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Men Confess: 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

Men Confess: 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

For different reasons, many younger men have realized that they tend to be more attracted to older women than ones their own age. Once the light bulb goes on, many of them try their luck with cougars just to see how well they get along.

And guess what? The majority of them then decide to date only those who are over their age.

I have many friends who made the decision not to date younger women any longer. They realized that they don’t get along with young girls the same way they do with women of more experience.

That’s why I asked some of these guys to tell me more about the reasons younger men tend to fall for older women. And here are the answers they gave.

1. They know what they want in life

DONE! Men Confess 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

“Older women have been through a lot. They’ve tried everything and as a result, they now know what they want in life.

I don’t expect my current partner (Amy, 49) to call me out of the blue and tell me she’s moving to the other side of the globe because she’s found a job she might like. These times are over for older women.

They’re highly secure about what they like and they don’t constantly flip-flop in their decisions and tastes. They also don’t feel the need to change their partners.

Since they’ve been through a lot, they can now with certainty state what they want from life. And you can be sure that they won’t change their mind a few days later.

Also, they know exactly what they’re looking for in a relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s the real deal or just a fling, you can be sure that they’re up for what they told you.

An older woman won’t tell you that she’s looking for a hookup and then blow up your phone the following day because she’s changed her mind. She knows what she wants and she’s up for it.”

– Kenneth, 32

2. They’re highly experienced

DONE! Men Confess 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

“Older women are filled with experience in every aspect of their lives. From relationships to work, they have a lot to teach you.

That’s why it’s much easier to go through life holding their hand. You’re certain that their company will only do you good since they’re wiser than any of the younger girls I’ve dated before.

Also, they know a ton about relationships and don’t expect you to give them the impossible. With them, everything makes more sense and you don’t have to read their minds to be happy.

They know that healthy relationships are about communication and compromise – and that’s what they give you. Honestly, their experience makes everything easier. That’s one of the main reasons why younger men fall for them.”

– Louis, 27

3. They don’t need constant attention

DONE! Men Confess 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

“Older women aren’t cry-babies who need your attention 24/7. They have a life of their own. They don’t expect you to call in the middle of the busiest day ever.

They also don’t need your explanations about why you haven’t replied to their message within an hour like younger women tend to. The point is, they lead a life where they know their value and don’t bother too much about having you around all the time.

Then, when you do meet up with them, you can be sure you’ll have the best time of your life. They won’t nag you about all the times you haven’t taken them out or the calls you haven’t answered.

They get that life gets busy, so they don’t get all grumpy because of it. Even if you don’t see each other for weeks, your next meeting won’t be all stiff and filled with resentment only because you haven’t been around.

Bottom line? They don’t need you to babysit them. And they don’t get upset when you don’t have time for them due to a hectic schedule. That’s the main reason why I fell in love with Kirsten (47). She’s full of understanding and doesn’t call me constantly just to check where I am and with who.”

– Matt, 25

4. They’re highly confident and independent

DONE! Men Confess 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

“Let me tell you something: Older women are confident. You won’t ever hear them putting themselves down and talking negatively of themselves.

In my experience, when they notice a flaw, they start working to fix it. They don’t just talk to you about it without lifting a finger. That’s what I like about them most.

Also, they’re highly independent. They don’t need you to build their lives. They already know how to take care of themselves, which means that they don’t expect you to make their wishes come true.

A mature woman can do that on her own, without your help. You can sit back and watch how she builds her life into something that makes her happy.

These are some of the main reasons why I find an older woman so attractive. Granted, my friends and family couldn’t imagine me dating someone almost twice my age, but as they got to know Ruby (48) better, they realized what an amazing woman she is.

I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else and I’m thrilled that I have the chance to be with her.”

– Darnell, 26

5. They’re grounded and realistic about life

DONE! Men Confess 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

“Older women stand with both feet solidly on the ground. Not only do they know what they want in their lives, but they’re also realistic about it.

A mature woman won’t ever ask you to do something impossible as proof of your love. She doesn’t expect you to move mountains for her without doing anything in return.

Older women know everything there is to know about love and they aren’t into playing childish games. They’ll be real with you from the get-go.

They won’t allow you to just chase after them, they’ll tell you straight off the bat what they want from you. And if they feel like you can’t deliver, they’ll end the relationship without manipulating you to change yourself according to what they want.

I’m currently not dating anyone, but I can tell you one thing for sure – that all of my relationships with older women were more fulfilling than those with younger girls. That’s a fact I can’t deny.”

Alan, 28

Men Confess: 5 Reasons Younger Men Fall For Older Women

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