be a great choice if you’d like to keep things simple. Even though they’re not huge, they still offer enough details that make them pretty and noticeable.

Rose Tattoo On A Hand: Meaning And 20 Design Suggestions

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