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23 High-Quality Money Tattoo Ideas For Prosperity

23 High-Quality Money Tattoo Ideas For Prosperity

Are you looking to get a money tattoo?

Well, people have written so many songs about money, and they range from songs that praise the power of money to songs about how money is the biggest evil in the world. Either way, we can’t deny the immense power money holds.

Either way, a money tattoo is actually a way to manifest more abundance and prosperity into your life. It can be a form of rebellion against capitalism. However, it could simply be that you want to show off your wealth.

I believe that you’ll be able to find something to inspire the design for your next ink within this article. You’ll be able to get the most out of the tattoo that you’re looking for!

Money bundle tattoo ideas

Maybe, one of the most common money tattoos is the tattoo of the bundle of money that’s wrapped with an elastic. This is quite a simple tattoo design, you can see that the $100 bills are being set on fire, so maybe this could be your act of rebellion.

Money bundle tattoo ideas
Source: @vamos_tat

Sometimes, you don’t need too many details to make the tattoo look crisp and clean. For example, this tattoo has some clean lines and some black shadows that are perfectly saturated. There’s no need for other details in this design because this is more than enough.

Money bundle tattoo ideas
Source: @grease_one

This is another bundle of money, however, this one has a lot more detail. The details within the money are much more prominent than the actual outlines of the tattoo.

When you want a money tattoo, it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. So, how about a bundle of money that’s being guarded by a huge black spider, that has a skull on its body? That sounds actually sick.

Bag of money tattoo ideas

Maybe you don’t want a bundle of money, but rather you’d have something more classy, like a bag of money. Usually, this means that the bag is filled with gold, and we all know that over time – gold is worth much more.

This tattoo is quite simple, it has some nice outlines, and the shadows in the middle are also quite well done. The Dollar sign in the middle is fully black, which gives it a stark contrast to the rest of the tattoo.

Bag of money tattoo ideas
Source: @syska_tattoo

Or how about something a little more animated? I mean, an animated fire above a bag of money sounds like a dope tattoo that you should genuinely consider tattooing on your skin.

Bag of money tattoo ideas
Source: @sogang_tatto

This is a much more minimalistic tattoo design. There are no shades, no highlights, all that you can see is a bag of money, with a couple of dollars floating around it. It’s simple, yet it gets the message across.

Scrooge McDuck tattoo ideas

We all know about this duck. We’ve all watched him bathe in his gold when we were kids. I would guess that he’s an equivalent of wealth, wouldn’t you agree? Well, he would also make a wonderful addition to your money tattoo.

Scrooge McDuck tattoo ideas
Source: @guizo187

This tattoo has a much deeper meaning than you may think at first. I mean, you can already see some of the symbolism, but what it’s actually trying to represent is money laundering. So, if this is something that speaks to you, then you may want to take a closer look and take this design down to your tattoo parlor.

Scrooge McDuck is definitely doing some shady things to get to his amount of wealth, but this tattoo also shows what he’s ready to do in order to protect it. This tattoo has some immaculate shading that brings out some very tiny details. However, the negative space of the skin is also able to create a more realistic effect.

Monopoly man tattoo ideas

The man on the box of Monopoly could definitely be added to a money tattoo and people would understand what you were trying to say with that design. This tattoo has a lot of shading, however, the most outlines were done on the little man himself.

This is quite a funny sketch of the Monopoly man, and he’s definitely out of his element. However, this tattoo is large, and for this amount of space, it’s done perfectly. There’s a lot of solid black, but the shading is absolutely immaculate.

In comparison to the previous one, this design is much simpler. There’s no solid black except for the outlines, but the rest is done with some shades of gray that create the shading.

Half-sleeve money tattoo

Half-sleeve money tattoo
Source: @robo_bas

If you’re ready for a big commitment with your money tattoo, then you may want to consider a half-sleeve. Or even a full sleeve if you’re brave enough. This design has a lot going on, but the main piece is the big diamond in the middle. The money is scattered throughout the rest of the tattoo.

Half-sleeve money tattoo
Source: @by.slick

Again, there’s a lot going on in this tattoo. There’s a little guy counting all the money, while there’s so much money scattered all over the floor, together with bags of money, and so on. In my opinion, the best thing about this tattoo is how there’s shading that represents the floor of the room, that gives way to the bags of money which are the main focus of the tattoo.

This tattoo design could represent your road to manifesting prosperity and abundance in your life. There’s an adorable angel incorporated into the design that’s actually praying for the money to come. The artist made sure to make the angel look like a statue, while the rest looks finely outlined, and perfectly shaded.

This tattoo has so many intricate details that, the more you look at it, the more details you’re able to see. There are so many little shadows and lights throughout the feathers, and the money is nothing more than an addition to an already perfect tattoo.

Unique money tattoo designs

Unique money tattoo designs
Source: @jjjaylud

If you want a money tattoo, but you’re not really sure about those basic designs, then you may want to consider something more unique. For example, could I interest you in an origami butterfly that was done with a $5 bill? There are no harsh shades in this tattoo, it’s just filled with amazing details, and very dainty linework.

Unique money tattoo designs
Source: @pt3tattoo

There are so many options for your money tattoo. This rose that’s done with $1000 bills genuinely looks like a piece of art. There’s a lot of shading going on that gives the rose a lot of dimension. And this is also quite an amazing placement for this tattoo.

Naughty tattoos could be the thing that you’re looking for. This tattoo doesn’t have any shading, but it’s mostly done with thick outlines, and big parts were just colored in with black ink.

Unique money tattoo designs
Source: @jiro_painter

This is a tattoo design that will leave everyone’s jaw on the floor. There is so much shading going on within the shake, that the light by the end of the tail actually comes into focus. The head looks vicious, and there’s even droplets of gold coming down the head.

The swords that are going through the snake, actually look like they’re melting. There’s so much realism incorporated into this masterpiece, that it became breathtaking.

Sometimes, the simplest tattoo will bring you the most joy in life. Just like this one right here. Who said that money has to be a serious topic? You could do this dandelion tattoo design with the money all around it. There’s no shading done, the only thing that you can see are thick outlines of a very happy tattoo.

Well, Ted certainly seems like the type of character that loves his bag of money. He even looks angry and scary – so don’t mess with the teddy bear! The tattoo itself is mostly done with dotted shadows, which gives the entire design a lot of texture.

Is this the perfect tattoo for you? I believe that it is.

23 High-Quality Money Tattoo Ideas For Prosperity

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