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The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings

From subtle accents to bold statements, the world of lip piercings offers a diverse array of styles, each with its own symbolism and allure. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, navigating the many options can be both exhilarating and daunting.

In this guide, I aim to make that journey a little easier for you. So, join me as I list 20 types of lip piercings that will captivate and inspire you.

1. Angel bites

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings

First off, we have angel bites, a symmetrical pair of piercings placed on the upper lip, one on each side of the philtrum. This example showcases two evenly spaced studs that accentuate the curvature of the upper lip, contributing to a balanced aesthetic for the facial features.

Angel bites can be a versatile choice, suitable for a variety of personal styles, from bold and edgy to a more subtle statement.

2. Angel fangs

angel fangs
Credit: jorgie.jabz

Angel fangs are a style of lip piercing where two spikes or studs are placed on the lip. Unlike the more centralized labret piercing, these piercings give the appearance of symmetrical fangs or tusks protruding slightly, accentuating the mouth with a distinctive edge.

In this image, we see the person sporting two spike-style pieces of jewelry, contributing to the fang-like appearance that gives the piercing its name.

3. Ashley lip piercings

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: joe_skull

The Ashley piercing is a type of lip piercing that is quite unique when compared to other styles. It’s essentially a single-point piercing that penetrates through the middle of the lower lip and exits inside the mouth, unlike traditional lip piercings that go around the lip area.

People often choose this type of piercing to enhance the fullness of their lower lip and add a glamorous touch to their overall aesthetic.

4. Canine bites

canine piercings
Credit: allthepiercingsandmods

The canine bites piercing combines two other types: the angel bites and the snake bites (which we’ll discuss later). The result is two piercings on the upper lip and two more on the lower lip, evenly spaced to mirror the upper piercings.

It’s a more elaborate piercing setup that serve as a bold statement of personal style and fashion.

5. Cheek piercings

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: midsca

Cheek piercings, also known as dimple piercings, are typically placed where one might naturally have dimples—on either side of the face. While the example here shows small, unobtrusive studs, the choice of jewelry for cheek piercings can vary widely.

It’s a piercing that requires careful placement and can have an impact on the overall aesthetic of one’s facial expressions.

6. Classic labret

classic labret
Credit: livebytheswordtattoo

This is a classic labret piercing, located just below the lower lip and above the chin. Unlike other lip piercings, it doesn’t penetrate the lip itself, but rather the area directly below it.

It’s a highly popular choice due to its versatility. Canine bites piercings can be accessorized with a wide range of jewelry types, from simple studs to more elaborate designs.

7. Cyber bites

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: kush_xp

Cyber bites combine two facial piercings: a Medusa piercing, placed in the philtrum (the indentation above the upper lip), and a labret piercing, centered below the lower lip.

While most people typically choose the same jewelry for both piercings, there are also cases where they differ. Whichever option you go with, cyber bites are sure to make you stand out.

8. Dahlia lip piercings

Credit: david_piercer_jd

The Dahlia piercing typically features two studs placed right in the corners of the mouth, which is why it’s often referred to as the lip corner piercing. Its unique placement makes it striking and distinctive.

They are also occasionally referred to as joker piercings, inspired by the iconic comic book villain’s smile due to their similar positioning.

9. Dolphin bites

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: piercing.project

Dolphin bites are a type of piercing within the bites category. They consist of two pieces of jewelry placed at the bottom of the lower lip, usually positioned very close to each other.

Dolphin bites piercings provide a subtle accent to the lower lip, making them a popular choice for those seeking a noticeable yet understated lip piercing option.

10. Horizontal lip piercings

horizontal lip piercings
Credit: industrie8bodypiercing

This is a type of surface piercing that goes horizontally through the lip, rather than entering on one side and exiting on the inner mouth.

The jewelry commonly used for this type of piercing is a barbell, such as the one shown here, featuring gem or metal beads on each end that rest against the lip. Proper placement is crucial to ensure that the jewelry aligns with the natural line of the lip, providing both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

11. Jestrum lip piercings

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: janonomnismoriarhorror

This piercing passes vertically through the philtrum, which is the groove in the center of the upper lip, and exits just under the septum of the nose.

Unlike a standard Medusa piercing that goes straight through the philtrum into the mouth, this piercing has both ends visible externally.

12. Madonna

Credit: mery_piercer

This is a single piercing placed on the upper lip, typically off-center on the right side. It’s named after the pop icon Madonna, who famously has a mole in the same spot.

Madonna piercings belong to a group of facial piercings known as “Monroe” piercings, named after various celebrities with famous upper lip moles.

13. Medusa

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: fraffry_tattoo

The Medusa lip piercing is located directly under the septum of the nose, centered above the upper lip in the philtrum. Known for accentuating the cupid’s bow, its simplicity directs attention to the natural shape of the lip and facial features.

It’s one of those lip piercings that can make a statement while still being relatively understated. That makes it a great choice for people who want to retain a level of elegance and refinement.

14. Monroe lip piercings

Credit: massimo.cortese.piercer

This type of piercing is named after Marilyn Monroe and is meant to mimic the iconic beauty spot on the left side of her upper lip. I’ve already mentioned the so-called “Monroe” group of piercings and this is where it got its name.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a popular choice for those who want to add a bit of classic Hollywood allure to their look.

15. Shark Bites

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: cathy11.11

The shark bites piercing consists of two closely spaced piercings on each side of the lower lip, essentially resembling two sets of snake bites.

With four studs in total, shark bites piercings create a symmetrical pattern across the lower lip, giving the impression of a wider, fuller lip. This provides significant opportunities for self-expression through various jewelry types and styles.

16. Side Labret

side labret
Credit: haydee.piercer

The side labret, as its name suggests, differs from the classic labret only in its placement. It’s a single stud or ring placed on either side of the lower lip, depending on personal preference.

It’s one of those lip piercings that makes your appearance more stylish, but in a subtle and discreet way. It adds character to your appearance, offering a touch of edge while maintaining a degree of subtle charm.

17. Smiley piercings

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: amandamaciel.m

The smiley piercing is usually located on the frenulum of the upper lip, which is the small bit of tissue that connects the lip to the gum.

It’s a type of piercing that is only visible when the person wearing it opens their mouth, i.e. smiles, which is how it got its name.

18. Snake Bites

snake bites
Credit: hello.piercing

Snake bites piercings consist of two lip piercings placed symmetrically on either side of the lower lip.

They are a very popular choice because of their balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

19. Spider Bites

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings
Credit: jb_body_piercing

The spider bites are a variation of lip piercings that can be seen as a pair of snake bites concentrated on one side of the mouth rather than spaced out. The close placement of the piercings can emphasize the curvature of the lip and provide a distinctive look.

Spider Bites offer both the bold presence of multiple piercings and the concentrated impact of their closeness, making them a great choice for those who want to make a more noticeable statement with their lip piercings.

20. Vertical Labret

vertical labret
Credit: nayypiercing

This piercing is unique in that it goes through the top of the lower lip and exits at the bottom, meaning both ends of the jewelry are visible on the outside of the lip rather than inside the mouth.

This type of piercing can accentuate the shape and fullness of the lower lip and is a popular alternative to traditional lip piercings because it doesn’t make contact with the teeth or gums. It’s also very versatile, allowing for various types of jewelry. Whether you want something simple or flashy, the vertical labret might be a good option for you.

The Ultimate Guide To The 20 Types Of Lip Piercings

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