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Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move?

Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move?

A girl you hoped you’d date one day gave you the bat when you asked her out. So now you’re wondering if ignoring a girl who rejected you will cause her to rethink things?

I understand you weren’t prepared for this kind of response, but rejection should be considered normal. Your ego should be able to take such a hit when it comes to dating because there will certainly be women who are genuinely not interested in you.

That said, now that you’ve got your answer, all your dreams of dating her suddenly vanished. You’re disappointed that a girl like her slipped through your fingers and you simply can’t forget about her.

It’s understandable that your ego is hurt since she rejected you, but there’s no point in moping over a girl that will probably contact you in a couple of weeks. And that’s especially true if you’ve been nice to her and weren’t an idiot like the rest of the guys she dated.

Nevertheless, your heart hurts like hell. You’re perfectly capable of dealing with the self-esteem issues, but your heart is on this one. You feel a special connection to her, you feel as if she may be your soulmate, she just doesn’t know it yet.

So, you keep asking yourself whether ignoring a girl who rejected you is a smart move and if it would force her to reconsider things.

Well, playing hard-to-get can work. It’s a technique that’s been used for years when trying to get someone to like them. It makes you question why it’s so successful in the first place.

Well, the first truth is that people are very stubborn. And secondly, they seek approval everywhere.

Ignoring a girl who rejected you doesn’t work anymore

Girls aren’t that easily fooled these days. It’s very difficult to attract a woman by being a jerk who doesn’t pay any attention to her. Nowadays, girls demand that your focus is on them and not on someone else.

There are also some other reasons ignoring a girl who rejected you won’t bring you closer to your goal – to make her rethink things.

1. Women are smart

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

Women are well aware of the games guys play in order to attract them. Yes, she rejected you first and now wants to give you another chance. Do you really believe she won’t see you’re playing those silly games with her by ignoring her?

She’s probably already talked with her friends to determine if she even wants to pursue you again. You can’t expect to attract a woman if she already knows what your plan is.

She’ll realize what’s up and abandon the idea of ever being with you. Even if you don’t want to admit it, the fact is that women are smart. They’re actually smarter than you can ever imagine.

She won’t just sit around and wait for you to give her attention. She’ll go elsewhere to get it.

2. They know their worth more today

Truthfully, women are more confident now than ever before in history. Even if everyone tries to undermine them, with all the bad things they receive on social media, they still feel awesome about themselves as a whole.

If you want to irritate and upset a girl, then ignoring her is the right way to achieve that. Eventually, she’ll realize that you’re someone who doesn’t deserve her and she’ll go out and find someone who does.

It’s not fair that she rejected you in the first place, but there’s no point in ignoring her either. You’ll just end up losing her instead of winning her over.

3. They can see your social media updates

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

Let’s say that the girl who rejected you wants a second chance and contacts you again. Do you believe ignoring her messages or posting them on social media will make you look more attractive? Probably not.

Women don’t want a man who disrespects them. You’re basically pushing her away by posting all those photos and statutes on your social media while she’s trying to redeem herself.

In the end, she’ll only send you a goodbye message and you won’t hear from her ever again.

Women, just like men, want a partner who always respects them no matter what. Even when you’re upset or angry at her, being respectful is a must and it’s something a gentleman does.

4. It’s so easy to find someone else who’ll give them attention

A woman will never sit around and try to get the attention of a guy when she can take her phone, swipe right a couple of times on any dating app, and get the attention she really wants.

I know that she rejected you, but maybe she had her reasons for doing so. Have you ever asked yourself whether she was ready to date you in the first place? And now that she wants a second chance, you’re ignoring her?

It’ll only result in you being lonely and scared of losing her forever. Remember that she’s able to find someone else who’ll give her the time of day. She can always leave you.

How to win over a girl who rejected you

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

You may think that ignoring a girl who rejected you will make her fall for you, but that’s usually not the case. First, you have to gather all the information you can to see if she had her reasons for giving you a negative answer in the first place.

Was she in a bad state mentally? Did she give herself enough time to heal from her previous toxic relationship? Was she giving you signs that she isn’t looking for anything serious at the moment?

The answers to those questions can shed some light on why she rejected you. I know that it’s not easy for men to accept rejection, but the fact is it happens to everyone. Most men are afraid of it and that’s why they have difficulties committing to a woman.

So, here’s how to win over a girl who rejected you:

1. Reflect on how you asked her out

So, we already established that ignoring a girl who rejected you won’t cause her to rethink things. The proper way to attract her is to reflect on how you asked her to go on a date with you and figure out where you went wrong.

Ask yourself if you were completely yourself? Did you pretend to be someone you’re not?

It’s okay to be nervous when asking a girl out because we all want to present ourselves in the best light possible when we’re trying to impress someone. Women are the same.

But perhaps that’s where you went wrong. If you showed your true colors, then maybe she would have accepted your invitation. She’d probably have liked the real you much more.

There’s also the possibility that you were genuinely yourself around her and still got turned down. In that case, you have to think about your strategy. You can’t simply ignore her and hope that she’ll come around.

Did you perhaps mistake politeness for mutual interest? Did you ask her out too soon? Maybe you read her signals wrong and got caught up in your emotions?

If you can figure out where you went wrong, then you have a shot at winning her over. It might mean that you have to start from the beginning and spend a bit more time getting to know her.

2. Don’t pressure her into changing her mind

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

You may think that ignoring a girl who rejected you will cause her to give you another chance, but it won’t. It’s good to have a plan of action to win her over and show off all your attractive and awesome qualities, but you don’t want to pressure her into dating you.

Most girls at some point in their life have had that one persistent guy who wasn’t able to accept rejection. He’d harrass her, blow up her phone, and find other ways to pressure her into going out with him.

But that’s not how you’ll win her over, and you certainly won’t do it by ignoring her after she rejected you the first time you asked her out.

You have to respect her decision and wait for your opportunity. It’s okay if you want to let her know that your feelings are hurt, she should understand that. But what you shouldn’t do is make her feel bad about it. Or, God forbid, show up at her work every day with flowers.

Also, if you want to get your chance at your dreamgirl even after she rejected you, then you need to go slow and not come off too strong. That will only drive her further away and make you come across as desperate and needy.

3. Stop pursuing her and give her space

I get it. You just got rejected by her and your ego is hurt. It’s normal that you’re thinking of her all the time.

Don’t be driven by your emotions and think that this is a challenge for you to win her over immediately. It isn’t. You need to stop at once.

Let me tell you a secret: Women enjoy being chased. They absolutely adore the thrill of a man wanting them, and that’s all it is. And sometimes, they lead men on just to have a bit of fun. I mean, it’s tough to hear it but it’s the truth.

As I already mentioned, we all seek attention from someone. But sometimes you just have to dial it down a notch and give her space so that she realizes what a great catch you actually are.

I’m not saying that you should be a complete jerk and completely ignore her after she cut you off, but give her a chance to miss you. It might even push her to chase you.

Turn things around and you’ll quickly notice whether or not she’s genuinely interested in you. And who knows, maybe she tells you why she rejected you the first time.

4. Focus on yourself

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

In times like these, it’s important that you shift your mind from all those negative thoughts onto something more positive and lively. You have to focus on yourself if you ever wish to make her rethink things.

Not only you’ll look better, but you’ll also feel better about yourself and you’ll send a great message that you’re not easily defeated. This is an attractive feature not so many guys possess.

But how can you focus on yourself and feel better at the same time? For starters, you could spend more time with friends. An excellent way to distract your mind is to surround yourself with people who make you feel happy.

They’ll help you forget about rejection for a second and also give you a much-needed fresh perspective on things. Perhaps you were wrong all along and she isn’t worthy of you at all. Maybe you failed to see that because you were infatuated.

Do things that nourish your body and soul. Treat yourself to an expensive dinner at your favorite restaurant or buy that new device you’ve been dying to get for ages.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to do a bit of self-esteem boosting as well. Remember that you’re an intelligent and great guy. So, write down everything you like about yourself. If you can’t think of anything, then ask your friends or family to tell you what they like about you.

Remind yourself of all the reasons a woman should be glad to have you in her life. And keep in mind, that just because she rejected you, doesn’t mean you’ll be alone for the rest of your life.

5. Don’t hold on to the past

The fact is no one likes to get rejected. It’s a difficult moment when you question your own value and worth. But there’s no doubt that it’s the only thing on your mind right about now. But you’re doing yourself no favors by staying in the past and only focusing on that.

So, when you catch yourself thinking about the exact moment she rejected you, then ask yourself these questions: Will thinking about it change your current situation? Can you do something that will make you feel better about yourself?

The best thing you can do right now to help you turn things around is to have a plan.

Talk to a friend or a family member and share what’s on your mind and how you’re feeling. Trust me, don’t be stupid and think that you can handle this by yourself. It’s okay to open up your heart to those who genuinely love you and care about your well-being.

Also, you can write down on a piece of paper how you’re feeling. This is an excellent way to accept your emotions like a real man and let everything negative out of your system.

Don’t skip this step because you never know if and when her feelings will change. Even if she rejected you, there’s a possibility that she’ll come back again.

Granted, ignoring her isn’t the way a gentleman treats a lady. But you should prioritize yourself and your mental health.

6. Try to be her friend

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

She may have rejected you, but that doesn’t give you the right to behave badly toward her. If your goal is to get another chance, then it’s probably for the best to stay on her good side.

You must give her time to process her emotions, but you can also remain friendly.

If she’s a coworker of yours, then why not surprise her sometimes with coffee the way she likes it and crack a joke or two. Keep the conversation casual even if it’s difficult for you not to ask her why she rejected you.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore her and make things even more awkward than they already are.

And if you don’t see that person regularly, then simply drop her a surprise message to keep in touch. Figure out a way to see each other more often if you have mutual friends.

In the end, if she wants to be friends with you, then be her friend.

Perhaps she rejected you because you came on too strong and she wanted to take her time to get to know you better. Just be careful not to get too comfortable in that friend zone.

Picking the right timing when asking a girl out on a date is everything. You have to be sure that you read the signs correctly or else you’ll be stuck in the friend zone forever.

7. Work on improving yourself and show off your strengths

The fact is that your crush might not be into you because she doesn’t like certain parts of your personality and that’s why she rejected you.

I’m not saying that you should obsess over every flaw that you possess, but rather focus on areas of yourself that need improvement. Perhaps you’re too arrogant or intimidating. In that case, work on being more humble and appreciative.

Whatever you identify as your flaw, work on it. I mean, everybody has parts that they need to improve, but maybe this girls’ rejection forces you to work on yours.

In the same breath, you shouldn’t hide your strengths either.

Women want a man who recognizes his flaws but also shows off his good qualities. So, if you’re known for being good-hearted, then be kind to everyone you meet. Eventually, she’ll hear from your mutual friends about it and come begging you to give her another chance.

8. Find out what you have in common

DONE! Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move

So we’ve established that you shouldn’t ignore this girl you like if she rejects you. Instead, figure out what you two have in common and use that to your advantage.

This is a good chance for you to create a deeper and more meaningful bond with her. If you both are into arts, then you can invite her to accompany you to a museum opening. Or if you’re both foodies, then tell her about the best restaurant you’ve visited recently.

Show her your fun side so that she doesn’t even think about dating other guys. You don’t actually have to tell her that you’re going on a “date” to persuade her to give you a shot.

And if you don’t find anything in common, then make a point of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some of the things she’s into. You never know, you might just discover that you like them.

9. Wait patiently for your opportunity

The final step when trying to win over a girl who rejected you is to be patient and wait for your opportunity. So by now, you learned what you need to improve about yourself to increase your chances and you know what things you two share in common.

The only thing that’s left is to be ready to make your move when the opportunity presents itself.

Don’t dwell on the rejection because we all know that feelings can change. Just because you received a no today, doesn’t mean she’ll say the same in a couple of months.

Anything is possible, but you need to keep your composure and not let your bad thoughts consume you.

Most importantly, be her friend and try to comfort her when she’s upset or sad. She has to see that you’re there for her when she’s in distress. Slowly gain her trust and when she’s finally ready to give you a chance, you’ll be there to seize it.

You might not be able to change her mind right now. But if you listen to these tips that I mentioned above, you’ll be in a position to catch her when she finally sees that you’re the right one for her.

Just keep in mind, ignoring a girl who rejected you will only make things worse than they’re already are.

Is Ignoring A Girl Who Rejected You A Smart Move?

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