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This Is How To Keep Your Relationship Alive: 8 Tips And Tricks

This Is How To Keep Your Relationship Alive: 8 Tips And Tricks

When you light up a fire that is supposed to keep you warm, you want it to last as long as possible.

You want it to make you feel safe and snuggly, to create that out-of-this-world feeling where you are sleepy and everything seems to slowly fade away into a dream.

The same applies to love. When you find someone with whom you want to spend your whole life, you want the spark of your relationship to keep burning forever. You want the other person to make you feel like you are slowly falling asleep, feeling warm and happy.

You simply want to keep your relationship alive, and you want this dreamy feeling to last forever.

The issue, as people commonly believe, is that the passion fades over time. They say that the butterflies get lost and that the electrical feeling when you accidentally touch each other disappears.

When the spark disappears, your relationship ends up being a routine that was once based on passion.

Love may remain but the feeling of surprise and the uncertainty about what will happen next go away.

However, many couples say that you can keep your relationship alive if you really want to.

Different tips and tricks can help you improve the relationship and make the spark burn again.

1. Try new things together

This Is How To Keep Your Relationship Alive: 8 Tips And Tricks

A long-term relationship can fall into a routine that feels boring and uninspiring.

It can make you feel like you and your partner are stuck and every day looks and feels the same.

To keep your relationship alive, you should get out of your comfort zone and try doing things you’ve never tried before.

Let your partner push you into trying something new, something never-experienced, and you do the same for him, too.

Show each other new things and create new ways of experiencing them together.

Traveling is a great way to create mutual memories and intensify the bond between you two.

From a small road trip to the full-blown experience of traveling abroad, you will feel like you are experiencing something new and special, which will make you feel alive and will help your relationship grow.

Another way of doing something new together is to engage in an activity together, like playing a sport.

It can be something neither of you has played before or something one of you is already familiar with.

Playing it together will improve communication and the feeling of teamwork.

After you are done with the game, you will be proud of each other and you will want to communicate all of the emotions that the experience brought upon you.

Be aware of the importance of doing something new from time to time.

It eliminates the possibility of falling into a routine that sucks out the positive energy of your relationship.

Instead, be spontaneous, do something new, and always try to create new memories together.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a date

To keep your relationship alive, you should always find time in the day, week, or month that will be only yours. Turn off your phones and dedicate time to each other.

There are numerous ways to be creative with a date night and you should always try to do something that works for you and your partner, such as a typical date spent out in the town or a “stay-at-home, we will improvise something” date.

No matter what you choose to do, never ignore this aspect of the relationship.

Dates are a great way of bonding and spending time with each other, without anyone else being around.

You can always make some popcorn, put a movie on, turn the lights off, and enjoy each other’s company.

If you have kids and this seems like an impossible idea, then try putting them to bed earlier and improvising something that works for you two.

3. Appreciate the small things

This Is How To Keep Your Relationship Alive 8 Tips And Tricks 1

If you want to keep your relationship alive, one of the most important things you should pay attention to is appreciating the small things.

Relationships rarely end because of something huge; it is usually the small things that build up over time and create irreparable damage.

So, pay attention to the small things and learn to appreciate them.

When he washes the dishes, even though it was your turn, when he leaves you a romantic note before going to work, or when you two sit and enjoy a coffee break, these are what matter the most.

Learn to appreciate the details and don’t stop surprising your partner.

Freshly picked flowers on the way home, a ticket to see his favorite movie, or a quick picnic in the backyard are great ways of showing someone you appreciate them and that they matter to you.

The power is always in the little things. Notice them, recognize them, and show them.

4. Notice the ways your partner shows love

To keep your relationship alive, you need to know the ways your partner shows love.

There are different ways to express that you care and it is important to notice the ones that work for your significant other.

Some people show love through touch, some use words and some rely on actions.

When you understand that even though it was your turn, him putting the kids to bed was his way of telling you, “I love you,” you will be much happier as you will notice everything else he does to show love.

5. Never take each other for granted

No matter how long you two have been together, you should never take each other for granted. To keep your relationship alive, you should always show your partner signs of value and appreciation.

When you remember that your partner can leave you at any time, as he is not obliged to stay in a relationship where he is taken for granted, you will start showing your appreciation more.

You will realize how much you two mean to each other and how life would be much different if one of you ended the relationship.

Give each other compliments, talk about how much you mean to each other, or get each other a gift from time to time.

All of this will make them feel like the other person cares for them and values their presence and after that, your relationship will be a happier place.

6. Always express support

This Is How To Keep Your Relationship Alive: 8 Tips And Tricks

A great way to keep your relationship alive is to show support for the good deeds and successes of your partner.

Sometimes, it means more to hear words like, “I’m proud of you,” “I knew you could do it,” or, “I believe in you,” than, “I love you.”

Support means a lot, especially from the one you decided to spend your life with.

You should never let your partner go to bed thinking that you are not proud of his choices.

Instead, remember to find at least one thing a day your partner does that makes you feel proud of him.

From significant things, like winning a marathon, to simple daily activities, like successfully assembling a new coffee table, show your support for everything he does.

Sometimes it takes guts to engage in something but when you have support from your partner, everything is easier.

7. Create a safe place for communicating emotions

To keep your relationship alive, you should communicate everything that goes through your mind.

A relationship is a place for both of you, and you both should feel free to express your thoughts.

If you feel that you will be judged for saying something, then you will begin hiding your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Instead of that happening, make sure to create an environment that has no communication boundaries.

You and your partner should always be free to share what bothers you. Only this way will you feel free and happy in your relationship.

8. Spend time alone

This may seem odd, but spending time alone can be a great way to improve your relationship and keep it alive.

Every person needs some time alone to refresh their thoughts and regain their energy. Alone time restarts the mind and the body.

So, find an activity that will be only yours and that no one will interrupt.

This can be anything, from a daily task of cooking and spending your alone time in the kitchen to going out for a walk alone.

No matter what, don’t skip this step as it brings you inner peace.

Also, it is a great way to do something on your own and then exchange thoughts on the experience later on with your partner.

This Is How To Keep Your Relationship Alive-8 Tips And Tricks

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