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25 JJK Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Visit To The Tattoo Parlor

25 JJK Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Visit To The Tattoo Parlor

So, you’re searching for JJK tattoo ideas? Jujutsu Kaisen is one of those animes that caught the world by storm and left everyone wondering what they could do to become a part of that world.

If you’re an anime lover who’s looking for some ideas for their next ink, then you may find your inspiration in this article. From Gojo Satoru to Suguru Geto, there are so many characters and images to get permanently inked on your skin.

I know that so many people look for a specific meaning in their tattoos, but the one thing that you can certainly do is get the strength that you need from these images. Your new tattoo can represent whatever you want it to be, and you can still be happy that you’re commemorating your favorite show.

Gojo Satoru tattoo ideas

Gojo Satoru is recognized as the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the world! That doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a serious tattoo! This example is so simple, it’s funny, it could easily reflect your personality!

Gojo Satoru tattoo ideas
Source: @lil_tat_mama

Or, how about a combination of the silly and intimidating side of Gojo? The colors in this tattoo are amazingly saturated, but the magical lines were done by simply outlining the skin – which makes this tattoo even more enchanting! And the small Gojo at the bottom? Now, that’s the detail that adds personality to this tattoo.

Now, Gojo is known for his immense powers. That’s why it’s a great idea to add that to your tattoo. This one looks a little scarier, but I believe that these moments truly could be used as a reminder of your own strength.

Gojo Satoru tattoo ideas
Source: @scarpo

This tattoo of Gojo Satoru is quite big, and it encompasses everything that it should! The bright colors are well-saturated, and there aren’t many outlines – but the ones that are there are crisp and clean. The best part about this design is the look on his face.

Gojo Satoru tattoo ideas
Source: @ekam3ka

The most attractive thing about this animated character is definitely his eyes. This tattoo is done in black and gray. While there are a lot of spaces where the skin is peeking through, it’s also what brought the perfect contrast into the mix. However, his blue eyes are stealing the show.

Another tattoo where his eyes are the main event! This one, in particular, is simply focused on the eyes. The shading is done gorgeously to fit within this little square. It would look like a page from the manga, if it wasn’t for the blue eyes.

Gojo Satoru tattoo ideas
Source: @artkaylarose

With how many examples we have of this character, you’d think that he’s the main event of the show. For so many, he is. This tattoo shows a moment from the anime, and it’s really a display of power. And I’m not just talking about the scene, I’m talking about the artistry of this tattoo.

Gojo Satoru tattoo ideas
Source: @ratitattoo

When we’re talking about tattoos, you have to understand that your skin can become a home to anything that you’d like. For example, everyone knows that this is Gojo Satoru, but the art style is interesting. The small shadows all around, and the black turtleneck are both done immaculately.

In most animes, you know that it’s about to go down when a character takes off their blindfolds. So, this moment always leaves us shivering! How about getting an image of it tattooed on your skin?

This man is known for how easygoing he is, which is why he’s so scary when he gets serious. So, this tattoo is not only funny and represents your favorite anime, but it’s also done in a way that will leave everyone staring! Gojo, in this photo, is extremely well saturated, and the background looks magical.

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna tattoo ideas

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna tattoo ideas

I thought about putting these two into the same category, as they do share a body. So, when Sukuna shows himself through Itadori it actually looks amazing! Who wouldn’t want to get this done?

This tattoo of Sukuna is saturated in the right parts, but the rest is done with simple outlines which are fine a dainty. The way his face is peeking behind the hand really does give you the creeps!

Itadori being overtaken by Sukuna’s hand. Now, JJK tattoo ideas aren’t many, but when you see something like this you’re definitely inspired to go and get your own. This tattoo has some light and dark shading at the right places, but the little specks of white ink at the tip of his fangs are an amazing touch!

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna tattoo ideas
Source: @haruxtattoo_

This image is quite well-known in the anime community. If you’re looking for JJK tattoo ideas, then here you have the best one. Just doing Sukuna’s mouth and eye would definitely be a statement piece.

When Sukuna is showing himself through the vessel, it really looks very attractive. Especially when he has that look on his face! They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, so these red eyes are a gorgeous contrast to the black and gray.

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna tattoo ideas
Source: @jct_tattoo

Or, how about a full-colored Sukuna tattoo? You can even see the finger underneath it right before he’s going to devour it! So, this design has some amazing shadows, the linework is crisp, the colors are saturated – all in all, this tattoo is perfect.

“Know your place, you fool!” Now, that was a moment to remember, and definitely one that you could get tattooed on your skin. The little red shadows around his eyes give him an even creepier vibe, and you should think about those little details.

JJK tattoo ideas of other characters

Now that we have the two main heartthrobs out of the way, it’s time to get to the other characters. In the photo above you can see a tattoo that still has Gojo on it, but the face next to it is the one of Geto Suguru. These two are nothing but trouble when they’re together!

JJK tattoo ideas of other characters
Source: @flameo_ink

Suguru is a very scary villain in this series, so the most iconic moment was the “Obey me” moment. This design is straight out of the manga, and even the small shadows are true to the art style.

JJK tattoo ideas of other characters
Source: @zoazytattoos

Megumi Fushiguro would also make an amazing tattoo, however, if you want something a little more unique, you can just do the sign that he makes when he’s summoning his Divine Dogs.

Adding more designs to your JJK tattoo ideas could be a great way to find something that suits your style. For example, the geometric designs, the added splashes of color, and Gojo’s blue eye are all amazing additions to your tattoo. This tattoo really has a lot going on, but the design itself is well throughout.

JJK tattoo ideas of other characters
Source: @tattooersaga

When you’re looking for JJK tattoo ideas, you’re probably not thinking about getting an Inumaki tattoo. But, why not? Let’s be honest, no one knows what this kid is capable of. So, try your luck and get a tattoo that’s just as mysterious as Toge Inumaki.

JJK tattoo ideas of other characters
Source: @demogordogon

Kento Nanami probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, he’s a powerful sorcerer and we all learned a lot from him. This tattoo is quite creepy, but the linework is quite thick, and the colors are very potent. This tattoo is quite dark, so you’ll have to take that into consideration.

Are you one of those people who love villains more than the heroes? Then getting Mahito tattooed on your body would be the perfect choice! This tattoo is quite simple, but it’s still well done. The lines are quite fine and dainty, while the shadows aren’t that harsh. The tattoo is very crisp and clean, which means that it’ll age perfectly!

JJK tattoo ideas of other characters
Source: @wildbaco

If you’re looking for JJK tattoo ideas, then there are a couple that you could look into, definitely. But at the end of the day, the best tattoos are the ones that have a lot of power! Just like this one of Gojo and Nanami. This dream team could definitely have their way with the world if they wanted to.

The contrast in this tattoo is seen in the different shading between these two characters. The shadows were done with a light brush of the hand, which makes it even more amazing.

25 JJK Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Visit To The Tattoo Parlor

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