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24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024

Are you ready to explore some stunning red and purple hair ideas? You’re in the right place! We’re excited to present 24 magical red purple hair ideas for 2024, offering you a variety of options to find your perfect look. Dive in and discover your next vibrant transformation!

Without further ado, let’s explore these gorgeous hair ideas, featuring a range from light to dark shades and even separate dyes.

1. Merlot grape color

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024
Caption: beautyby__lexi

This style is perfect if you have wavy hair that falls just below your shoulders. The merlot color will give you a fresh glow, enhancing your beauty significantly.

So, if you enjoy darker colors, this look is worth trying out.

2. Soft red bayalage

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024
Caption: locks_by_lex_

If you appreciate soft yet striking shades, this red purple hue will leave you breathless. The natural brown hair at the top blends seamlessly with this berry-wine shade, creating an aura that captivates with fascination and wonder.

3. Dark red bayalage

If you’re considering red purple hair but don’t want to completely abandon your natural color, you’ve got to try this one! Opt for highlights that flawlessly blend with your original shade while still managing to steal the spotlight.

4. For curly short hair

That’s the beauty of red purple hair—it complements every hair type. If you have short, curly hair, choosing this dark shade of red purple will give you a new, special luminosity.

5. For medium-length straight hair

If you’re someone who loves lively colors, this shade should do the trick. It looks especially amazing during the summertime, though with the right clothes, you can rock it and look amazing in any season.

6. For long straight hair

6. For long straight hair
Caption: katerinadogana

This red purple hair puts the spotlight on the purple. The red quietly plays its part, creating a stunning look that you can’t pass by on the streets.

7. Deep red

Take the allure of your long, wavy hair to a whole new level with this lovely look. It features a bold blend of red and black, with the red taking center stage.

It’s a complementary color combination with an enchanting effect that takes the breath away.

8. Hint of the natural

If you have natural black hair, opting for a dark shade of red-purple hair can be a great choice, as these color combinations complement each other beautifully.

Add beautiful, lively waves to the mix, and you’re all set to steal hearts.

9. Half red, half purple

If you’re not a fan of highlights, get creative by dyeing the top of your head a vibrant red and the lower parts of your hair a vibrant purple.

This way, you show off the beauty of individual colors, creating a colorful spectacle even without blending them together.

10. Black cherry

Black cherry
Credit: beautifinder

If you’re a goth enthusiast, this is the perfect option for you. The burgundy color will complement your dark clothing beautifully, allowing you to embody the enchanting figure that everyone secretly crushes on.

11. A flawless color mix

Here’s another method for dyeing your red-purple hair. Focus on the individual colors and dye them from top to bottom, side by side.

It’s a playful yet dazzling look that you’ll certainly become obsessed with.

12. Fairy-like

12. Fairy like
Credit: withlovesalon

If you’re in the mood to channel your inner fairy, we have good news for you! This red-purple hair will transform you and transport you to a realm of sweetness and gentleness.

Create big waves in your hair for an extra gorgeous look, and you’re all set!

13. Anime vibes

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024
Credit: haircode_iris

Do you want to feel like a badass anime warrior? If so, this is your chance. Dye the top of your head red and purple, then use shades of blue for the rest of your hair.

Blue will be the dominant color, with red and purple adding accents to achieve the miraculous beauty you see in the photo.

14. Vibrant and pretty

Try this look if you want to appear classy and casual at the same time. Opt for slightly wavy shoulder-length hair and a shade of red-purple that strikes a balance between soft and strong.

Trust me, you will look amazing and become the showstopper at both formal and informal events.

15. A sirene look

Who wouldn’t want to resemble the gorgeous Ariel? You can opt for the vibrant red color that’ll dominate your hair, slight purple highlights, and a darker shade of blue for a final touch.

Curl your hair slightly to achieve a true princess look, and there you go! All you’re missing is a crown, but you can do without it.

16. Dark red purple hair

This hair color is ideal if you want to achieve a truly hardcore look. The blend of red and purple creates a perfect dark shade that will complement any outfit you set your eyes on.

Your outfits will look hotter than ever before, and your alluring beauty will attract attention, boosting your confidence.

17. Blonde highlights

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024
Credit: bolume_hair

If you can’t decide among all the pretty colors, highlights can always save the day.

Choose a merlot color with bold blonde highlights that stand out against the vibrant and dominant red-purple hair.

18. Maroon red

Maroon red
Credit: juliancolours

Adorn your beautiful straight, shoulder-length hair with a maroon red hue that radiates an otherworldly aura, and complements your style perfectly regardless of the occasion.

You’ll exude an intimidating beauty and charm that makes everyone stand in awe.

19. Just a touch of red purple

If you like the idea of red-purple hair but prefer a more subtle look, try this: dye the ends of your hair with a soft shade and leave the rest in your natural color.

This combination of colors works especially well with brown hair. The complementary shades create a dazzling aura that always gives you a classy appearance.

20. Silky red purple hair

If you love red-purple hair with purple as the dominant shade, you’ll adore this look. It’ll make you look smoking hot and boost your self-confidence through the roof.

21. Red and purple parallels

Here’s another example of red and purple on different sides of the hair, running parallel to each other. For a special effect, create gorgeous, voluminous locks that will make you feel like a true princess.

No matter what you end up wearing, your hair will make it look extra pretty.

22. A vampire queen

22. A vampire queen
Credit: draegonqueen

We all secretly want to be vampire queens, and here’s how to achieve it. Opt for dark red purple hair, style it into a bun, and add little braids on the front for a special touch.

To enhance your gothic look even further, choose a vintage black outfit and accessorize with elegant jewelry reminiscent of older times, such as bold gemstones. Ta-da! Welcome, your Majesty!

23. For straight bob hair

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024
Credit: alexaagxo

A straight bob also looks gorgeous with red purple hair. You can rock both classy and casual clothes equally because no outfit can overshadow your dazzling beauty.

24. Vivid colors

Opt for this vivid shade of red purple hair and watch your confidence grow as you make heads turn on the streets! It’s a very classy color with a touch of cuteness that goes well with anything.

What matters most is your confidence in what you choose. When you rock your style confidently and embrace it without worrying about others’ opinions, that’s truly noticeable. Trust your instincts and let your unique beauty shine!

I hope we’ve helped you find the perfect style for you here. And if you have, I’m here to tell you that you’ve made the perfect choice—because you chose it. Now, go out there and rock it with confidence!

24 Magical Red Purple Hair Ideas For 2024

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