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20 Must-See Lego Tattoo Ideas For Die-Hard Lego Fans

20 Must-See Lego Tattoo Ideas For Die-Hard Lego Fans

Getting a Lego tattoo may seem weird to some but as huge fans of assembling and building things from scratch, we fully support your decision. No matter what others tell you, we know you’ll be obsessed with your new, unique tattoo.

Now, the main challenge will be finding the design that works for you. We don’t want to be bearers of the bad news, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. So, here’s our contribution to your search.

1. A simple Lego piece

1. A simple Lego piece
Credit: freiheitink

To keep things simple, we wanted to start with this minimalistic Lego piece that will easily fit anywhere on your body. If you want to, you can always add some color to it and make it pop on the skin.

2. The assembly process

2. The assembly process
Credit: breakkytime

A fun idea is to get a tattoo that will serve as an instruction for assembling your favorite Lego piece. You can’t go wrong with a popular black and gray style and a pop of red.

3. A fun Lego tattoo

How many times have you lost the heads of your Lego figures? It probably happened more than once and this design uses that realization as an inspiration for a tattoo.

4. A black and gray Lego tattoo

4. A black and gray Lego tattoo
Credit: dellytattoos

If you’re a huge fan of a black and gray style and love tattoos that use shading and highlighting to introduce some details, this is the solution for you. We’re talking about a simple design that will still get noticed on the skin.

5. A Lego chef

This fine-line chef figurine is another fun idea, especially if you used to play with it all the time. When it comes to the tattoo style, it’s simple and perfect for all of you who aren’t into colorful and bold designs.

6. A combination of styles

Maybe you’re feeling torn between two different tattoo styles and don’t know what to do about it. Well, this design solves all of your problems. With this one, you can get an idea of how to combine two techniques and make them complement each other.

7. Split into two halves

7. Split into two halves
Credit: minik_ink

If you’re up for a fun tattoo, this could be the way to go. It’s definitely a unique approach and will be a great conversation starter since people will ask you questions about it.

8. A Lego family

As a real Lego fan, you may want to get the whole Lego family included in your design. Well, if that’s the case then you can be sure you won’t go wrong with this vibrant design. It certainly brings a pop of color to your skin.

9. Darth Vader Lego piece

9. Darth Vader Lego piece
Credit: budi_tattoo

If you’re obsessed with Star Wars and Legos, you can combine your love for two with this black and gray tattoo. We’re sure that all die-hard fans will go crazy about this design and we can’t blame them.

10. Lego lady

This is another fine-line tattoo it’s just that this time, a woman is the main character. We also love the idea of including a cat in the design, especially if you own a furry friend.

11. One-line Lego figure

11. One-line Lego figure
Credit: nowyprojekt

If you love tattoos that are created with delicate, thin lines then you’ll be obsessed with this one. It’s a simple tattoo but it has so much to offer thanks to its play with lines.

12. Lego heart

When it comes to tattoos, you can always think outside the box and this design shows it. You can use Lego pieces to create a tattoo slightly different from the other ones on the list. It won’t scream “I’m a Lego fan” but it will still have that feel.

13. Colorful Lego pieces

13. Colorful Lego pieces
Credit: _dreagu

If you like the idea of getting a tattoo of Lego blocks but don’t want to be plain Jane, you can always introduce some color in your design. Opt for all the shades you love and fill each one of the blocks with different ink colors.

14. Complementary Lego pieces

This is a great idea for couples, especially if both of you love to spend time assembling different figures and buildings. This tattoo will show the world that the two of you complement each other in the best way possible.

15. Fixed Lego figure

This once-broken Lego figure has been fixed using the Kintsugi technique that highlights the cracks by filling them in with golden glue. We love this design and believe it’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique tattoo.

16. A stitchwork-style tattoo

Is this a tattoo or is there something stiched on your skin? If you’re on the hunt for something different, you’ll love this idea. It’s definitely one of a kind and is perfect for someone who wants to get a tattoo that stands out.

17. A sketch-style tattoo

We love the sketch-style tattoos because they feel spontaneous and unconstrained but at the same time, we know how much skill they require. If you agree with us, you may think this is a great option for you.

18. A simple Lego head

If you’re looking for an extremely simple tattoo, a minimalistic head of a Lego figure could be the perfect solution. It’s tiny and will fit anywhere you want, without looking messy on the skin.

19. A figure with dimensions

For those of you who appreciate technical aspects of things, you may feel drawn to something like this. Just bear in mind that this amount of thin lines requires a steady and skilled hand so make sure you find a tattoo artist who won’t mess up your new tattoo.

20. Building the Lego pieces

Finally, you can always get a tattoo that showcases the process of building Lego blocks. It’s a simple idea that uses simple elements. Thankfully, you can always introduce some color, as in the picture above.

20 Must-See Lego Tattoo Ideas For Die-Hard Lego Fans

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