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How To Make Him Want You Back: 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

How To Make Him Want You Back: 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

Whether he has broken up with you or you dumped him, now you want to know how to make him want you back. Ending a relationship is never easy, and we often wish to give a relationship a second chance so if you’re dreaming of your ex and hoping he’ll come back, this is the article for you.

Your relationship ended for a reason, so to figure out how to win your ex back, you have to figure out that reason. No matter how much you want him back, however, you don’t want the old problems to come back too. If you do get back together, both of you will have to work on this relationship to make it successful.

How to make him want you after a breakup? See what you can improve about yourself, hit the gym and get in shape, and it will improve your self-esteem as well. Stop obsessing about how to win your ex back and start working on yourself. Don’t fall into despair, and don’t let yourself beg for his attention. He will have to work on himself, too, so don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

You broke up for a reason, and there’s no point in building a relationship again if the same reasons are going to cause issues. Both of you will need to put effort into making this relationship work.

If you read our tips on how to make him want you back after a breakup, you could get him back… but what if you don’t? What if, despite all the ways to get your ex back, he still doesn’t want to come back?

Self-pity won’t get you anywhere, and you’ll have to move on. It won’t be easy, but you’ll have to keep in mind what a fantastic person you are. There are a lot of men out there who will know how to appreciate you.

Let your loved ones help you move on. They will support you, and you’ll come out of this stronger than you were before. Talk to them about how you feel and let them remind you that breakups are a part of life.

Don’t compromise your dignity by trying to win back someone who doesn’t want you. If none of the ways to make him want you back work, get back on the dating scene. Realize that a lot of opportunities will open up to you once you get over this guy and use them.

You don’t have to get into a new relationship right away, so allow yourself to feel the pain of moving on… but get out there and meet new men as it will show you that there are billions of them out there, so losing one of them isn’t the end of the world.

Everyone gets their heart broken from time to time, but you have to move past it. Forgive and forget, as they say. Hating him will only hurt you, so just try to move on as soon as you can. 

Still, we’re not there yet, and maybe your ex actually regrets losing you and that is why it’s important to read all the ways to make him miss you and want you back. If you use this advice, you might get him back, but even if you don’t, you’ll feel better.

How to make him want you back

How To Make Him Want You Back: 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

If you’re looking for ways to make him miss you and want you back, you’re in luck. This article is all about how to get your ex back, and if this doesn’t work, nothing will. 

Your ex might be regretting breaking up with you at this very moment. It will make things easier for you, but even if he’s fighting his feelings, this will get him to want you again. Don’t forget how amazing you are and make him regret breaking up with you.

Ways to make him want you back

How To Make Him Want You Back: 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

1. Get in shape

The thing about men is that they are visual creatures, so they easily fall in love with what they can see. Regularly hitting the gym is not just a way to get your ex back, it’s also good for you, so getting him back is just the icing on the cake.

Getting in shape won’t just make you healthier but a lot hotter. When he sees you, he’ll notice the change, and it will make him want you back. We all know that men can’t resist a hot body.

Still, the vital thing to remember here is that you’re doing this for yourself, not for him. Just think about it; once you get in shape, other men will be more attracted to you too. You’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll be more confident.

When you see your ex, don’t give him a lot of attention like you did before. Play it cool and look your best, and he won’t be able to resist you.

This is an excellent time for you to start with healthy habits such as going to the gym. It will make you feel better about yourself, so even if he doesn’t want you back, you’ll feel great. You’ll feel energized, healthy, hot, and ready to take on the world.

If he doesn’t appreciate your fantastic body, be sure that it will attract other guys who will. Working out is an excellent way for you to stay active during this period and is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

2. Renew your wardrobe

How To Make Him Want You Back: 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

Now that you look all tight and beautiful, you should wear clothes that are tight too. How to get your ex back? By looking the best you can.

Besides hitting the gym, you’ll need to have a wardrobe overhaul. Get rid of everything boring and replace them with something new. From your casual wear to your lingerie, get rid of your old things and get some new ones.

If you’re not so into fashion, find help by reading popular fashion blogs or let a friend help you. Your friends know what your end goal is, so they’ll give you the best possible advice. Renewing your wardrobe can be really fun if you do it with friends.

You can make it a fun activity by drinking some wine while you go through your old things. Your friends can help you decide what to keep by holding up one of two pieces of paper; one should say ‘toss’ while the other one says ‘keep’.

Try on clothes and remember to have fun while you get rid of the boring ones. That’s when the fun part starts; it’s time for shopping.

Take your friends with you when you go shopping and let them help you. Maybe you have been focusing on clothes that are comfortable but now focus on what makes you look good.

The next time you see him, make sure you’re in shape and wearing the hottest outfit. If that doesn’t make him regret losing you, nothing will.

3. Ignore him

The reason why you broke up in the first place could be because he thought he would never lose you. You let him believe that he didn’t have to put any effort in because you’d always be there. He took you for granted, and you let him, but it’s not too late to change that around.

Keep your distance and make sure you improve the quality of your life instead of wallowing in self-pity. It’s understood that you’re hurt, but what you do about it is what will define you. The reason why people feel pain is so they won’t make the same mistake twice.

Whether you want him back or choose to move on, ignore him. It could spark a renewed interest and make him realize that he made a mistake when he let you go and that’s when he will come back to you.

Whatever you do, don’t beg for his attention. Don’t show him that you’re desperate and don’t let him know that you’re searching for ways to make him want you back. Ignore him and let him see that there are a lot of other things going on in your life. He shouldn’t know that you’re thinking so much about him and your breakup so focus on other things that are going on in your life. Focus on yourself and ignore him, as by ignoring him, you’re letting him know that you’re above it all, and he will have to at least respect you for it.

4. Have fun

How To Make Him Want You Back: 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

Can you believe that having fun is actually how to make him want you back? He will think that you have moved on, and that will punch holes in his confidence. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to move on for real.

Once you start making the most of life, it will make him question his decisions. If you have broken up recently, be sure that he’ll keep an eye on you so don’t let him see that you’re suffering and make him think you’ve moved on instead.

He will want you back as soon as he sees how much fun you’re having without him. Ignore his texts at first because he needs to see that you are a strong and confident woman. You can talk to him in person if he reaches out.

Don’t ignore him for long, though, because he might lose interest. You need to do it only long enough for him to want you back and once he comes back, you can set the rules for the relationship.

Till then, try to enjoy yourself and have as much fun as you can. Even if it doesn’t bring him back, it will make you feel better and move on faster.

Do anything that makes you happy, including going out with your friends and having fun. This is the best cure for a broken heart, and it might make it whole again. Once he sees how great you’re doing without him, he’ll want to be a part of your life again.

5. Exclude him

You used to include your ex in everything when you were together. Well, now you’re not anymore, so you have every right to exclude him in everything you do and this is how to make him want you back.

He needs to know that all his privileges are now revoked. It will make him regret losing you, and he’ll want to win you back. 

Did you break up recently? A week after your breakup, throw a party at your place and invite everyone but him. You can even invite some of his friends or family members. Invite just about everyone except for him.

You’ll certainly get his attention, and he will want to find out why he was excluded. Well, you’re not his girlfriend anymore, so you don’t owe him any explanations and not explaining yourself to him will only make him want you even more.

He will see how great you’re doing without him and that moving on wasn’t so hard for you and that is why he will want you back. However, if he finds out that you’re crying over him, that neediness will push him further away.

When you’re around your mutual friends, make sure to always be jovial and happy and they will let your ex know how happy you are without him, which has to make him want you back.

6. Give him his stuff back

Couples leave their things at each other’s places when they’re dating so what happens to it after you have broken up? Make him realize the gravity of the situation by returning his stuff.

This stuff should include any personal gifts he gave you, such as an anniversary ring or hot lingerie. It won’t be easy for you to surrender these things, but it will be worth it; after all, it’s how to make him want you back.

Don’t hold on to anything of his if you want him back. You don’t want him to think that he still has power over you, and he’ll think that if you hold on to his things. 

Returning his items also gives you a chance to play dirty. Leave your scent on his items by using a little of your perfume. It will bring back memories as soon as he smells it, as he will recognize your scent and start thinking about you. When he remembers the good times you had together, he will want more. 

Returning his things is also an excellent opportunity for you two to finally see each other. Make sure you look your best, as I already suggested earlier. Once he sees you looking better than ever and feeling great, he’ll want you back. So, use his things as a way of getting him back. Also, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t want his stuff back, as that’s your cue that he’s coming back.

7. Initiate a conversation

How To Make Him Want You Back 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You 4

At one point, you could initiate a conversation as a way to make him want you back. Don’t forget to show your independence; you can achieve that by not being available too much.

Communication should be as scarce as possible if you want him to come back. He needs to see that he is no longer a priority in your life, and it will make him want you.

Take your time when responding to his messages, and don’t ever call him back. Make it seem like keeping him waiting really isn’t such a big deal. 

Surely he will want to know why he had to wait and when that happens, tell him you had more important things going on at the time. If you want to mess with his head, you can always tell him that some hot guy was there and he hit on you as he will surely want to know more about that and that’s your opportunity to drive him crazy. Make sure that your imaginary lover has all the qualities that your ex lacks, as it will make him want you again.

If he shows jealousy when you talk about your new lover, it’s a sure sign he still has feelings for you. See if he is jealous, and you’ll know how he really feels about you.

8. Make him jealous

When you’re searching for ways to make him want you back, you’ll find that reverse psychology does the trick. You should have a lot of hot guys around you who you can go out with or you can even choose a better man who will really make your ex jealous.

Of course, it can be a fake date; just make sure you feel comfortable around the guy. Your ex will see or hear about it, and he’ll get really jealous, which is what will make him come back to you. His jealousy won’t allow him to move on, and that’s precisely what you want. Remember to look as happy as you can. If he loves you, he’ll want to come back right away.

In any case, you’ll succeed at making him jealous, and that’s one of the ways to get him back. Be aware that he might try to do the same to you so when he gets with another girl, don’t let him see that it bothers you. Instead, show him that you have moved on to better things. 

When you’re making him jealous, keep in mind that moderation has great power. Don’t overdo it because everyone has a limit, even your ex. You don’t want to push him too far because he won’t come back then. Still, getting to see the look on his face when he sees you with a hot guy will be priceless.

9. Don’t be nice

How To Make Him Want You Back 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You 5

You’re not together anymore, so you don’t need to be as nice as you were when you were in a relationship. In fact, you shouldn’t be as nice. It doesn’t make you a bad person but shows that you want to be treated with love and respect.

So, if he wants you and your niceness back, he will have to make amends. He has to realize that he has to give something to get something. 

Have your friends support you because not being nice isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Your friends will help you stay strong and not crumble at the sight of your ex. 

Leave vague responses and respond with short texts. It will make him wonder what he has done to deserve that. If he asks about it, it’s an excellent opportunity to tell him everything that he did wrong. Be firm, and he will want you back as soon as he realizes that he has lost you. He’ll regret it and come back.

He will remember how nice you were when the two of you were together. It will really make him wonder what he has done to deserve this lack of niceness from you and you can then go ahead and tell him why when he asks.

10. Make it official on social media

Your relationship is over, so there’s no need to keep the pictures of you two together on your social media profiles so you can delete them. It will make him scared because he’ll realize that he really has lost everything you two had. 

After a breakup, a guy wants to feel like he could get back with his ex-girlfriend so if you make it official on social media that the two of you are done, it will make him want you back. You can also change your relationship status to single and wait for his reaction. 

Still, just because he wants to come back doesn’t mean that you should make it easy for him. The reality of permanently losing you is going to hit him hard, and he’ll be ready to do anything to get back together. Again, be careful not to overdo it but make your point clear.

It could be good to keep him as a friend on social media, so he can see how happy you are without him. Just avoid his social media profiles. Unfollow him, and that could do the trick.

Make your profiles all about starting over. He needs to know that he has lost the best thing in his life. Now, all that’s left is for you to wait for him to come to his senses.

How To Make Him Want You Back_ 10 Proven Ways That Will Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You

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