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24 Magical Owl Tattoo Designs To Bring Back Hope

24 Magical Owl Tattoo Designs To Bring Back Hope

Are you looking to get an owl tattoo?

You probably remember all those cartoons we’ve watched when we were kids, and somehow the protagonist always had a smart owl to guide its way. Owls were always represented as a light in the night when those main characters were completely lost.

They talked in riddles, they made them think for themselves, and they had visions about the future.

An owl tattoo has a similar meaning. It reminds you of the vision you’re chasing, and it brings you back hope in the darkest days.

So, before you get your owl tattoo, you may want to consider your options and understand what tattoo design you actually want to do. That’s why we have some inspiring designs, to help you create your next tattoo.

Black and gray owl tattoo

Black and gray owl tattoo
Source: @ati.ful

As black and gray is one of the most common tattoo styles, you may want to consider it for your next ink. This tiny owl doesn’t have too many details, it exists to guide, not to impress.

Black and gray owl tattoo
Source: @lux.tattoos

Considering that an owl can turn its head around, there are no rules when it comes to the shape. This composition is gorgeous. There are mountains and trees within the body of the owl, and its wings look like they’re protecting the forest.

Black and gray owl tattoo

This is quite a realistic design of an owl. When you look closer, you can see all the different textures that are incorporated into it, and they’re created with simple shadows, and very dark patches of ink. However, the main star of the show is the eyes. That little pop of color really creates an eerie effect.

Black and gray owl tattoo
Source: @ezer.artwork

Is there anything more majestic than an owl in motion? They look like true creatures of the night that come straight out of fairy tale books. The composition of this tattoo follows the shape of the body part perfectly. The wings are extremely detailed, and the face looks haunting.

Here we have another black and gray tattoo of an owl that has a little splash of color. The flowers are a wonderful touch, and the negative space where the skin is peeking through is gorgeous. There’s a lot of texture where you can see the feathers of the bird.

Black and gray owl tattoo
Source: @zaratattoos

This is an ethereal tattoo design. The owl has some shadings to give it more dimension, but you can definitely guess that we’re talking about a white owl. The wing has a lot of blackouts, and the stars tell a story of their own.

When you want to combine more images into one tattoo, then this tattoo style is perfect. Your owl tattoo can be combined with something tribal, as you can see in his example. The entire tattoo has a lot of dimension because of the immaculate shadows.

Traditional owl tattoo

Traditional tattoos are also extremely popular. They’re easily recognized because of the usage of thick outlines, and bold colors. Your owl tattoo can have its own personality if you choose this tattoo design.

This traditional owl tattoo is quite unique because of the shape of the head, and the entire shape of this gorgeous bird. There’s even a branch that it’s standing on. The little splashes of red color in the background give this tattoo even more dimension.

Traditional owl tattoo
Source: @lindseyoneda

What’s more majestic than when an owl spreads its wings? You can do this big traditional piece on your chest, to have even more space for the details.

Traditional owl tattoo
Source: @caitkeiffer

A traditional tattoo can also be quite dark, as you can see in this example. The colors that are used here are very well-saturated, and the shape of the owl flows down the forearm.

You can also add whatever details you want to your traditional owl tattoo. You can choose a basic design and add whatever your heart desires. In this example, there are even flowers added, and the little red dots on the tail are a great little easter-egg.

Floral and owl tattoos

If you want to make your owl tattoo a little more feminine, then you may want to consider adding some gorgeous flowers into the mix. Of course, the owl is the centerpiece, but the flowers that are above and below, add a lot of value to the entire design. The outlines aren’t harsh, and there are no black shadows that would throw off the balance of this piece.

Floral and owl tattoos
Source: @_vividdreams

When you’re considering adding flowers, you can also do them in a realistic manner that will compliment the realistic owl that you want to put on your body. The owl is done in black and gray, but the flowers have no outlines, they’re completely done with colors, and they really sit well together.

This is a very dark owl tattoo. However, it’s important to know that you’re not just bound to the basic flowers, you can also do some wild flowers around your little familiar.

This tiny owl is a wonderful example of how many options you really have with this tattoo. There’s a lot of texture in this tattoo, but the black outlines are down to a minimum. The face looks mesmerizing, as if its looking right into your soul.

Color owl tattoo

Color owl tattoo
Source: @pewpewraygun

No one says that you can’t add whatever colors you’d like to your tattoo. This, for example, is a watercolor design. This owl is standing on some flowers that compliment the rest of the colors.

If you want something more vibrant, then these colors will make your soul smile. This looks like there’s a light shining on the tattoo during the night. Again, we have an absence of dark outlines, however, the texture of this tattoo is immaculate.

When you’re adding colors to your tattoo, you have endless possibilities as to what you can put into your design. The moon and the stars add to the mystic feel of the owl tattoo, and the surrounding leaves create a gorgeous contrasting color.

Unique owl tattoo

Well, no one says that you have to follow any norms when it comes to your owl tattoo. I mean, look at this little creature. It’s adorable, yet unsettling. The wings still show a lot of texture, but there’s a lot of black ink, so it won’t fade over time.

This owl tattoo is unique because of the unsettling feeling that it exudes. There’s a lot of texture, but the ends of the tattoo look like it’s a ghost that rising. The non-existent eyes really create a creepy vibe.

Unique owl tattoo
Source: @yongha_blk

If you want your owl to look like something from a fantasy book, then you may want to look at different designs that are contrary to the natural look of this bird. This one has four eyes, but the rest looks like a more dangerous version of an owl.

When you combine the meaning of an owl tattoo with the meaning of a mandala tattoo, then you have the full spiritual awakening waiting for you. A mandala represents balance and harmony. In this tattoo, the eyes have a pop of color, but the rest is done in black and gray. There are so many details in this tattoo, so the more you look, the more you’re able to see.

This is another unusual owl tattoo. It’s unique because of the simplicity of the design, but there’s still an eerie feeling because of the lack of eyes. The red moon behind the owl is perfectly saturated, and it creates an amazing contrast.

24 Magical Owl Tattoo Designs To Bring Back Hope

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