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13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It

13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It

It feels like you’re in a karmic relationship. There’s just something about this entire thing that doesn’t feel right.

If it’s a karmic relationship, then it’s not meant to last for a long time. So, are you simply wasting your time? Or is there a higher purpose to this?

In this article, we’ll go through all the things that you need to know. However, we’ll also give you a cheat code on how to escape its grasp.

What is a karmic relationship?

13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It

A karmic relationship is a past-life connection that has left your soul with some type of karmic debt.

These connections are usually characterized by extreme emotions, a very passionate bond, and a lot of drama.

Karmic partners find it extremely challenging to maintain a healthy relationship. Even though both of them could be perfect people outside the relationship, there’s just something that triggers their toxic traits.

These relationships aren’t long-lasting. All of this drama, all of these negative emotions and behaviors, will lead you down a path that leads straight to a breakup.

However, you’re here for a reason. You need to learn, you need to connect to yourself and the Universe, which means that your karmic partner will help you achieve that.

But it’s extremely exhausting!

Nonetheless, are you sure that you’re in a karmic relationship?

13 signs you’re in a karmic relationship

1. Too many synchronicities brought you together

The way you came into each other’s lives is extremely strange. You came across each other in so many weird places, and things just fell into place.

It seems like destiny decided to bring you together. The Universe made sure to put so many synchronicities into your paths to make sure that you’ll fall for each other.

2. It’s addictive

From the very beginning, you were addicted to your partner. And he was addicted to you!

There’s just so much tension between you. The desire comes from every single pore of your skin. You want to see him, talk to him, touch him, constantly.

You feel like you’re in withdrawal whenever he’s not around.

3. Something just doesn’t feel right

You should never ignore your intuition. When your intuition is telling you that something isn’t right, it’s probably true. You can’t seem to put your finger on it, but you can’t ignore it.

Even when you’re happy in the relationship, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something just doesn’t seem right.

4. You’re repeating patterns

13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It 2

A karmic relationship can be recognized by the fact that you’re constantly repeating patterns. You’re always fighting, even though you know that it won’t lead anywhere!

Or you’re constantly splitting up and coming back together, even though you know things won’t be any different.

This repetition is there because you need to learn from these mistakes. Until you learn, you’ll be stuck in this cycle.

5. It’s controlling and possessive

When something within the karmic relationship doesn’t feel right, both partners become extremely controlling and possessive.

It’s like both of you can feel that this won’t last for long, so you set rules, and you start acting like someone’s going to steal your partner away. It becomes unbearably toxic.

6. You’re constantly seeking your partner’s approval

In a karmic relationship, you’re constantly seeking your partner’s approval. You’re not able to comprehend your own value outside the relationship, so you’re waiting for him to tell you that you’re a good person. You’re waiting for him to tell you that you’re pretty, or that you’re kind.

All of these things are fine and dandy if you’re able to give yourself the approval you need.

7. It brings out your worst side

Maybe, before the relationship, you were this happy-go-lucky person. Since you got into the relationship, you’ve become unbearable to be around.

He brings out your jealousy, your anger, your possessiveness, your anxiety, and your self-doubt. This man brings out the worst in you, and you can’t seem to escape that.

This is just another thing that a karmic relationship will bring to the surface.

8. It’s filled with turbulence

13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It

A karmic relationship is characterized by immense turbulence that can’t seem to give you a moment of peace. You’re constantly fighting, you’re always breaking up and coming back together.

There’s not one peaceful moment when you’re safe and content in the relationship. You’re always on edge because the highs and lows are detrimental.

9. You can’t seem to stop arguing

Because of the amount of turbulence in your karmic relationship, you can’t seem to stop arguing. Even when it’s a normal day when you’re happy and in love, there’s something that will make you react abruptly.

You’ll start shouting at each other, and you’ll start throwing insults around. These fights will make you wonder if this is even worth the while.

10. Sometimes, you’re scared of your partner

This isn’t to say that a karmic relationship has to be abusive! However, if you’re in one, then you may feel a little bit scared of your partner.

He triggers you and makes you feel like you need to be on the lookout.

11. You feel emotionally and physically drained

The turbulence and the drama of a karmic relationship will make you feel completely drained. You’ll feel like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning because of how exhausted you are.

When you’re constantly in fight or flight mode, your body simply can’t cope anymore.

12. You feel like you can’t let go

Even when you’re trying to let go of this relationship and move on, you can’t seem to do it. You do break up at times, but then you end up back together again.

You tell yourself that this is his last chance to make things right, but then you give him a million other chances to break your heart.

But you can’t let go. You can’t walk away from him. It’s like something is constantly pulling you back to him.

13. The relationship won’t last

13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It 4

The thing about karmic relationships is that they never last. These relationships are there to teach us a lesson and make us break our patterns until we repay our karmic debt.

Even if you manage to walk away and escape this relationship early on, then your soul will deal with your karmic partner in the next lifetime.

Tips to escape a karmic relationship

1. Find a good support system

The most important thing about leaving a karmic relationship is to make sure that you have a good support system. Surround yourself with friends and family who will be there for you!

When you have a good support system, you’re able to withstand any type of obstacle that may come your way. They’ll hold your hand through this entire process!

However, if you decide to turn to low-frequency people for help, they’ll only make things harder for you.

2. Make the decision and stick to it

This isn’t the first time that you’re trying to walk out of your karmic relationship, however, this needs to be the last.

What you genuinely need to do is make the decision and stick to it, no matter the cost. Make sure that he doesn’t catch you in a vulnerable moment where he’ll be able to win you back.

Stick to your decision! This is for the greater good!

3. Cut him out of your life COMPLETELY

Your karmic relationship will find its way back into your life as long as you let it. This is why you need to cut your karmic partner out of your life completely!

You have to block him on everything, you need to cut social ties with him and stop talking to his friends. Stop visiting places where you know that you’ll see him. Simply, stop engaging in any type of conversation with him.

You need to put this decision as your biggest priority and show him that he doesn’t have a place in your heart anymore.

4. Consider therapy

13 Cues Of A Karmic Relationship And How You Can Escape It

A karmic relationship has taught you a lot, but it has also made you very vulnerable. That’s exactly why you should probably consider therapy.

You’ll bring these toxic patterns into your next relationship, and your life won’t ever be the same again. A therapist could help you understand what you’ve gone through and give you pointers on how you can deal with the aftermath.

5. Be gentle to yourself

Most importantly, be gentle to yourself. A karmic relationship can leave you broken and bruised! It will leave you wondering if love is even worth it, but this isn’t what love is supposed to be like!

Love isn’t supposed to drag you through hell and back, love is supposed to be your safe space.

That’s why you have to give yourself time to grieve and heal from everything that you went through. No one can tell you that you should keep your head up, because that’s not how recovery works.

Let yourself cry and let yourself heal at your own pace.

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