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20 Ultimate Head Tattoo Ideas Made For The Brave Ones

20 Ultimate Head Tattoo Ideas Made For The Brave Ones

Getting a head tattoo is definitely not something first-timers opt for so we assume you already have a decent number of skin decorations in your collection. The chances are, you’re running out of space on the rest of your body or you’re simply looking for an impressive piece that will get noticed.

No matter what, we want to help you out and give you some of the options that may inspire your next visit to the tattoo artist. Maybe you’ll be proud to wear some of these designs on your head.

1. An edgy skull tattoo

The bare idea of getting a head tattoo is a bit edgy which is why we wanted to start the article in the same manner. This tattoo could be all you need if you’re into bold designs that not everyone would opt for.

2. A thorn crown

2. A thorn crown
Credit: vladimirbydin

This is another edgier idea however, it’s not too out there which makes it more wearable. A crown made out of thorns maybe isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but we love the way it looks on the head.

3. An old-school rose tattoo

3. An old-school rose tattoo
Credit: blvck.jax

If you’re into old-school designs, you can’t go wrong with a classical rose tattoo. No matter the style you choose, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the end result.

4. An ornamental tattoo

Do you like the idea of getting an ornamental tattoo but are convinced that it doesn’t look nice on the head? Well, this design will change your mind. With a bit of adjustment, your tattoo artist can place the stencil perfectly and that way, ensure you end up with a flawless tattoo.

5. A mandala tattoo

Mandala tattoos are impressive on their own but what makes them more special is when you pick the placement correctly. This design wraps around the ear perfectly and that way, adds to the impressiveness of the overall piece.

6. Trippy design

We’re convinced that head tattoos allow you to play with all kinds of weird and unique designs simply because of such an uncommon placement on the body. This trippy tattoo is one of the ways you can opt for something different and slightly unusual.

7. Peonies and leaves

If you love floral tattoos and are thinking of getting one maybe now is the right time. This blackwork design will fit on your head just right and will allow you to wear a real floral arrangement on your head.

8. A cybersigilism tattoo

8. A cybersigilism tattoo

If you believe that your head is a great spot for exhibiting your love for the cybersigilism tattoo style then this is one of the ways you can celebrate that. This simple pattern isn’t too complicated and will easily follow the natural curve of your head.

9. Skulls instead of flowers

9. Skulls instead of flowers
Credit: evil.chef

In the era when everyone is getting tattoos with flowers, you can opt for skulls. This design is a fun take on the traditional floral branch that everyone and their mother seems to have. We have to admit it looks really cool. A real show-stopper!

10. A simple branch tattoo

You can always opt for a simple design and make it more fun by playing with its position. In this case, the branch starts on the ear and spreads across the head. Even though it’s a really basic design, it’s made more interesting through its placement.

11. Black and gray nature

Do you love black and gray tattoos? Are you a huge fan of nature-inspired designs that include flowers and animals? If the answer is yes then this tattoo is for you. Of course, you can always adjust its size and make it feel more comfortable.

12. A lettering tattoo

When you’re looking for a statement piece, you can literally get a tattoo of a certain statement or a saying. Lettering tattoos are special because they always tell a personal story. Even if two people were to get the same tattoos, we’re sure that their meanings wouldn’t be the same.

13. Floral decoration

13. Floral decoration
Credit: erikavendett

This tattoo feels like a real work of art on the skin. All the detail work, thin lines, shading, and negative spaces add to the character of the overall design, and that way, leave you with an impressive tattoo everyone will love.

14. A dragon tattoo

The best thing about getting a dragon tattoo is its ability to curve and adjust to its placement on the body. Your inked dragon can easily wiggle its way over your head and get as big and as impressive as you want it to be.

15. Eagle and geometric elements

As a motif of freedom, courage, and strength, your eagle tattoo will symbolize all things important to you. You can easily leave it on its own and enjoy its meaning. Or, you can add some elements to it that will express your tattoo style better. It’s really up to you.

16. A spider tattoo

You can be afraid of spiders and still wish to get its tattoo simply because you love what it represents. These tiny creatures symbolize acceptance of faith and protection which could be exactly what you’re looking for.

17. Moon phases

Moon phases always tend to look amazing when turned into a tattoo. They allow you to play with details which is why they’re always appealing to look at. Now, when you place a tattoo such as this one on the back of your head, you can be sure you’ll end up with an impressive piece. What more could you ask for?

18. Simple foliage

18. Simple foliage
Credit: 1978.tats

This simple foliage of black and gray leaves will wrap beautifully around your ear and that way, decorate this part of your body. You can even make it more impressive by adding some additional details that will spice things up.

19. A combination of styles

If you’re into different tattoo styles but can’t decide which one to opt for, then this tattoo is made for you. A part of it is done in a black and gray technique while the other part embraces the colors of the neo-traditional style. In the end, you get the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice anything.

20. A tiger tattoo

Last but not least, we have a traditional-style tiger that will add a touch of color to your head. A combination of red and green allows this design to stand out and get the wanted attention.

20 Ultimate Head Tattoo Ideas Made For The Brave Ones

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