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From Simple To Statement, 24 Heart Tattoos For Any Aesthetic

From Simple To Statement, 24 Heart Tattoos For Any Aesthetic

Whether you turn to tattoos as a form of therapy or to showcase a work of art, there’s something about them we will never get sick of. With simple and statement options to choose from, you know you can get a heart tattoo of your dreams no matter where you go.

While a heart tattoo might seem silly and simple to some, there’s no denying that there are endless possibilities to play with. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your tattoo – be artsy or be the type of person to pay tribute to a loved one – you can do all that and more with a simple heart.

What does a heart tattoo mean, anyway? You’re probably already aware that heart tattoos represent love and romance, but they’re much more than meets the eye. You might get a heart tattoo to represent your affection, passion, and commitment, or to show your devotion to your significant other.

What’s great about heart tattoos happens to be the fact that they’re perfect for any aesthetic. Whether you want to go big or go home, there’s bound to be a design that snatches your heart (pun intended!) Want a traditional tattoo? A fine-line tat? A stick-and-poke?

Check out what we’ve gathered for you!

1. An overlapping heart tattoo

1. An overlapping heart tattoo
Credit: @richi.tats

What’s not to adore here, right? Whether you’re a first-timer or on the hunt for something simple to tattoo on your collarbone, you might want to opt for a heart tattoo. We’d say that the overlapping lines and the placement of the tattoo add a lot to the meaning, too.

2. A heart tattoo with a mantra

When you need a reminder that you’re responsible for your own success, you might want to add a mantra to your tattoo. We adore the good old play on words, and we can’t help but think that this tattoo would be perfect for all the independent women (and men!) out there.

3. A puppy love tattoo

3. A puppy love tattoo
Credit: @tiny.tatts

Show some love to your four-legged friend with a tattoo of a heart that encompasses all the love you feel for the furry thing. Simple and sleek tattoos are always a great idea, especially when you’re getting them somewhere visible – line an ankle.

4. An intricate heart tattoo with flowers

4. An intricate heart tattoo with flowers
Credit: @vismstudio

We can’t get enough of the details! Whether or not you’re on the hunt for a statement work of art, you must take a closer look at this tattoo – the heart, the flowers, the woman sitting in between it all. We’re pretty sure this is one of the best heart tattoos we’ve seen thus far.

5. Matching heart tattoos

Want to surprise your BFF for your friendaversary? Get a set of matching heart tattoos to represent the love you feel for each other!

6. A heart number tattoo

Numbers can mean a million things, but that’s the beauty of them! When you get a heart number tattoo, you can opt for your date of birth, the date of birth of your significant other, or a different sequence of numbers that mean something to you.

7. A delicate and dainty heart tattoo on the wrist

With a unique and subtle take on a classic heart tattoo, you can turn even more heads than with a statement tattoo. When you’re searching for something cute and simple to add to your collection of tattoos, search no more.

8. A candy heart tattoo

8. A candy heart tattoo

Candy heart tattoos are all the rage these days because you can use them to add whatever mantra, phrase, or word you want on your body. A candy heart tattoo that says “me” might be one of our favorites because we’re all about self-love.

9. A tiny finger tattoo

9. A tiny finger tattoo
Credit: @ane_tattoo

While we love all tiny tattoos, we’re particularly fond of finger tattoos because they’re extremely versatile and wearable. Whatever you decide to tattoo on your finger, the sneaky little tattoo can serve as a sweet reminder or a surprise throughout the day.

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10. A tiny collarbone tattoo

10. A tiny collarbone tattoo
Credit: @pelinnsimsek

And while we’re on the topic of tiny tattoos, we might as well mention this adorable collarbone tattoo, too. At the end of the day, the placement of the tattoo can make all the difference, and that’s why collarbone tattoos are almost always a good choice.

11. A fine-line heart tattoo

11. A fine-line heart tattoo
Credit: @janapadar

Who doesn’t love a fine-line tattoo? A tattoo of a heart on your wrist happens to be exceptionally swoon-inducing and a great way to wear your heart on your sleeve.

12. A heart hug tattoo

What better way to show yourself some love than to tattoo a hug in the form of a heart somewhere on your body? We’re obsessed with this tattoo and we hope you feel the same way!

13. A heart brush stroke tattoo

13. A heart brush stroke tattoo
Credit: @o.ri_tattoo

Whether you’re an artist paying tribute to your craft or someone with great taste in tattoos, you’re going to appreciate this heart brush stroke tattoo.

14. A barbed wire heart tattoo

Barbed wire tattoos typically represent strength and power, but when they’re combined with heart tattoos, they’re more likely to represent pain. Whatever the case might be, you might want to take a closer peep at this barbed wire heart tattoo.

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15. A flower heart tattoo

15. A flower heart tattoo
Credit: @lorentattoos

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we’ve got a flower heart tattoo. You thought hearts couldn’t be more romantic? You thought you couldn’t get a tattoo that represents romance AND success, struggle, and life? With a flower heart tattoo, everything’s possible.

16. Matching fingerprint tattoos

Fingerprint tattoos are awesome, there’s no question about that. They’re a great way to symbolize your own identity or pay homage to a loved one who has passed away. They’re even better when you combine them with heart tattoos and add another layer of meaning to them.

17. A realistic heart tattoo

Okay, this realistic heart might be the coolest little tattoo we ever did see. Seriously, who’s matching with us?

18. A tattoo of a heart on fire

18. A tattoo of a heart on fire
Credit: @uzotattoo

Come on, who wouldn’t want a tattoo of a heart on fire somewhere on the body? Whatever meaning you associate with hearts on fire, we’re 100% sure you’re going to attract attention and turn heads thanks to this flaming hot tattoo.

19. A romantic heart tattoo on the neck

If this isn’t the most romantic tattoo in the world, we don’t know what is! It’s about time you professed your love to yourself by getting a tattoo that represents all the beauty in the world!

20. A smiling heart and a crying heart tattoo

Sometimes you’re happy, and sometimes you’re sad. With a tattoo that represents these two opposites, you never have to feel like your tattoos don’t illustrate who you are as a person. What do you think?

21. A colorful heart tattoo

21. A colorful heart tattoo
Credit: @tattoo.mila

Maybe you’re not a fan of black-and-white tattoos. Maybe you want to adorn your body with something eye-catching and mysterious. Whatever the case might be, this magnolia, eucalyptus, and lisianthus heart tattoo might do the trick.

22. A heart freckle tattoo

Oh, heart freckles are making us rethink our fear of face tattoos! Whether you get a single heart freckle tattoo or multiple ones scattered across the face, you’re going to adore them.

23. A butterfly heart tattoo

With hearts, flowers, and butterflies, who wouldn’t fall in love? If you’re looking for a tattoo to signify your love of life, look no more – it’s right here in front of you.

24. A heart tattoo with an arrow

An arrow tattoo suggests that you are always ready and willing to fight anything and anyone to get what you want, but when you combine an arrow with a heart – you get someone who’s willing to fight for love. What a great end to the article, right?

From Simple To Statement, 24 Heart Tattoos For Any Aesthetic
From Simple To Statement, 24 Heart Tattoos For Any Aesthetic 2

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