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How Does A Libra Man Test You? 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

How Does A Libra Man Test You? 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

How does a Libra man test you before he commits to you? 

This air sign is a force to be reckoned with. He’s ruled by Venus and, as you know, he’s one of the flirtiest men out there. 

Is he testing you or is he just playing with your emotions? At first glance, it looks like he’s being too nice for his own good. 

There’s something that he’s trying to figure out even though he’s trying to hide his intentions. He wants to know if you’re worthy of a relationship with him. 

Libra men aren’t easy to win over, but it’s not impossible. They love to be in love. Experiencing romance is high on his priority list, which will be quite obvious to you if you choose to pay attention to it. 

A Libra man likes to see you fumble and fiddle with your clothes while he’s flirting with you. All of those things are quite usual during the talking stage or the dating process, especially when you’re trying to impress him. 

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How does a Libra man test you?

1. He tests your neediness

How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

This zodiac sign would rather spend the rest of his life without a partner than be in a relationship with someone who has no sense of individuality. The very moment you start to give him a hard time with your needy behavior, he’ll just pack his things and move on. 

A Libra guy doesn’t like to be tied down with someone who can never seem to do anything by herself. You need to be the type of girl who’s independent and capable of taking care of herself. 

When you need a man to help you out with everything, then you need more time to work on yourself. He sees codependency as a huge red flag and he doesn’t want to end up being someone’s underdog. 

He dislikes the idea of living his life to please someone else when he exists to purely live a fulfilled life without the interference of someone else. 

2. He checks your loyalty

Libra men aren’t known for being the most loyal people on the planet. As stated before, they love to love and to them, intimacy isn’t a rare occurrence. 

It doesn’t even have to be something serious. Relationships are a game to him and he’ll play them very well just to get something out of it. 

That being said, once he truly decides to settle down, he’ll try his best to stay loyal to you. It’s not like that’ll be a huge problem to him as his love for you will make him focus only on you. 

That’s why one of the ways a Libra man tests you is by putting your loyalty to the test. He’ll do that by watching your behavior around other men. 

If you flirt with them while he’s around, or if he hears that you’ve been unfaithful, then he won’t think of the relationship as exclusive anymore. 

You can do with that information whatever you want, but the truth stands that loyalty in a committed relationship is just as important to him as it is to you. 

3. He observes whether you have trust issues

DONE How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over 2

If you can’t trust him then you can’t be with him. I understand that he doesn’t have the best reputation in the world, but he sure as heck won’t cheat on you once he does decide to be with you. 

He’ll test your trust issues by leaving his phone unlocked near you or he’ll introduce you to his friends. This way he’ll be able to tell if you trust him enough. 

Why does he do this? Well, at first you’d be tempted to search through his phone. You’ll want to see who he’s talking to and if he’s liking pictures of other girls on social media. 

Or if you’re left alone with his friends, you’ll ask them questions about him that you know would make him feel uncomfortable. It’s a bit dumb to assume his friends won’t share that info with him, though, so think before you make a move like that. 

However, the second he sees you may have trust issues is the exact second he’ll move on without you. He doesn’t want to always be on edge because of how frequently you misunderstand things. 

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4. He sees if you’re outgoing and outdoorsy

How does a Libra man test you? Well, a Libra man loves the outdoors. The first time he takes you on an adventure with him is the same day that you can win his heart. 

He’s really the type of guy who could find his soulmate in nature. If you want a serious relationship with him, you need to understand his point of view on this. 

He loves nature. He’s that special person who would much rather spend his days trying out new hiking trails or going camping with his lover than in a bar. 

You’ll win his heart over when you come up with a spontaneous adventure for the both of you.

And he’ll test your ideas and outgoing nature every time you’re around people. His friends are important to him so he wants you to become part of his inner circle. If you’re not able to hold up a conversation with them then you’re not the right person. 

5. He assesses your temper

How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

When you meet a Libra man, the first thing you’ll realize is that he’s quite chill. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to stand up for himself or that he’s incapable of arguing. 

It just means that he doesn’t lose his temper that easily. He has to be very angry in order to lose his mind and fight you. 

So, if you’re someone who’s short-tempered, you don’t really have a place in his life. He’s going to think that you’re just yelling for nothing. 

If anything, the more you raise your voice at him, the more he’ll laugh at you. He doesn’t care that you’re upset if you’re not able to communicate your emotions with him. 

Unless you can tell him right away what’s bothering you in a calm manner, he won’t want to pay you any attention. This Sun sign can hold eye contact with you while you’re completely going off on him. 

In cases like these, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and then talk calmly about the problem at hand. 

6. He tests your reaction to his two faces

How does a Libra man test you on this? I guess this doesn’t sound quite believable. 

However, there’s one thing you need to understand here – this is a common train for all air signs. People born under the sign of Aquarius aren’t usually two-faced, but you know that Gemini is known for this. 

A Libra man wants to see your reaction to the two sides of him. One day he’ll be the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, but the next, he’ll be the bad boy everyone swoons over. 

This type of behavior will go on until you feel like you’re going crazy. There’s no way to know what version of him you’ll get on the phone. 

The only problem here is that there’s no way to know which one of those faces is his real one. Simply because he’s both of those people at the same time. He’s both the sweet guy and the bad boy. 

If you’re not up for this challenge then he may not be the right guy for you. He’ll test your ability to handle his mood changes because it’s not something he can control. 

7. He gives more attention to others

DONE How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over 4

This doesn’t make him look good. It makes him appear as if he’s just any other guy who plays with your feelings. It’s not the type of behavior you’d expect from a man who’s supposed to be interested in you. 

When you get to a party, even if you let your presence be known to him, he’ll still find a way to ignore you. He may include you in some conversations but he’ll talk more to others than with you. 

He’ll play this mind game with you because he wants to see you desperate for him. A Libra man is playing you because he loves the power he exudes over you in these moments. 

The best way to pass this test is to play his game better than he does. This means that you need to pay more attention to others than to him. 

He’ll feel excluded from your life and ask himself why you’re not pining over him. Just when he sees you’re not desperate, he’ll be all over you. He may want to see you grovel for his attention, but that’s not going to happen. Don’t let it get to that. 

8. He tests to see if you’re high maintainance

How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

A Libra man is done with you the minute he realizes you’re high maintenance. To him, one of the clear signs that you’re not compatible is when you try to have all of his attention turned toward yourself. 

You need to keep in mind that he’s a social butterfly. He loves people and spending time with his friends is one of his favorite things in the world. 

You have to have your group of people while also being able to take care of yourself. If he feels like he’s losing his freedom because of your need to always hang around his neck, then he won’t lose more precious time on you. 

You can require his attention, of course. He’s very loving and caring. The way he describes someone who’s high maintenance is someone who doesn’t have a life of their own but continuously asks for the approval of her partner. 

How does a Libra man test you on this? Well, he may turn his phone off and when he turns it back on, he judges you based on the number of notifications he’s gotten from you. 

That, or he pays close attention to reaction when he tells you that he’s going to spend more time with his friends. Those little things are very important to him. 

9. He tells you when you hurt his feelings

Are you prone to hurting people’s feelings? Do you talk before you think without any consideration of the feelings of others? 

If that sounds familiar to you, then you could definitely hurt his feelings and fail one of his many tests. He’ll tell you the same moment you do or say something that hurt him. 

This turns into a test when you’re unable to take responsibility for your actions. He gives you the space to apologize and you promise him that you’ll try to do better. 

If you start to explain your behavior and try to blame him for your reactions, then he won’t spend more time on you. He’s very self-aware and highly emotionally intelligent, which means that he knows when he’s wrong. 

The moment you hurt him, he’ll start to watch out for any red flag. He has to know that you can take responsibility for your actions and apologize without shifting the blame. 

What’s even more important is that you know how to better yourself. An apology without the necessary improvement means little to nothing to him. 

10. He spends his money on you

DONE How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over 6

How does a Libra man test you when he’s spending his money on you? Doesn’t really sound like a test, but more like a luxury that you need to take advantage of. 

But believe me, you have to think thoroughly about that before you do anything of the sort. 

First of all, he’s a man who loves to spoil his lover. A Libra male is the guy you dreamed of when you were a little girl. He’s the guy who doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving you everything you need. 

As one of the most non-committal zodiac signs, you’d think that he couldn’t care less about making you feel comfortable. But that’s not true. 

He spends his money on you to test two sides of you. The first one is if you’ll let him take care of you. He wants to be able to spend his money on you in order to make you feel secure. 

The other side of you he’s testing is one that is insatiable. Are you a Taurus or Leo? If you are, you could fall into this trap. 

He’ll take care of you, but your independence is quite important to him. If you don’t allow him to spend money on you, he’ll get mad; but he’ll also get mad if you demand too much of his money. 

Find a healthy balance here and watch how he’ll start to adore you

11. He opens up to you

Besides those awful tests that he’ll put you through, there are also some wholesome ones. You may not think that a test can be wholesome, but this one certainly comes close to it. 

He’s one of the most communicative people that you’ll ever meet, so you should realize that he’ll want to know if you can meet him halfway on this. 

But you know, communication isn’t just about talking. It’s also about listening!

Can you listen to him talk to you about his feelings? Men aren’t usually open about their emotions, so it’s weird to see this. However, once he starts trusting you, he’ll also start talking about these things. 

The important thing is that you listen to him and show empathy. Show him that you understand his struggles while also giving him advice if you’re able to. 

Once he sees that you’re the type of girl who doesn’t judge him and gaslight him for his feelings, he’ll fall head over heels for you.

12. He doesn’t commit right away

How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

The way a Libra man feels about you is a mystery and it’ll remain as such for the sake of his little game. You don’t need a tarot reading to understand this. 

How does a Libra man test you by not committing to you? Well, he’s trying to get to know you better. We established as much with the fact that he’s throwing so many tests your way, but there’s more to it. 

He’s not only testing your compatibility, but he’s also trying to understand if you’re truly interested in him. His weird way of understanding that is by keeping you at an arm’s length while pulling you into a hug when he deems acceptable. 

He’ll want to play with you before he decides if he wants to commit to you. If you’re a Capricorn or Virgo, you may not approve of his ways, but this is an air sign we’re talking about. 

Even though he loves to love, he also loves his freedom. Give him time to think about this, be patient, and before you know it, he’ll wake up in your arms. 

13. He flirts with you

Can you flirt? Are you well-versed in this art or do you get flustered every single time someone holds eye contact with you? 

If you blush whenever someone compliments you, he may be intrigued by you for a short time. He’ll look at you and see a little lamb that could become his meal very soon. 

However, if you’re just as confident as he is and you’re able to hold your ground, he’ll go crazy for you. I’m not denying the fact that he could get intimidated by you, but he’ll definitely fall for you. 

He’ll flirt with you for hours before he makes the decision to ask you on a date. His comments could send you into a frenzy if you aren’t careful because he’s well-versed in this. 

You’re probably not ready for his level of expertise when it comes to this, but you still need to hold your ground. 

The one thing to remember is that you can’t let yourself get intimidated by him. Have fun, flirt with him, eat him up with your eyes alone, and remind yourself that you’re an amazing woman who can make his knees wobble with the right technique. 

14. He’s overly affectionate

DONE How Does A Libra Man Test You 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over 8

Does a Libra man test you in affection? Is it even real or is it just a myth, because some of these tests don’t seem believable. 

This doesn’t seem like a dark and twisted scheme to find his way into your bed. That’s because it’s not. This is a cute way of seeing if you can receive his love and affection. 

A Libra guy is big on physical touch. It’s one of the most important things to him and it can be seen as his main love language. 

For that exact reason, he’ll be all over you from when you become comfortable enough in your skin to let him touch you. He won’t mind if there’s an audience there because he likes to let everyone know that you’re his. 

Even if you’re not officially dating, it won’t deter him from doing it anyway. He’ll want to give you the full experience of how he’ll take care of you once you really are in an exclusive relationship. 

What should you do to pass his test? Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Truth is that he’ll be more interested if you let him touch you all the time. However, that’s not something you should allow just to gain his favor. 

Do and permit only what you feel comfortable with. There’s no reason good enough for you to ignore your own boundaries for a guy. 

No one can even promise you that he’ll be the perfect guy for you. Trust your gut and then make the decision that feels right for you. 

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How Does A Libra Man Test You? 14 Things To NOT Lose Your Mind Over

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