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22 Peacock Tattoo Designs That Will Mesmerize You

22 Peacock Tattoo Designs That Will Mesmerize You

Peacocks are magnificent creatures. It’s no wonder you’re searching for peacock tattoo ideas, hoping to find one that matches your desires. Not only will your tattoo look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also hold a beautiful hidden meaning.

Since peacocks replace their feathers each year, they are seen as symbols of rebirth. If you, too, want to be inspired toward the path of continuous growth, let’s show you the best peacock tattoos out there!

1. A peacock among red flowers

As if a peacock isn’t breathtaking by itself, here we have red flowers that intensify the beauty of this design. The red symbolizes passion and intensity, so alongside a peacock tattoo, the meaning expands. Namely, it represents a constant effort toward renewal.

It’s a tattoo that will remind you never to stop working on yourself.

2. Watercolor peacock tattoo

Watercolor tattoos always add a fairytale-like impression that lures you and makes you want to observe it for ages. This peacock tattoo is no exception because the soft colors of green, blue, yellow, and purple create a flawless mix.

Plus, the thigh placement lets you decide whether you want it to be visible. If you’re not in the mood, you can easily cover it, but if you wish to show it off, people will certainly have something wonderful to see.

3. A delicate peacock feather

3. A delicate peacock feather
Credit: carina_anne_

This tattoo consists of delicate, yet intricate black lines and an orange shape representing a peacock’s feather. It’s a very soft-looking design, and it isn’t apparent at first that it’s a feather.

Nevertheless, it looks elegant and is a perfect substitute if a full peacock tattoo is too much for your taste.

4. Lifelike peacock tattoo

4. Lifelike peacock tattoo
Credit: arttdome

This is perfect if you love tattoos that appear realistic. The design is very elaborate and all its elements are in perfect unison creating a wonderful image. The colors are vibrant and add to the overall beauty of the tattoo.

There’s no doubt about one thing – If you opt for this, it’ll feel like having a beautiful painting on your body.

5. A tiny partial sleeve peacock

If you like the idea of a peacock tattoo, but don’t want it to be obvious, try this out. It’s a small design resting on your shoulder, and may or may not be visible, depending on your preferences for the day.

Despite its size, it’s still too intricate not to make an impression.

6. An intricate partial sleeve peacock

If you’re considering a decorative partial sleeve, what’s more fitting than a peacock? The feathers are depicted in black and grey, with only the tips showing color. This symbolizes the shedding of old feathers and the arrival of a new season, both literally and metaphorically.

The rest of the body is done in color, too, representing the hope that a new self is about to emerge.

7. Complex designs

7. Complex designs
Credit: leannefate

Are you feeling quite bold? If so, this idea might be perfect – a peacock tattoo covering your whole leg! Now, this is a design made to fascinate.

The pink flowers surrounding the peacock depict joy and healing, so this will boost your motivation to carry on kicking ass no matter what difficulties come your way.

8. Golden peacock tattoo

A golden peacock tattoo comes with additional meaning. It represents hope, or more accurately, a firm belief in a bright future.

So, trust your intuition and inner wisdom, and use it to elevate yourself to the next level of being. Let this tattoo be your first step.

9. A mini peacock

This is for the lovers of minimalistic tattoos – a small peacock on the forearm drawn in bold colors. Despite being tiny, its bold design makes it very noticeable, so rest assured you will draw attention.

10. Bold colors

This peacock tattoo extends from the knee to the shin, a placement that makes it extremely visible. On top of all, the vibrant colors of the neo-traditional style add to the dramatic effect and make your jaw drop.

So, if you fancy such bold displays, this is an amazing idea.

11. Black and grey

11. Black and grey
Credit: jessrosejones

The peacock is best known for its colorful plumage. Remove that and what remains? A stunning tattoo, that’s what!

The black and grey style may not sound ideal for a peacock tattoo, but the meaning doesn’t change. It still represents a new hope (No, not Luke Skywalker!) that is only intensified this way. A lack of colors symbolizes our struggles in life, but the peacock itself reminds us that they won’t last.

12. Black and red

Black and red create a striking color combination. The red shape emphasizes the peacock more than its natural colors. It’s a design that prompts contemplation.

13. Thigh peacock tattoo

This colorful peacock tattoo covers your whole leg, extending from the thigh to the shin. So if you like it extreme, I say, go for it!

14. A half back peacock tattoo

Here is another example of a peacock tattoo that looks like an actual painting, and it covers half of your back! It even extends to the front parts of your body. So, if you fancy the idea of basically becoming one with a peacock, you can give this a shot.

15. A colorful back tattoo

15. A colorful back tattoo
Credit: vannegsi

This peacock tattoo covers the upper part of your back. It’s done in black and grey with some coloring, and the peacock is made to look straight at the observer, provoking contemplation as well as admiration.

16. A black and grey back tattoo

16. A black and grey back tattoo
Credit: elapour

This gorgeous combo of peacock and flower tattoos is done in black and grey, leaving no slighter impression than a mix of colors. Not only does it cover the WHOLE back, but it also expands to your buttocks.

If you love the idea of looking like a part of nature, this won’t leave you disappointed.

17. A forearm peacock tattoo

Leave room on your forearm for this wonderful black and grey peacock tattoo. The lines and shapes are intricately drawn and the complexity of the design adds to the overall impression.

18. A cartoon peacock

This might be great if you’re a fan of more creative designs. It’s a peacock tattoo made in the bright colors of the cartoon style. The peacock stands beautifully and proudly with a glow symbolizing yet another spring.

19. A peacock with skulls

At first, this may seem like an unusual combination – a symbol of growth and death. However, this simple touch of darkness enhances the original meaning. The skulls may be a part of the peacock, but they will soon disappear and new feathers will be created.

This tattoo will serve as a reminder that even in the most hopeless situations, light will find its way into your life again.

20. A peacock with hearts

This is a fine line tattoo design. It isn’t too visible but leaves an impression once your eye catches it. On top of the original meaning of growth and healing, the little hearts represent additional symbols of love toward yourself.

21. Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms amaze us with their beauty only for their leaves to start falling after two weeks. They serve as a reminder that life is too short, so we should appreciate it while we can.

So, while the peacock inspires us to grow, the cherry blossom tattoo gives us a reality check. It makes us remember that we aren’t made for self-improvement, but for living our lives to the fullest.

22. Peacock with symbols

22. Peacock with symbols
Credit: yunusonergenc

This geometric-style tattoo depicts a variety of symbols with additional meanings. For instance, the scales represent justice. The weighing of good and bad deeds brings a final verdict for your destiny.

You can choose similar symbols that have significance for YOU and make your peacock tattoo all the more meaningful.

In reality, all techniques and placements have a hidden meaning. You just have to find the one that resonates with you and etch it onto your body. I certainly hope we’ve helped you with that. I wish you the best of luck on your next visit to the tattoo shop!

22 Peacock Tattoo Designs That Will Mesmerize You

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