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How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships?

How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships?

There are no fixed rules which you can follow that’ll make your relationship a success or a failure.

Falling head over heels at the same time as each other is something we all dream of achieving.

However, there are men who move too fast in relationships. 

This is the kind of guy who feels the adrenaline pumping through his veins and feels the chemical rush we all experience when we love someone.

This type of man is mostly addicted to this type of feeling and once it starts to wear off, they may quickly move on to somebody else. 

Most of us may think that a relationship is just like building a house, where you just put the pieces together as fast as possible and then you have a finished item.

Well, if you think this way, you would be wrong. A healthy relationship, especially a new one, takes time and effort.

You have to create a healthy environment for it to properly bloom into genuine love. 

I get it that your hormones start firing when you are in love with your partner.

But being way over your head can make things crash and disappear like they never happened.

Just as the beginning was fast and sweet, so will the ending be quick and harsh. 

This especially applies to a man who enjoys the thrill of the chase, and loves when he has to work to get the attention of the woman he likes.

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

However, it is a red flag if he moves too fast in a relationship. Women like to take their time and get to know a guy before taking the next serious step. 

Men, on the other hand, are known to be impatient.

They love the chase, but at the same time, they don’t want to chase that particular girl for a long period of time. 

Some men even imagine their life and future together after the first date.

As I said before, often when men fall in love, they fall hard and they become those hopeless romantics.

I’m not saying it is a bad thing, but timing is very important in a relationship. Love at first sight can be really tricky. 

So, why do men move too fast into relationships if they know it is a huge red flag for women?

Well, the reason could be one of numerous. Like most addictions, maybe they have some sort of insecurity that they are trying to hide.

Maybe they are drowning in self-criticism or negative thoughts, which they try to mask by moving too fast.

They are constantly trying to find the next fix because they cannot deal with heartbreak.

They are always looking for a hookup. A man may rather do this than face an insecurity he might have. 

Sometimes, men who move too fast in relationships are codependent. When a man is codependent, it means he will try to find things to fix.

The feeling he gets when pleasing and helping others will reflect his worth. He loves showering his partner with love, but eventually, things will go too fast. 

On the other hand, men who move too fast in relationships might be counter-dependent. 

Those types of guys fear being trapped in a relationship.

They fear real intimacy, and when they finally open up to someone, they realize they’re actually very manipulative and possessive.

Maybe he doesn’t even know who he really is, and that is why he rushes into a relationship. 

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

It is easy to lose yourself when you find someone you like. You want to please them and make all their dreams come true.

However, in doing so, most guys lose themselves because they mold themselves to match the other person’s ideas and interests.

However, those types of guys will never have a long-term relationship.

It is also possible that men who move too fast in relationships don’t know what a healthy relationship actually is. 

Because of some trauma they experienced, they learned to rush things and don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like.

They do that because they have never seen a good example of how to engage in a relationship in a healthy way. 

Another reason for guys who move too fast in relationships might be that they are love addicts. They have not learned to live by themselves.

The only time they feel alive is when they are in a relationship.

Or it could be that they just kicked some sort of addiction like alcohol and try to replace it with a person.

The only thing that gives them the thrill and the rush is when they are in a relationship. 

Like everything in life, romantic relationships should be taken slowly. Too much and your love life can become rotten.

It’s way too much for him to call you all the time after recently starting a relationship.

You might ask yourself, “If he does this now, what should I expect in a month or two?”

I know that you are enjoying the attention right now, and are head over heels with this guy because you are his focus, but remember that someday, somehow, he might self-destruct.

You need to watch out for the following signs, which might help you realize he is moving things too fast in your relationship: 

If he says, “These feelings are new to me”​​​​ 

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

Sometimes men who move too fast in relationships tend to overlook the fact that a healthy partnership takes time.

Maybe you will be amazed at first when he says that he hasn’t felt like that before in his life, but be careful. Those words have a much deeper meaning. 

Those types of men are only happy when everything is great in the relationship.

And just like everything in life, every relationship has its ups and downs. Infatuation is never good and will inevitably lead to a breakup. 

A man who rushes things with you doesn’t know how to deal with the bad times, because he only focuses on the good ones.

Eventually, when things are not going great between you two, he might resort to cheating, lying, or manipulation. 

Men who move too fast in relationships are not ready to recognize the time and the effort it takes to have a healthy and successful one.

A man who agrees on everything moves too fast 

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

You like your partner for various reasons, like because he is sweet, kind, and attractive.

However, if a guy constantly agrees on everything you might propose or say, it is creepy.

He might be doing this because he doesn’t want to ruin the good things in your relationship.

He is afraid that you might get the wrong impression about him, so instead of disagreeing and letting you know his opinion, he would rather just agree with you. 

I know it might seem to you that agreeing on everything is ideal because you won’t have to fight with him when you want to watch your choice of movie, but remember, a guy who agrees on everything only avoids rocking the boat because he wants to live in an ideal world where everything is perfect. 

For him, saying his opinion means that the world he created will be shattered and he won’t get the same rush as he had when everything was perfect between you two.

You, his significant other, are the only thing that he holds valuable. 

His social media posts are all about you

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

You have been in a relationship for a couple of months and all the posts on his social media are about you or your relationship.

Don’t tell me you think it is great that every Instagram picture is a mirror selfie of you two or hashtags #strongcouple?

Men who move too fast in relationships will only have their other half on their social media because you are their master prize.

They want to put you on a pedestal and show everybody how great of a person you are. That seems great, right? Wrong. 

Be aware that his feelings of happiness are closely tied to you. It might seem harmless, but it is not.

Everyone should have a life beyond their relationship.

There is no need for constant gratification from the Internet, just because you have found the right one.

A guy who moves too fast will tell the entire world you are his sole reason for existing.

It’s not right to give so much attention to one person because you will feel suffocated in such a relationship.

Especially if you two have only been together for a couple of months. 

He avoids talking about the serious stuff

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

The timing and pace play a crucial role in whether or not the relationship will be successful.

If you are comfortable with the pace then you should be comfortable talking about some serious stuff, like the big issues that might pop up in a relationship, right? 

Well, a guy who moves too fast will try to bury those problems, especially the big ones.

They only care about loving you and seeing you be happy, so the issues are swept under the rug and that’s that. 

Words such as, “We need to talk,” will strike fear and terror in him, so he will try to avoid them as much as possible. 

To have a healthy and long-term relationship, certain matters need to be addressed and problems need to be faced no matter what.  

He recently got out of a relationship

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

It depends on the person how much time they need to heal after they have experienced a heartbreak.

When you first meet someone you like, it could be hard to know whether they have issues dragged along from their previous relationship.

Instead of taking things slow and steady, the guy who you like is itching to define your relationship.

It might be because he recently broke up with someone and doesn’t want to feel lonely or alone. 

In a way, you are his rebound relationship. A guy who moves too fast will have the need to feel the security and support that he felt in his previous one. 

His emotions might vary from minute to minute, and you won’t know what to think.

A definite sign he is not over that relationship is when he’s talking about the two of you and is showing how much he cares for you, and then suddenly, he is angry and talking about being hurt in the past.

He doesn’t respect your boundaries

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

At first, you might think your relationship is really romantic, but do you really think him being all up in your business and vice versa is healthy?

Well, let me tell you something. A healthy relationship is all about feeling respected and comfortable with each other. 

Every relationship needs to have some boundaries. Maybe your friends have told you he is a little bit too much and you don’t even realize it.

You know your man is moving too fast in your relationship when you see yourself as single.

It weighs on you when he wants to know every single thing and you may feel disrespected by him. 

You might mistake it as being perfectly compatible but you should be aware that a lack of boundaries could lead to more serious problems like having a toxic relationship.

 He drops the ‘L-word’ way too soon

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

A sure-fire sign that a man is moving too fast in a relationship is when after a couple of weeks of dating, he tells you he loves you.

That is the right time for you to run. 

The timing of proclaiming your love to someone depends on the couple.

However, it is very unlikely that you truly love someone after your second date, am I right?

You cannot love someone after only knowing them for such a short time. 

It is completely up to you whether or not you stay with the guy.

Maybe he is new to the dating scene, so he doesn’t know how to proceed with a girl he likes.

It is up to you to decide, but be careful as he will rush things when you become official and in a relationship.  

He makes you feel guilty

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

If a guy has insecurities and moves too fast, he will bombard you with text messages every time you want to take some time alone, like spending the afternoon apart. 

He cannot stand the fact that you are doing something without him and he will become annoyed or crabby. 

What is even worse, he will text you and say things like, “How can you enjoy being apart from me?” or, “Do you miss me now?” and suchlike.  

By sending you messages like these, he wants to make you feel guilty because you are apart from him.

It is his attempt to make you think about spending more time with him. 

You have to sit him down and tell him you have a life outside of him and what you have together.

It is not healthy or good if your relationship consumes your entire life because it will have a bad ending.

Life doesn’t stop when you start a relationship, that’s for sure.

He is being possessive and manipulative

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

Men who move too fast in relationships make sure that everyone knows their girl is theirs.

Maybe he wraps his arm around your shoulders wherever you go, or gives you a quick kiss in front of others, or perhaps he checks up on you throughout the day.

It’s all right to think that if a guy wants you to feel nice, he will be a little bit possessive, but if you feel like he is marking his territory wherever you two go, that is a huge red flag. 

Sending cute texts is great, especially in a new relationship, as it keeps the spark alive.

However, if you are constantly bombarded with messages from your guy asking where you are or what you are doing, this can be a sign that he is moving too fast. 

It is actually a sign that he is controlling and has trust issues, which you might have not seen when you were first dating.

He doesn’t send you text messages because he cares, but because he is concerned for himself and wants to keep tabs on you. 

He wants to meet your parents

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

Meeting the parents for the first time is a pretty big deal for every relationship.

It should not be taken lightly because it puts a lot of pressure on both of you to make a great impression on the ones you love. 

A guy who moves too fast might ask if he can meet your parents after just a couple of weeks of dating.

He wants to come over and introduce himself to the most important people in your life! 

You are already nervous because you like the guy and you have butterflies in your stomach and now this?

You should just calm down and make sure he is aware he’s moving too fast and that meeting your parents will happen at a later time. 

After recognizing that your partner is moving too fast in your relationship, now you may ask yourself what you can do about it.

Should you walk away from him (or run), or should you confront him about the problems and hope he will understand and work on them? 

The first thing you should do is evaluate the situation and know when to pump the brakes on the relationship.

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships
How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships? 17

You may feel guilty or pressured by your partner to speed things up between the two of you just because he feels that way, but know that a relationship is not a race but a journey.

Take your time, and slow things down, even if it means taking some time apart from each other. 

You need to be aware of what part of your relationship is moving too fast.

Maybe it has something to do with the physical part or maybe you don’t like to show affection in public.

You might be shy or maybe you don’t enjoy spending as much time with your partner compared to how much time you spend with your friends. 

The right thing to do is let your partner know you don’t feel comfortable at the pace at which the relationship is going, and that both of you need to work on it. 

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

The things that start fast end fast. You need to take your time to get to know each other and the things you each like or dislike.

Take your time to evaluate and reflect on your relationship.

The important thing to remember is you cannot slow down a relationship if the other person is not aware that things are moving a bit too fast. 

In a healthy partnership, there is no pressure to do anything you don’t enjoy doing.

Maybe you and your partner are not on the same page, and if so, then you should sit down and talk about your problems and the feelings you have.

It is never good to keep those negative emotions to yourself. 

You should not be a girl who spends all your time with your partner and before you know it, you look around and your friends are gone.

DONE! How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

It is natural for a couple to create a bubble for themselves, in which they only exist during the first couple of months.

However, when the real world interferes, a healthy relationship will allow for it and you won’t necessarily experience heartbreak. 

However, if your partner does not understand the magnitude of your problem, then moving away from him and cutting the cord that he held on to for this long might be the best possible solution. 

A man who is truly interested in you knows that a healthy relationship requires having respect for each other’s boundaries, time, and space.

He will know how to deal with himself when you are not around.

Also, he will admire you more if you show respect and loyalty toward your family and friends so he will understand that he needs to as well. 

Be your true self and be more authentic and relaxed. Focus on the present time and not the future.

It’s important to have a plan on what to do for the weekend and not what to do next year. 

Keep yourself busy and try to find some space away from your relationship and focus on yourself.

Maybe take up a new hobby and encourage your partner to do the same thing.

How To Deal With Men Who Move Too Fast In Relationships

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