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13 Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship And The 4 Stages Of It

13 Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship And The 4 Stages Of It

Have you ever felt a karmic connection with someone? There is something called a karmic relationship, and it is not meant to last but to teach you life lessons. Read all about what a karmic relationship is and the purpose of karmic relationships. You will also find all the signs of a karmic relationship, which will help you realize if it’s a karmic bond and not true love.

Karmic relationships

There are many types of relationships, and when you happen to meet a person from your soul group, you could have past life connections and karmic debt. But a karmic relationship is different to a soulmate relationship and a twin flame.

We are going to talk some more about the differences between a twin flame and a karmic relationship. But let’s first answer the question of what a karmic relationship is. A lot of the time, when you are with a karmic partner, your karmic relationship is going to be a roller coaster that will lead to a break-up. So be sure to read all about the signs of a karmic relationship as well.

Once you realize that you are in this type of relationship, you should leave and seek the support of a friend, family member, or therapist. Talk to your friend or a family member about what you are going through to achieve your goal and become the master of your own fate.

What karmic means?

13 Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship And The 4 Stages Of It

So what does karmic mean? You are probably already familiar with the concept of karma, which is an idea that our actions create negative or positive ripples throughout the universe, and it comes back around to us, whether it’s in this life or the next. And this karmic energy is important when it comes to a karmic relationship.

Now that you know what karmic means, it shouldn’t be hard for you to understand the meaning of a karmic relationship. The definition of a karmic relationship is that it relates directly to those within your soul group and in your past life. Some people believe that these relationships are unfinished business from your past life. Others think that they are spiritual life lessons. In any case, these types of relationships aren’t meant to last and a lot of time they end in a break-up because it’s not the true love we all are searching for.

Your karmic debt causes you to have past life connections, so the karmic connection that you are feeling with your karmic partner is perfectly normal. The karmic bond that you have is because they have been with you on your soul’s journey. If you don’t resolve your soul connections, it’s going to follow you to the next life.

But what is the difference between a twin flame and a karmic relationship? The purpose of a karmic relationship is to learn valuable lessons and finding a soulmate for the first time is everyone’s goal. But even a soulmate relationship cannot compare once we find our twin flame for the first time.

A twin flame is a mix of both soulmate and karmic tendencies, along with entirely new qualities. And those qualities are going to challenge what we think of our own self as well as our self-love. In this case, a soul connection is not the only thing we share because we basically share the same soul.

The theory behind it is that twin flames were separated from one soul source in the beginning and split into two bodies. And there is a possibility for this love to last forever, but it’s speculated that this only happens when it’s our last lifetime on this earth.

Soulmate love relationships usually happen after a karmic relationship, even if it takes several of those, and soulmate love is probably the best kind of love there is.

There is a unique connection that you can experience only with your soulmate and no previous relationships will be able to compare to the one you will have with them. In the previous relationships, you would look for negative aspects of it, as well as your partner’s flaws, but when you are with the one you are meant to be with, you will take a look at your own self and the negative aspects about yourself.

You can find a psychic reading online to help you find out more about which type of relationship you are in, and some even offer a psychic reading for free.

The 13 Karmic Relationship Signs

13 Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship And The 4 Stages Of It

Now that you know what a karmic relationship is, it’s time to read all about the karmic relationship signs. See the red flags so you can preserve your self-love. The whole thing can be a little confusing, but every human being deserves to be in a healthy relationship.

If your love life is a roller coaster and you only want to be in a healthy relationship, keep an eye on the red flags and read more about the karmic relationship signs, which will show you whether your soul connections are coming from a past life.

Here are the things that apply to every karmic relationship:

1. It is repeating patterns

If you are constantly on and off, that is a clear sign that you are in a karmic relationship. If the same problems happen over and over again, you need to take a good look at the whole picture. This type of relationship repeats the same patterns, and the only way to grow is to let go.

2. It is selfish

There is no respect for healthy boundaries in a karmic relationship because people who are stuck in this type of relationship consider only their own needs and their self-interest. One person can be very invested, but the other one often views the relationship as a convenience.

3. It is addictive

There are highs and lows of passionate intensity. And one or even both partners are more in love simply with the idea of love, which is based on superficial reasons such as professional status, popularity, or good looks.

4. It is controlling

A karmic relationship can be obsessive and possessive. Your partner could become the center of your universe and the main reason for your happiness. Think about whether you have put them on a pedestal, which causes you to ignore their flaws.

5. It feels destined

You will feel like you two were meant to be together. And it’s hard to resist until you finally learn what it is that you were supposed to learn.

6. It’s an instant connection

You will feel an immediate attraction and the person will seem perfect for you and like you have known each other from before.

7. It creates dependency

You will feel consumed by the relationship. It will completely occupy your thoughts at all times. You will become dependent on your partner.

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8. It brings out your fears

All the things that you are deadly afraid of will come to the surface.

9. It is irrational

You will start acting unlike yourself. You will find yourself doing things that you normally wouldn’t do.

10. It reveals your dark side

A karmic relationship will painfully remind you that you are only a human being.

11. It is tumultuous

These relationships are unpredictable, erratic and volatile.

12. It pushes your buttons

The purpose of this relationship is to teach you to love yourself as well as others and to stop trying to control your circumstances.

13. It doesn’t last

No matter how much you wish for it to last, this type of relationship is meant to fall apart.

The 4 Karmic Relationship Stages

13 Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship And The 4 Stages Of It

There are karmic relationship stages every one of these relationships goes through. So, read more about the karmic relationship stages to learn all about them.

1. Romance and attraction

As happens in all relationships, the first stage is romance and attraction. This is when you two get to know each other after feeling a deep connection between you.

2. Old patterns

At this stage of familiar old patterns, you start to feel comfortable in situations that are actually limiting. This stage is full of patterns that have nothing to do with your wishes, reflective actions or monotonous past practices.

You are repeating your past patterns because you already know them. It happens that people who have low self-esteem find themselves being comfortable with a partner who makes them feel bad about themselves. And that is only because it is something familiar.

3. Realization and acceptance

In this stage, it’s your chance to do some soul searching and accept the fact that you’re in a karmic relationship. You have to accept the nature of your relationship in order to take the next step and set yourself free.

4. Breaking the pattern

In this stage, you finally break free and take your fate into your own hands. Now that you have read all about karmic relationships and figured out that you are in one, it’s time to be brave and let go because you deserve to have real love.

You have to become the master of your fate and leave the familiar old patterns in the past where they belong. Because there is no room for that in a healthy and happy relationship that you deserve to have.

That You Are In A Karmic Relationship And the 4 STAGES OF IT

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