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20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You Not To Soar Too High

20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You Not To Soar Too High

Looking for inspiration for your next tattoo? The myth of Icarus, with its timeless lessons and imagery, has captivated people for generations. As a powerful symbol of ambition and caution, Icarus is a perfect choice for meaningful tattoo art.

The story of Icarus is one we’ve all heard: a tale of curiosity and overreach. Ignoring his father’s warnings, Icarus flew too close to the sun with wings crafted from feathers and wax. His pride led to his downfall, as the sun’s heat melted his wings, causing him to plunge into the sea.

This myth serves as both a cautionary tale and a source of inspiration. It’s a reminder of the balance between aspiration and humility.

Below, you’ll find twenty stunning Icarus tattoo designs that capture the essence of this legend. Let’s dive into these iconic Icarus tattoos.

1. The fall of Icarus

20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You To Soar Into The Sky
Credit: 4._ink

This intricate design depicts Icarus falling from the sky due to his proximity to the sun. He is holding a cross, a religious symbol, reminding all believers that God is watching.

Our deeds have consequences, and it is our job to ask ourselves if they are worth it. This isn’t to say that we should never strive high. However, we should also be conscious of our own capabilities. We can stay grounded while still pursuing our goals.

2. The eye of judgment

2. The eye of judgment
Credit: chvnshydesu

This tattoo intensifies the religious symbolism of the myth. You can see an eye positioned between the sun and Icarus, representing the gods who didn’t allow him to reach his goal.

A quote reminds us that “pride is the devil,” implying we shouldn’t succumb to the wishes of our ego, as there is always a price to pay in the end.

The wings are melting, and feathers are dispersed in the air, rendering Icarus defeated.

3. No sign of remorse

Icarus is reaching for the sun even as he is falling. His defeat doesn’t quell his desire for greatness. In fact, he learns nothing from his alleged mistake.

But was he really wrong to soar high, or was he rather admirable for it? It’s open to interpretation. Either way, it’s an iconic tattoo with an important message, whatever it may mean to you.

4. The mourning

This is a wonderful black and gray Icarus tattoo depicting his death. He left sadness in the world but died with joy because he tried to fulfill his heart’s desire. Even if he failed, it was enough that he tried.

It’s a design that makes you contemplate your effect on other people’s lives and the legacy you leave behind. Is it one of happiness or grief?

5. God-like

20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You To Soar Into The Sky
Credit: concreteforty

This is an intricate example of an Icarus tattoo. He is striving for the sun but isn’t facing it, symbolizing his distance from his unreachable goal. He has to turn his head just to see it.

The design is reminiscent of Jesus’ crucifixion. Does that mean his sin isn’t unforgivable? It’s a tattoo perfect for deep contemplation.

6. Soaring high

6. Soaring high

This is another example of an Icarus tattoo, with his wings visibly attached to his body. This signifies that they don’t belong to him, but are stolen from his father despite his kind warnings.

It’s a design that reminds us to be cautious. While it’s gratifying to pursue our goals, it can also lead to our downfall.

7. Reaching for the sun

This tattoo depicts not only the fall of Icarus but also his dissolution. We can see that the image of his body isn’t complete, with pieces of him falling to the ground.

It’s a design that evokes important questions. Do we lose ourselves when we soar too high? Is it the literal end of us?

8. The punishment

This design depicts the punishment of Icarus in various ways. His wings aren’t melting; they are gone. You can also see lightning striking him from two directions.

Essentially, this Icarus tattoo reminds us that, one way or another, we will reap what we sow.

9. Fibonacci’s spiral

The Fibonacci numbers represent a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding it, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

Add an Icarus tattoo to the mix, and you will be reminded that your deeds will have an impact on your life.

10. Icarus tattoo with an inspirational quote

10. Icarus tattoo with an inspirational quote
Credit: gab7sz

This Icarus tattoo captures him in a moment of curiosity and pride, portraying him as neither vulnerable nor defeated.

Accompanied by a quote celebrating him as a legendary figure deserving of kindness from the gods, it serves as a powerful reminder to embrace your inner Icarus.

11. The passionate Icarus

20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You To Soar Into The Sky
Credit: billzolo

The reddish hue of the tattoo symbolizes Icarus’ passionate and proud nature. Opting for this design serves as a reminder to pursue your dreams, no matter how distant they may seem.

Alternatively, viewing the story from a different perspective prompts introspection into your own desires.

12. Betrayal

This intriguing Icarus tattoo portrays him as a victim, his wings not melting but instead stabbed three times. This symbolism reflects the disappointment of pursuing something we believe will elevate us to great heights.

It serves as a poignant reminder to tread carefully with each step in life.

13. The laugh of Icarus

This is another example of an Icarus tattoo featuring reddish tones, symbolizing his passion and individuality. While we may not visibly see it in this design, there’s a famous line that states “Icarus laughed as he fell.”

With his hand reaching for the sun, seemingly disregarding his imminent demise, one can imagine the laughter, embodying his defiance and unwavering spirit.

14. The lament for Icarus

14. The lament for Icarus
Credit: ___soyboy

This chest tattoo depicts a famous painting by Herbert James Draper titled “The Lament for Icarus.” It portrays his corpse surrounded by three beautiful nymphs.

Interestingly, his wings are not melted but rather intact, symbolizing the poetic nature of his deed despite his ultimate demise.

15. Abstract Icarus tattoo

If you’re a fan of abstract tattoos, here’s one for you. It features a myriad of unconnected images, forming a complex design that captivates the eye.

With this tattoo, you’re free to interpret your own meaning, drawing inspiration from the sheer beauty of this enigmatic artwork.

16. Intricate Icarus tattoo

Here’s another example of a complex Icarus tattoo, depicting him in mid-fall surrounded by intricate geometric shapes.

Incorporating the geometrical tattoo style adds an intriguing dimension to the design, enhancing its beauty even further.

17. Complex design

Here’s yet another abstract Icarus tattoo! They’re so unique and wonderful that we can’t seem to get enough of them. This one showcases Icarus’ eager, reaching hand, alongside the image of a sword reminiscent of King Arthur drawing one from the stone.

Though these are very different stories, both Arthur and Icarus embody determination and stand as enduring legends.

You can incorporate additional intricate symbols to create an even more captivating abstract tattoo!

18. Icarus arm tattoo

Here’s another cool Icarus tattoo, placed on the arm to make it visible to everyone, especially during the summer. What does this mean? It means you’ll look cool as hell!

Not only will this tattoo elevate your appearance, but it will also serve as a reminder of important life lessons that evoke both fear and inspiration.

19. Icarus thigh tattoo

20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You To Soar Into The Sky
Credit: j.greyish

Consider opting for the thigh placement if you prefer a less visible Icarus tattoo. While it may not be immediately seen by others, what truly matters is the personal significance it holds for you.

As long as it serves as a reminder of what you need to hear, its placement becomes secondary to its meaningfulness in your life.

20. Fine line tattoo

Opt for the delicate fine line tattoo to infuse elegance into your design. Simple yet intricate, it adds an aura of intrigue to your overall appearance.

Most importantly, it serves as a reminder of the dangers of pride and the joys of determination.

The interpretation of the myth of Icarus is entirely up to you. There’s no singular truth because there are many facets to the story. So, whatever you believe, transform that belief into art and etch it onto your skin!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the designs we’ve shared and found the perfect one for you. Good luck!

20 Iconic Icarus Tattoos To Remind You Not To Soar Too High

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