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How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her: 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her: 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

I know why you’re here. You made a mistake with your girl and now you’re wondering how to win her back after hurting her. Don’t worry, this is your safe space. Whatever happened between the two of you, I’m not here to judge but to help you achieve your goal.

I know it feels awful, but the good thing is that you’re here, which means that you’re ready to fight for her. And that’s a great first step towards winning her back.

So you obviously have the will, the strength, the courage and the last thing you need are some special tips and tricks. Luckily for you, I’ve prepared 15 of them. So…

Are you ready to do what it takes?

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but before you start winning her heart back there are some things you’ll need to think about first. Those things will tell you whether you’re ready to do what it takes or you should wait for some more time.

Okay, let’s see. You hurt her by something you’ve done or said and now you’re really sorry, and you want to prove to her that you love her. That’s clear, but you shouldn’t start your quest if you aren’t aware of the fact that you’ll have to make some changes too.

If you behaved in a certain way that hurt her so much that she decided to step away, then it means that you should change that before you try to approach her. If you come to her and beg for forgiveness but she sees that you still haven’t realized the real problem, you’ll lose her forever.

But if you’re really willing to work on yourself, then you’re more than ready to go on your quest and win her back after hurting her. And remember – Don’t be afraid to fight for the girl you love!

The most common things men do that hurt their girlfriends

I promise this is the last thing I have to say before showing you those amazing 15 tips and tricks. But if you’re not really sure what went wrong between the two of you, I’ll show you the list of the most common things men do that hurt their wives and girlfriends.

Maybe it will help you realize what your mistake was. Let’s check them out together.

1) Playing mind games

2) Playing with her emotions

3) Flirting with other women

4) Ignoring her feelings

5) Ignoring her when she’s trying to talk about her problems

6) Not showing interest in her anymore

7) Breaking promises you’ve made

8) Being unfaithful

9) Making her feel like she’s not good enough

10) Putting her down all the time

DONE How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully 2

11) Telling her that she used to be more fun in the past

12) Physically, verbally, or emotionally abusing her

13) Being too controlling about her life

14) Always accusing her of something

15) Not being there for her when she needs you

16) Constantly comparing her to other women

17) Forgetting some important dates or events

18) Pointing out her insecurities

19) Making lots of plans without her

There are lot more examples, but these are just some common ones that can really hurt a woman. Look at them one more time and try to figure out if you’ve made some of these mistakes; and if you did, how many. Then you’ll know what needs to be changed. It’s a great starting point for you.

And now it’s time to move on to fixing the problem!

Tips and tricks on how to win her back after hurting her

Now that you know whether you’re ready or not, and you’re familiar with the mistakes guys often make, you’re ready for the next step. Reading tips and tricks on how to win her back after hurting her.

I’ve picked the best ones for you because I really want to help guys who are willing to do everything to get their girls back.

So I won’t keep you waiting and I’ll let you see what you’ve come for. Read carefully and try to remember as many things as possible. Good luck!

1) Think about what you did wrong

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

Okay, I already kinda mentioned this first tip I have for you, but I’m here to elaborate on it. What is hiding behind the “Think about what you did wrong”?

Remember the 20 most common mistakes you’ve just read? Those are some problems that are highly likely to happen but maybe there was something else wrong in your relationship. Maybe it was something that only the two of you knew. You made a certain promise you failed to keep or something like that?

When you find the main reason why you lost her, that’s the moment when you’ll be able to start your quest to win her back after hurting her.

2) Try to understand how she feels

If you really want to change her mind about you, you’ll have to try to understand how she feels. I know it’s sometimes difficult, but in order to succeed you’ll have to put yourself in her shoes. When you know what you’ve done, it’s easier to understand what she’s going through.

That’s why I emphasized the importance of finding out your biggest mistake. Then what you’ll do next is act out the whole situation in your head. But this time you’ll be her, and she’ll be you. Then imagine absolutely everything that has happened.

Don’t forget a single detail. Everything you told her or you did to her, will now be done to you by her in your head. That way it’ll be easier for you to understand how she felt at that particular moment. And you’ll also realize what made her react the way she did after that situation.

3) Ask her to meet you

DONE How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully 4

Great! Now you know what you’ve done, you know how it made her feel, which means you’re ready to call her and ask her to meet you. You can even send her a message instead of giving her a call.

Write the name of your favorite cafe, and the time you want to meet her, but also say that some other day is fine too. That way you’ll give her a chance to choose whether she wants to come or not.

If you call her she might feel forced to do it, so it could make her feel uncomfortable. If you text her, she’ll most likely take some time to think about if she wants to see you, but she’ll probably come and talk to you.

One important thing to know is that you shouldn’t ask her to meet you if you aren’t ready to talk. Firstly, you need to figure out what you want to tell her and what you want to achieve with that conversation.

And then, you’ll be all set to text or call her with a mission to fix the mistake(s) you’ve made.

4) Apologize sincerely

When the two of you finally see each other, the first thing you’ll need to do is apologize. But do it as sincerely as you can. Because she’ll definitely know whether you really think like that, or you’re just saying that because you know you should. Trust me, women easily recognize lies like that!

If she sees that you mean it then she definitely won’t get up and leave you alone in a full cafe. She’ll give you a chance to explain yourself. She also wants to know what made you do or say the things you did, so if you don’t mess up your apology, you won’t have to worry about her getting up and leaving.

5) Let her speak

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

And here’s one of the most important tips on how to win her back after hurting her! And it’s to let her speak. You’re the one who made a mistake and she’s the one who got hurt. Now you’ll have to play by her rules if you want to get another chance.

And she won’t make some difficult rules. She’ll probably just want you to listen carefully to everything she has to say about your relationship and the problems you’ve faced. You probably didn’t listen to her well while you were together, because if you did, some of the issues wouldn’t occur at all.

But now you have a chance to fix that. So what you’ll do is sit back, and let her speak her mind. No matter how long she decides to talk, you’ll have to pay attention to every detail. Because everything she tells you is a hint on how to fix your relationship.

6) Show that you’re sorry about everything that’s happened

When she’s done talking it’s your turn to show her you’re really sorry about everything that’s happened between the two of you. And how are you going to do that?

The first step is to apologize once again. You’re doing it again because she just told you everything that’s been bothering her and it’s a great way to start your speech.

The second step is to speak about your feelings. Help her understand that you really spent lots of time thinking about your mistake and that you’re really sorry. Tell her that you are willing to work on yourself in order to fix the relationship.

Make sure she knows that you realized why she’s hurt and validate her feelings. When she sees that you are really looking at the situation realistically she’ll feel much better and she’ll be ready to give you another chance.

After that, you’ll have to prove to her with your actions that you truly meant what you said. Show her that your apology was honest and that you’re 100% committed to fixing the mistakes you’ve made.

7) Start your mission to win her back after hurting her by complimenting her

DONE How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully 6

Okay, if your conversation ended well and you’re feeling optimistic about this whole situation, then you shouldn’t forget this advice.

Start your mission to win her back after hurting her by showering her with compliments and attention. Prove to her that she’s your number one and that you’re willing to fight for her.

Most women really appreciate it when they see that someone is trying hard to fix their mistakes. And if you show her that your intentions are honest, she’ll most likely let you continue working on your mission. You’re in love with her so thinking of some cute compliments shouldn’t be a difficult task for you.

Be unique. If you know that everyone is complimenting her eyes, be the one who’ll say something nice about her lips. Or if everyone is telling her that she’s funny, point out that she’s also very smart. You can even tell her the things you miss about her since the two of you parted.

8) Show that you’re working on yourself

And now the real mission starts! You’re starting your journey to save your relationship. And the first thing you’ll need to show to the girl you love is that you’re working on yourself. And what do I mean by working on yourself?

Maybe you heard her complaining that you’re too lazy or she even called you a couch potato. Then you’ll have to get up and start doing some things that you might find interesting. It could be going to the gym, running, gardening, or anything else that requires some physical effort.

Or maybe she said that you don’t have high ambitions when it comes to education or jobs. Then try to find some field that really interests you and start learning something new.

You shouldn’t do something that you don’t like just so she’ll like you more. But there must be many things that you love that are also great for this purpose.

9) Do little things to make her happy

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

Luckily for you, the two of you have already been together, so you already know what are the things she really likes. So use that. Use all the knowledge you have about her, and do little things that will make her happy again.

Maybe you play some instrument and you know she really likes it. Record something just for her. If you’re a good singer or writer, or you know how to draw well, use your talents to impress her again. I’m sure these are the things that will melt her heart.

But I know that these talents are rare, so if you aren’t one of those lucky people, don’t lose hope yet. There are many more things you can do to make her happy.

If she likes movies prepare a date using a movie theme. Or if she really likes some handmade gifts, then make her something. No matter how good or bad it looks, she’ll appreciate the effort.

10) Give her space

If you really want to win her back after hurting her, then you’ll need to be ready to give her some space. She’s still hurt. Those feelings can’t leave that quickly. Now she’s in a phase where she’s recovering from everything bad that’s happened.

And in that period, she needs some “me time” to clear her head. She needs some space to figure out what she’s feeling at the moment and what things will help her heal. And if you’re constantly calling and texting her, or behaving like you’re still in a relationship you will make it more difficult for her.

She’ll be even more confused and annoyed by your behavior. And that definitely isn’t something you would like to do. So don’t be afraid to give her some space. It won’t mean that you let her go, it will just show her that you respect her more.

11) Avoid anything that can be a reminder of what you did

DONE How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully 8

When you’re trying to figure out how to win her back after hurting her, there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do. And that’s to remind her of what you’ve done. Let’s say you ignored her feelings. And now you’re constantly reminding her that it will never happen again. It’s good to make that promise.

But if you talk about it too much, it will just serve as a reminder that you’ve done that multiple times during your relationship. Or maybe you flirted with someone and that hurt her feelings and now you’re suddenly talking about how flirting is destroying relationships, and you realized your mistake.

It’s a great thing you did. But you shouldn’t point out the mistakes you’ve made. If she’s not bringing them up, don’t dig yourself a grave by reminding her of them.

12) Focus on the future instead of the past

And closely connected to the previous one. If you want to win her back after hurting her, you’ll have to try and focus on the future instead of the past. If you’re constantly spending time thinking only about the things that were problematic in your relationship, you’ll never let go of the past issues.

And you won’t give your relationship a chance to get fixed. Instead of doing that, try to work hard to make a bright future for your possible relationship. And if you decide to follow the tips I’ve given you so far, you’ll be one step closer to achieving that.

Stay optimistic and work hard to show her that you really changed. But only change the things that you really think demand getting the change. And be yourself!

13) Don’t forget to take care of yourself

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

I know how it goes when we hurt someone we love. We really want to fix the mistakes we’ve made so we focus on that person and make them our priority. We fight so hard to get them back that we lose ourselves.

That happens because we ignore our feelings. We get so busy fixing the mistake we’ve made that we don’t realize that our mental health is suffering. And why is it suffering? Because we spent so much time blaming ourselves.

It’s a great thing to admit when you’ve done something wrong. But we should always be aware that we are humans, and humans make mistakes. And if you learned from them then it means you’re one hella good human being.

14) Don’t give up too soon

I know you miss her and you want her to be yours again as soon as possible. But you need to be aware that these things might take some time. She might be hurt more than you think, or maybe even suspicious about your intentions.

And it’s totally normal, you can’t blame her for having trust issues after everything that’s happened. So, if you see that it’s taking more time than you expected, don’t give up immediately. Don’t lose hope that easily.

Good things take time, and she is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Imagine how much time it takes to get that back. Stay patient and continue working towards your goal.

15) Be aware that you might not succeed in winning her back

DONE How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her 15 Ways To Do It Successfully 10

I hope this won’t be the case, but we have to mention this too. Some couples just aren’t meant to be, and maybe you are one of them. If it turns out like that, I know it would feel like it’s the end of the world. But trust me, you’ll get through it.

I hope you’ll reach your goal, and I really believe you will. But before you start your quest to win your princess back, make sure that you’re aware that you might not succeed. That way it will be at least a bit easier to get over it if your mission fails in the end.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end and now you know how to win her back after hurting her. I know you’re probably afraid of what will happen. But if you’re really willing to fight for her and change some things that really demand being changed, then she’ll notice it and she’ll probably give you another chance.

And if by some chance, the two of you don’t manage to work things out, then you’ll know that you tried your best. And you’ll have lots of new knowledge about relationships so you’ll be able to treat your next girlfriend the right way.

Whatever happens, I’m proud of you for choosing to go on a quest for your princess, instead of immediately giving up. I believe in you, good luck!

How To Win Her Back After Hurting Her: 15 Ways To Do It Successfully

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