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39 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024

39 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024

Discover 39 elegant long black hairstyles that are set to redefine your look in 2024. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and expressive, these styles promise to inspire your next stunning hair transformation.

1. Snatched long black hairstyles

Starting off with this stunning hairstyle for black hair featuring voluminous waves that cascade down to the breasts, exuding true feminine beauty. The hair is elegantly parted on the left side, with a ponytail gracing the back.

2. A curly beauty

A curly beauty
Credit: tatti_lashes

If you appreciate bouncy curls, this hairstyle is an ideal choice. It enhances your hair’s volume and exudes timeless beauty.

3. Graceful strands of hair

If you appreciate bun hairstyles, you’ll adore this one. Placed at the crown, it adds a charming allure to your overall appearance, especially with two strands of hair elegantly framing the face.

4. Full of life

Full of life
Credit: _sanaartist

Choose this stunning long black hairstyle for vibrant, voluminous hair. The Hollywood waves exude a special charm and grace, with some hair elegantly swept back.

5. Vintage charm

If you admire vintage long black hairstyles, here’s a charming option for you! It features a textured bun with strands of hair left loose at the front to frame your face.

6. A simple elegance

For a subtle yet elegant look, opt for this stunning updo hairstyle. It’s elegantly parted on the right, adding a touch of subtle charm.

7. Hollywood glam

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: tatti_lashes

For a Hollywood icon-inspired look, choose these lustrous curls that will add a special radiance to your appearance. Keep the volume moderate for an added touch of charm.

8. Lustrous long black hairstyles

Lustrous long black hairstyles
Credit: rahafbeauty87

Opt for soft waves by the ends and secure some hair at the back with an elegant hair clip to elevate your appearance. The length of your hair further enhances its overall beauty.

9. Creative and chic

Achieve a stunning, sleek bun with just a single strand of hair left out for a classy and distinctive appearance. This style exudes elegance and captivates with its creative flair.

10. Straight long black hairstyles

For those who prefer simplicity and beauty, opt for sleek long black hairstyles that are versatile for any occasion, be it formal events or everyday wear. They enhance your natural charm with a subtle elegance.

11. Soft waves

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024

Tie some of the hair in the back to accentuate your facial features, and opt for gorgeous and tousled waves for an extra sweet look.

12. Voluminous waves

Voluminous waves
Credit: saraomar4104

Part your hair on the right side and create a subtle updo hairstyle. Let your beautiful curls in the front add luminosity and charm to your overall look.

13. Subtle yet lovely

Subtle but lovely 1
Credit: ilaydaserifi

Elevate your everyday style with this charming long black hairstyle, featuring a sleek side-swept look that adds a stylish flair.

14. Butterfly haircut

Are you a fan of butterfly haircuts? If so, opt for this gorgeous, straight style that elevates appearance to a new level of cuteness.

15. Flawless bun

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: andreeavilau

For an extra touch of elegance, sleek buns are always a perfect choice. They keep every strand in place, allowing you to radiate feminine beauty with effortless charm.

16. Messy long black hairstyles

Messy long black hairstyles
Credit: beauty_vain

If you prefer a more untamed appearance, this long black hairstyle is ideal for you. It offers a wild and chaotic look while still radiating a unique feminine glow.

17. Beachy look

Do you love beachy looks? Honestly, who wouldn’t? They complement every style and make you shine no matter the occasion, especially when styled with a side part and most of the hair swept to one side for added volume.

18. Curly bun

Curly bun
Credit: angelbryantt

For a more creative bun option, choose this charming low bun that captivates with its intricate locks. Leave a few strands of hair loose at the front to enhance its charm.

19. Bun on top

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: studioocine

Here’s another versatile hairstyle that suits every occasion: a top bun with the rest of your hair cascading flawlessly down, creating a mesmerizing look.

20. Effortless bun

Here’s an example of a more effortless top bun, creating a subtly tousled yet gorgeous look suitable for both formal and casual events.

21. Swirly lock

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: handemiyy

Achieve Hande’s elegant beauty with this lovely top bun, featuring one strand of hair flawlessly curled at the front to enhance the overall charm of the look.

22. Classy bun

Classy bun
Credit: handemiyy

Here’s another textured bun example, adorned with two long strands of hair framing the face and accentuating its beauty.

23. Side-swept hair

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: demetozdemir

For a timeless and elegant look, opt for this side-swept long black hairstyle. The subtle waves gracefully frame the face and shoulders, making it perfect to complement any iconic outfit.

24. Wet hair look

If you’re into the wet hair look, try this hairstyle where the hair is sleeked back and accessorized with different hair clips, adding an extra layer of beauty.

25. Casual long black hairstyles

Here’s a casual example of a long black hairstyle—a butterfly cut with a left-side part, enhancing the hair’s volume.

26. Gorgeous and natural

Gorgeous and natural
Credit: stephsymondsx

This lovely and natural long black hairstyle will enhance your grace to a whole new level with its subtle waves, making it suitable for any occasion.

27. Majestic waves

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: stephsymondsx

Softly curled strands at the front and gentle waves cascading down to the stomach impart charm and luminosity to this elegant hairstyle.

28. Winged hair

For a charming and cute appearance, consider this butterfly haircut that sits just below the shoulders. It exudes a sweet, youthful energy that will capture the attention of those around you.

29. Long black ponytail

Here’s a long black hairstyle perfect for those who love ponytails. Leave two strands of hair loose at the top to enhance the ponytail’s look.

30. Flipped ends

Flipped ends
Credit: sydneyjharper

This long black hairstyle reaches just below the shoulders, with the ends elegantly curled outwards. It offers a slightly vintage appearance, captivating with its unique and timeless beauty.

31. Dazzling locks

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: gabrielabandy

Here’s another example of a naturally stunning long black hairstyle, brimming with volume that enhances its feminine allure.

32. Frizzy top bun

Frizzy top bun
Credit: shari.mua

This curly top bun hairstyle adds a charming sweetness to your look, enhanced by strands of hair cascading around, exuding an effortless beauty.

33. Noir beauty

36 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024
Credit: nourybeauty_

For a classic vintage look, opt for this elegant low bun hairstyle, with a side part on the left to enhance volume on the right side.

34. Sweet bangs

Embrace a girlish charm with this adorable butterfly haircut, featuring outward-turned ends and bangs for added allure.

35. Subtle waves

If you’re a fan of wavy hair, consider this long black hairstyle that showcases subtle yet gorgeous waves, making you feel prettier than ever.

36. Vibrant waves

Vibrant waves
Credit: sydneyjharper

If you prefer curly long black hairstyles, this slightly tousled look will breathe vibrant charm and irresistible beauty into your hair!

37. Cute long black hairstyles

Cute long black hairstyles
Credit: annaakana

Tie back your hair while leaving some strands, including the bangs, in the front to achieve an effortlessly adorable look that complements any style.

38. Curly ponytail

Curly ponytail
Credit: cansudere

For those who love ponytails and want more volume, opt for this delightful curly ponytail. It effortlessly enhances your beauty with minimal effort!

39. Cute pigtails

Cute pigtails
Credit: annaakana

Straighten your hair first and then create cute pigtails to achieve the look of some endearing fictional character. Leave a few strands in the front for added charm.

Whether you’re aiming for timeless elegance or modern flair, these hairstyles offer endless possibilities to elevate your beauty and confidence. So, try a refreshed look that reflects your unique style and personality!

39 Simple But Stunning Long Black Hairstyles To Try In 2024

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