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20 Flawless Lips Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Pucker Up

20 Flawless Lips Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Pucker Up

A tattoo of the lips represents sensuality, love, and even femininity. It’s a statement of passion and desire that people decide to ink on their skin for many different reasons. And, we have to admit that these kinds of tattoos look more than impressive when done perfectly.

If you’re looking for your own lips tattoo but can’t decide on the design, you’ll love this article. We’re about to present you with some of the best ideas that will ease your search for the perfect skin decoration.

1. Dotwork lips

Dotwork lips
Credit: jennypoart

The dotwork technique requires a ton of time but you can be sure it will be worth the wait and patience once you see the end results. If you love this tattoo style then you’ll be impressed with the design in the picture above.

2. Tiny lip tattoo

Tiny lip tattoo
Credit: emilyeffler

Lips tattoos don’t have to be big, bold, and colorful. You can always opt for something simple if it fits your aesthetic better. This is one of the ideas on what you can get when you’re on the look for a minimalistic tattoo.

3. Red lip

A red lip is a symbol of passion and love. If that’s the meaning you’re looking for then you’ll be more than happy with a design such as this one.

4. Black lip

A thing about tattoos is that you can play with them and adjust them so they fit your style. In case you love the design of the previous tattoo but aren’t keen on the idea of going with red ink, this is the solution you need. An edgy black lip could be a dream come true if you’re not into colorful tattoos.

5. Realistic black and gray lips

Realistic black and gray lips

This design is similar to the previous one but the main difference is the amount of details. This tattoo plays with shading and highlights and that way, gives the illusion of having real lips on the skin.

6. Lips of death

Lips of death
Credit: stef2026

These red lips feature a well-known symbol of danger which is why we came up with a descriptive name for this tattoo – the lips of death. If you know that feeling of being kissed by someone and afterward feeling like they took your life away the moment your lips touched, this is the tattoo for you.

7. Biting lips

Biting lips
Credit: boolitjes

This tattoo is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something seductive and passionate. We’re talking about a simple design that stands out thanks to the thicker outer lines which give the whole tattoo a bit more shape.

8. Lips with lettering

Lips with lettering
Credit: einavportal_

You can always make your tattoo of the lips feel more personal by including a quote or a statement in a design. That way, you can dedicate your new tattoo to someone special from your life.

9. Blackwork lips

Blackwork lips
Credit: mettatattoo

If you’re looking for a clean and straightforward tattoo that uses only black ink then maybe your search is over. This is an impressive design that will stand out on your skin. Just beware since people are going to ask you questions about what it represents to you.

10. Double trouble

Double trouble
Credit: barbara_ink_

Maybe one lip mark doesn’t feel enough which is why you can include two of them in your design. This tattoo feels real thanks to the perfect execution of the tattoo artist.

11. Lip marks

Lip marks
Credit: jettblackjune

Similar to the previous design, this tattoo also includes several lip marks. We wanted to mention it just so you get a picture of how you can play with different ink colors and that way, create an illusion as if those are real lip outlines on your skin.

12. Fine-line lips

Fine-line lips

You can always keep things simple with a minimalistic design, thin lines, and black ink. We could go and say that’s the recipe for success when you don’t want to end up with a complicated and detailed tattoo.

13. Lips with a cherry

Lips with a cherry
Credit: ana.tattooer

If you’re looking for something that’s extremely seductive then this tattoo is the way to go. We love everything about it – from the shading to the composition. It truly looks impressive.

14. Faint lips

When you’re not looking for something noticeable but love the dotwork technique then you should consider this design. This tattoo is subtle but at the same time, it will give you the meaning you’re looking for.

15. Sketch-style lips

Sketch-style lips
Credit: tadi_tattoo

Are you into sketch-style tattoos? Do you like the idea of having a literal drawing forever engraved on your skin? If the answer is yes then you’ll love this tattoo and all the detail work it comes with.

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16. Lips under protection

Lips under protection
Credit: armin.agne

Sometimes, you get a feeling that you have to guard your lips from those who mean them harm. This tattoo symbolizes that by including the dagger and barbed wire in the design.

17. “Not your babe”

"Not your babe"
Credit: heartcruz

If you’re looking for a tattoo with a bit more color, you can opt for a fun design such as this one. It’s a perfect solution when you’re not afraid of “girly” tattoos.

18. The moment before the kiss

The moment before the kiss
Credit: kristinevodon

This tattoo represents the moment right before the kiss – when the lips of two people are so close to each other that you can feel each other’s heat. It’s definitely an attractive idea if you’re willing to get a tattoo with a bit more detail.

19. Lips that broke your heart

Lips that broke your heart
Credit: crimclay

Lips tattoos can represent passion and sensuality. But they can also represent the heartbreak such is the case with this one. We’re sure you’ll like the idea if your heart has been shattered into pieces more than once.

20. Lips outline

Lips outline
Credit: unotattoonyc

You can always opt for something simple and minimalistic with an outline tattoo. It not only has the meaning you’re looking for but it’s also elegant and classy and will never go out of style. So, you don’t have to worry that you’ll consider covering it up any time in the future.

20 Flawless Lips Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Pucker Up

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