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How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

When you’re filled with all the anger and hurt they’ve put you through, you want to know how to make a narcissist fear you. You yearn to make them tremble just like they made you.

That cold-hearted monster took away everything you’ve ever known and loved. Now, it’s his turn for some cold-served revenge he deserves.

But there’s still that part of you hiding somewhere in the corner. It’s the part that’s broken but that could never heal properly. All the damage he’s done to you isn’t that easily repaired.

It hurts a hundred times more when you feel useless and helpless. You even start to hate yourself for not being able to fight back and save yourself.

DONE! How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

Let’s start out by saying that there are some ways you can make a narcissist fear you. But remember, it won’t be an easy task. All the fear that he instilled in you over the years can be like an anchor dragging you down.

It’s time to break out of those chains and stand up for yourself. You’ve been mistreated and badly hurt, but you refuse to let that keep you from living your life moving forward.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re still living in that nightmare. If you’re dealing with a narcissist right now, there are only a few escapes you see in front of you.

Everyone deals with narcissistic abuse the best they can, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Also, some things are easier said than done.

For instance, you know that you should run away as soon as you realize that a person’s no good for you. But what happens when that someone is so important to you and means the world to you?

It’s not easy cutting someone off, like a family member, lifelong friend, or partner for many years.

How do you make a narcissist fear you?

There are several ways you can attempt to make a narcissist fear you. It’s highly likely they’ll work, but again, it all depends on how you carry the plan out.

The key to success is confidence. Without it, there’s a high chance you’ll quickly abort the mission. Narcissists have a way of seeing right through you and your actions.

Still, don’t let your spirits down and give up the second you start to rethink your choice. You have to be persistent and the hard work will eventually pay off.

1. Speak up for yourself

DONE! How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

A narcissist isn’t used to you expressing your opinion. Quite contrarily, they expect you to keep quiet, follow their orders, and fulfill their wishes.

You’re used to this kind of treatment, but not anymore. The moment you decide to speak up and voice your thoughts, a narcissist will realize you’re no longer their possession.

It’s a hard task finding your voice, but you have to put on a brave face. It’s not easy to break the silence that’s been deafening for so long.

Let them know how you feel and what you think of their behavior towards you. This will make a narcissist fear you over time as they’ll come to realize you can’t be messed with.

Also, you can use your voice to disrupt their tactics. One of the infamous narcissistic strategies is gaslighting, which slowly makes you lose your mind.

Don’t fall into that trap once again, but instead learn to recognize when they’re using that against you. Be aware of your surroundings and all your actions, and most importantly, don’t let them fool you.

If they start talking nonsense and trying to convince you to believe every word they say, talk back. Also, if you ever start growing suspicious about their actions and beliefs, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts.

It’s the only way you can let them know that you’re not the same girl you were before. You have to let them know you won’t fall for their tricks again and you won’t trust them blindly anymore.

2. Talk to someone

DONE! How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

If you want to make a narcissist fear you, you have to earn some allies. When I say allies, I mean someone who you can confide in no matter what.

What would be even better is if that person had previous experience with a narcissist. If they had a similar encounter, you just might be able to heed their advice and learn from their mistakes.

A narcissist works to distance you from your family and friends so you’re all alone. They’re like a tiger in the wild, separating the most vulnerable prey because they’re the easiest to take down.

Everything’s different when you have someone to back you up. On the other hand, when you’re so lonely, you only get sucked deeper into that narcissistic abuse.

A narcissist will get you to turn on your loved ones just to gain your full trust and attention. Therefore, don’t let this happen.

If the narcissist you’re trying to make fear you is someone close to you, like a friend or a family member, it might discourage you.

It’s hard when your opponent and abuser is someone you’ve known and loved for a long time. However, you can’t let this be your weakness.

If you feel like you have no one to talk to, try seeking some professional help. They have the tools and means to help you out and tell you what to do.

3. Stay strong

DONE! How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

You can’t make a narcissist fear you if you’re scared yourself. How can you give up when you’ve only started the battle for freedom?

A narcissist is like an animal. They sense other people’s energy and feed off of their vibe. If they sense fear present, they will use that to their advantage.

It’s easy to dominate over someone that’s scared and lonely. But when you show them your teeth, that’s when they start to back up.

It’s almost as if you put up a STOP sign that was earlier invisible. Now it’s standing right in front of you and separating that narcissist from you.

Make sure it stays that way and you stand strong. Because that’s the only way you can make a narcissist fear you for good.

How To Make A Narcissist Fear You (Asking For A Friend)

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