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How To Make Him Fear Losing You: 17 Effective Ways

How To Make Him Fear Losing You: 17 Effective Ways

You already know that your man should be afraid of you leaving him to truly appreciate you… but how do you really make him fear losing you?

Relationships can be hard if he can’t make up his mind about you. Unfortunately, you can’t change his mind but you can make him scared of losing you.

Why would you even want to make your man afraid, though? Well, most men end up taking you for granted if they’re not afraid to lose you.

Giving him anything he wants can’t get him to respect you enough, let alone worry about you leaving. He knows that you’ll always be ready to take him back and show him love no matter what he does… and that’s a problem.

Instead of believing that you’ll always be there, he needs to know that you can give up easily… just like he can. In any relationship, the person who’s ready to walk away at any point is the person who has all the power.

Maybe you’ve been fighting for your relationship but he doesn’t seem to mind letting you go. To really have a happy relationship, that has to change.

In addition, men always appreciate what they can’t have and often love something only once they’ve lost it, which is why many of them will reach out again after the breakup.

Learning how to make him fear losing you is what will get him to see what he could lose. This is not some twisted mind game to control a man, however; it’s just a way to make him see things clearly.

If you were to leave him, he would eventually regret letting you go but if you just make it clear that you could leave any second, he’ll see what kind of woman he has and he’ll want to fight to keep you around.

The advice I’ll give you is not here to manipulate someone or play mind games. It’s the way a strong woman acts because she’s searching for the right man.

If your partner isn’t afraid to leave you, he needs to be afraid that you’ll leave him. Then he’ll be able to appreciate what he has and show you the love you deserve.

How to make him fear losing you

1. Don’t always be available

DONE How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

To learn how to make him fear losing you, you have to be unavailable from time to time. You need to give him some space and time to miss you.

Instead of always being there for him, try enjoying your life without him. Keep yourself busy doing the things you like and you’ll see that you can be happy without him.

Don’t tell him everything and keep him guessing about what you’re doing in your free time.

If you keep acting that way for a while, he’ll know that something’s not right. He’ll realize that he could lose you so he’ll try to make you happy.

He’ll start thinking about you more often and he’ll try to make your life easier. Your guy will want to spend more time with you once he sees that he can’t.

2. Show him that you have a life outside of the relationship

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

Sometimes, making your man fear losing you is as easy as having fun without him. You just shouldn’t include him in your life outside of the relationship.

Go out with your friends without him and let him wonder what you’re doing. If you want to make it spicier, you can even say that you’re going away somewhere for the weekend with your co-workers.

It doesn’t matter what you say as long as he knows that he’s not invited and other men are. He’ll realize that there will be other guys around you and some of them may try to steal you away from him.

If you mention that there will be alcohol, he’ll even worry that you’ll cheat on him. It may just be the wake-up call he needs to realize that you can live without him.

Your life, your happiness, and your friends don’t have to have anything to do with him. You don’t depend on him and he needs to know that you don’t need him, you just want him.

3. Wait for a little while before responding to his texts

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

All of us sometimes act needy and clingy but guys are tired of that. They don’t want us when they see us acting that way.

Everything needs to seem casual to spark their interest, so instead of answering his calls and responding to texts right away, take your time.

As long as you keep him waiting for a little while, he’ll have much more respect for you afterward. He’ll see that your world doesn’t revolve around him and you’re not one of those girls who waits by her phone for a guy to call.

You’ll show him that you’re not available whenever he thinks of you. If he wants you to stick around, he’ll need to put some effort into keeping you around.

Your relationship will improve if you do this. The change in your attitude will initiate changes in all aspects of your life.

4. Look your best for him

DONE How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways 4

Do you know what being a strong woman really means? Taking care of yourself and making yourself happy without expecting any man to do that for you.

To know how to make him fear losing you, you should learn how to be happy while you’re away from him.

Exercising can be a great way to release negative energy and become even better-looking in the process or dressing up can make him see how attractive you can be.

Men do want internal beauty but external beauty can catch their eye so that they never look away.

You don’t have to be a supermodel. As long as you make an effort to look your best, you’ll look more attractive.

Men are visual creatures and it’s impressive when a woman can work, have fun, and still look good at the same time.

Surely you have a little black or red dress that makes men turn their heads when you walk by. Show your man that even just your looks could catch someone else’s eye if he doesn’t focus on you.

5. Flirt with other men

 How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

This is dangerous territory because you could lose your man if you overdo it but as long as you know the line and don’t cross it, flirting with others will make him jealous.

Don’t go overboard but if you simply check out some handsome guy and give him a smile, it can be very effective.

Flirting with someone else will do much more than make your man jealous. He’ll realize that you can take your pick of the guys and yet you chose him, so he needs to choose you.

Another handsome man is like a threat to your man, especially if he flirts back.

Maybe you don’t even have to look for such a man. As long as he sees someone else hitting on you, he’ll realize that you could leave him.

He needs to know that he doesn’t own you and that you can be with someone else, maybe even someone who’d treat you better than he does.

Don’t keep flirting with other men if you’re in a serious relationship. Just once will be enough for him to get the message and be afraid of losing you.

6. Don’t be clingy or needy

 How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

Men don’t miss girls who act needy or clingy, they try to get away from them. You can’t act that way if you want to learn how to make him fear losing you.

Don’t always seek your boyfriend’s attention and don’t seem desperate. You don’t need a man to complete you and you can have a great time without him, which he needs to be aware of.

Show him that you’re stronger than he could possibly imagine. Let him have a life outside of the relationship and don’t be so interested in what he does… but the same goes for you, as you can enjoy your private life too.

7. Act a bit distant

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

Men often accuse women of being manipulative but they actually want us to be. It keeps things interesting for them and they have the desire to figure us out.

If you act a bit distant, he won’t help but wonder what’s going on in that head of yours and whether there’s even room for him there.

Don’t reveal everything about your life and make it fun for him by keeping him guessing. Do this by acting a bit distant, which will make you seem mysterious to him.

Pretend that everything is fine even when it clearly isn’t and make it seem that you just don’t want to talk to him about it. Men kind of hate that and love it at the same time.

8. Don’t give him everything he wants

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

To learn how to make him fear losing you, you can’t always please him. He needs to see that he can’t take you for granted and he will if you always do what he wants.

You have your own life and you need to pamper yourself, not just him. Don’t make him a priority because you have other things to do and you can’t stress about your love life all the time.

A lot of women put all their focus on their love life but we definitely shouldn’t.

Don’t give him everything he wants; think about what you want and let yourself have that and remember all the other aspects of your life that don’t include him.

If you keep giving him what he wants, he’ll just use you and take you for granted. He’ll even feel entitled to such treatment.

Set boundaries and don’t break them just to make him happy. He’ll see that you’re not in it just for fun but that you want a serious relationship.

He needs to do things for you too because you’re not interested in a one-sided relationship.

How to make him fear losing you? Show him that he needs you more than you need him.

9. Spend time with your own friends

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

Don’t just have mutual friends, have your own friends and go out with them. Just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should share absolutely everything.

Spend time with your friends and he’ll keep wondering what you’re doing when he’s not there. He’ll be afraid of losing you and realize that you have your own life.

Women do these things to show men that they can be fine without them, not to hurt them. It’s actually good for the relationship and helps both of you see that you can trust each other if you’re in it for the long run.

10. Show him that you’re an independent woman

DONE How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways 10

Your man will see you differently if you show him that you’re a strong, independent woman. He won’t take a woman like that for granted.

If you instead act needy, he’ll just think that you’ll stick around regardless of how he acts. Try seeming as independent as you can and you’ll see how your relationships will improve.

Men aren’t really into girls who need constant approval, they’re into women who know what they want and don’t need to ask for it.

You can handle things without him and he should be aware of that. That kind of attitude will make him see what kind of a woman he could lose… and he’ll want to keep you around.

11. Seduce him

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

If he sees you as a woman who can take her pick of the guys, he’ll surely fear losing you. He’ll want you more and it’ll make him treat you better.

Dress seductively and make him see what other men see when they notice you – a seductive, independent woman who wants a real man.

He’s a guy who knows the real you behind all that outer beauty and he’ll be aware that he could lose that person because others will see the beauty that glows from the inside.

He may even realize that he should give you a lot more attention than he has done up to now. You deserve to be treated right and there are plenty of men who’d be glad to do so.

12. Be who you really are

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All of these tricks are effective but they don’t mean that you should pretend that you’re someone you’re not. Be yourself around him but try to be the best possible version of yourself.

Do the things that make you happy and show him that he can’t control your life. You are his partner, not his humble assistant.

Don’t feel bad about focusing on yourself because you need to love yourself more than you love him. He can’t control you and you shouldn’t want him to either.

He’ll see that he needs to put effort into maintaining your relationship. He’s there to please you too, not just get all your love and attention while not giving the same to you.

You have a lot to offer and it needs to be clear to him. Show him that he won’t easily find another one like you and that he’ll regret losing a good woman.

13. Don’t let him treat you like an option

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

When he calls you just because his friends canceled on him at the last minute, you shouldn’t be available. Let him see that you have enough self-respect to not let anyone treat you like a second choice or an option.

Men want women who can take care of themselves, so show him that you’re that kind of woman. You can’t be available to him whenever he wants you to be because you have other plans.

Maybe you wanted to simply watch your favorite TV show, so do that instead of agreeing to see him. If you’re constantly available, he’ll surely take you for granted.

Stop fighting for a guy who isn’t afraid of losing you and make him see that he should be. Don’t ever settle for less than what you truly deserve and you deserve to be treated right.

14. Post pictures on social media that show you’re having a good time without him

DONE How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways 13

Let him see that you can have a great time even when he’s not around to see it. Show him that even though he’s important to you, he’s not the only person you like.

Post some pictures of the two of you together but post many more of those you take with friends.

Don’t forget that you need to be with a person who’s scared of losing you. You don’t need a man to be happy because you can create your own happiness.

Don’t try to make him jealous, though, because you don’t want to cause a fight. You just want to live happily, even if he’s not around, and what’s wrong with that?

The truth is, men don’t put as much focus on their love life as we do, which is why we need to focus on other aspects of our life too. We also need to remind them of their love life because it could change if we decide to leave.

15. Don’t be interested in everything he tells you

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

You’ve been together for a while now and his stories aren’t as interesting as they used to be. Once you get to know someone, you become less interested because there are fewer new things to discover.

That’s how men think, so we should too. Don’t give him all of your attention and feel free to check your phone while he talks.

Men expect you to give them all of your attention but they like it better when you don’t. They realize that you aren’t the same as other women and that they need to chase you.

What could be more interesting than what he’s telling you? Well, whatever it is that you see on your phone…

This is a little disrespectful but if you want him to respect you more, you have to respect him less. Make him see that he may have a rival so he needs to fight for you and your love.

Men love that, as they aren’t interested when everything’s served to them on a silver platter. Spice things up by being less interested in him to make him scared that you’ll lose interest entirely.

16. Decrease the intimacy in your relationship

DONE How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways 15

Maybe you like PDAs and love hugging and kissing your man. You show him physical affection without making him yearn for your touch.

To make him want you more and fear losing you, don’t show as much physical affection. Let him truly enjoy your touch without ever taking it for granted.

17. Be a good girlfriend and his best friend

How To Make Him Fear Losing You 17 Effective Ways

If you don’t like playing all these games that don’t come naturally to you, just be a good girlfriend and try to be his best friend.

Be spontaneous and act playful whenever you feel like it. Express your love for him with little things that mean a lot to him.

Be honest and open with him and let him truly get to know you. Show him that you’re confident and try to improve your communication.

Whenever possible, make compromises and meet each other halfway, try to be a positive person, and show him all of your good qualities.

Have a life outside of the relationship but let him occasionally include you in his. By that, I mean that you should be nice to his friends and family.

Try to be his best friend and not just his girlfriend and if he truly loves you, he won’t risk losing you.

Don’t nag him or pick fights over nothing. When there’s a problem in the relationship, try to solve it together, not make it bigger.

Let him have some space just for himself and respect his privacy. Respect him and listen carefully when he has something to tell you.

You can also try showing interest in things that interest him and show appreciation for the things he does for you.

Good luck!

How To Make Him Fear Losing You: 17 Effective Ways

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