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20 Spooky Gothic Tattoos In Black And Gray

20 Spooky Gothic Tattoos In Black And Gray

Are you a fan of ritualistic symbols and holy figures? Do you want to show your dark side through ink art on your body? Then I bet you’d like to see these 20 spooky gothic tattoos in black and gray.

They can represent something important in your life or just symbolize your journey in this world. Anyway, you’ll love these for sure.

1. Epic Back Gothic Tattoo

This epic tattoo across the back shows how gothic tattoos can be sheer masterpieces. So many details on this giant skull-and-bones tattoo bring us into the world of darkness and enigma. Black, gray, and white are the most used colors in gothic tattoos such as this one. If you love goth tattoos, I bet you’re as mesmerized by this one as I am.

2. Enigmatic Gothic Elf

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more subtle yet still dark, this goth lady is a great option. She seems strong with all those thorns around her and the horns on her head, yet alluring because of the flowers at the bottom. She also has that mystic look with a spider web over her eye. It looks like she’s climbed straight out of an elf forest.

3. Gotham Kitty

3. Gotham Kitty
Credit: mattwmurray

This Gotham City – whoops, I mean Gotham Kitty tattoo shows a hairless, captivating Sphynx cat behind a skull with candles. The Sphynx cat is a totem for good fortune, so I hope this one brings you only that. This whole tattoo creates a mystic atmosphere that every goth fan aims for. And I believe all gothic tattoos should have that feel to them. This one’s on point!

4. Jesterhead in Black and White

With those swirling eyes, this black-and-gray jesterhead gothic tattoo is looking absolutely hypnotizing. A jesterhead or joker usually represents rebellion and a balance between light and dark. If you think he’s a fool, look closer.

5. Candle and Roses

Tattoo on your knee? Why not! Just look at this beautiful gothic tattoo that incorporates so many little details, making it an art worth your time. Black-and-gray gothic tattoos may seem simple, but all these tattoos show us differently. They all look beyond amazing. This candle-and-roses tattoo is giving dark, passionate vibes that only a goth would understand.

6. Skull Beetle Tattoo

Rebirth, transformation, and protection are what beetles stand for. Skull represents death. So, this tattoo will remind you of how fragile and transitory life is and how you should use every day to get up and keep going. Who says gothic tattoos can’t be deep and inspiring?

7. Night Veil Gothic Tattoo

This mesmerizing tattoo will look you straight in the eyes, take your hand, and lead you willingly into the underworld. Or so it seems to me. With an eerie and frightening feel, it’s exactly what gothic tattoos are all about. If you want a standout piece, this may just be the perfect choice.

8. Cool Conjoined Skulls

One skull isn’t enough for you? Then, I suggest you get two. It’s everything you can wish for. It has, not one, but two skulls, delicate roses, and a cool spider. Also, look at this amazing shading work – such precision. Oh, and didn’t I tell you gothic tattoos in black and gray can be super fun and artsy!

9. Dotwork and Blackwork Medusa Gal

How about an incredible Medusa girl, perfect for all the goth ladies out there (and gents, too)? This amazing ink art shows us a combination of Medusa and Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) symbols, with so many features to look at. A Medusa tattoo often represents strength and power, especially for women, while in the Day of the Dead, a skull stands for the souls that departed. Symbolism all over the place. Love it!

10. Beautiful Mage Tattoo

I suggest you zoom in on all the details of this enchanting gothic tattoo. What a piece of creation! The beautiful mage and the daring, mysterious falcon. The picture speaks a thousand words, indeed.

A mage can be your connection to the supernatural and a window into the magic world, as they are believed to possess some powers. The falcon represents focus and determination. Therefore, you can have it all with this one. It’s placed on the arm so it can be shown off.

11. Spooky Death Head

11. Spooky Death Head
Credit: jamesbtattoo

So you want something more dark and death-connected? Spooky death head might be a great choice for you since it symbolizes mortality and danger. It is not too huge, but it shows your gothic side. And spot the black butterfly wings sticking through the skull, which symbolize freedom and transformation. Also, mystery and rebirth. Those are the things all connected with the dark side of life. Gothic tattoos in black and gray can perfectly show that.

12. Creepy Leg Skull Tattoo

One more leg tattoo, but this time on the calf. What an outstanding and creepy piece! With that big, evil grin that makes your blood run cold, big horns, and hypnotizing eyes, it’s what goths’ dreams are made of! If you’re not equally creeped out and impressed by it, you may need to stare a little longer!

13. Castle and the Dragon

House of the Dragon – not the TV show you might be watching, but the arm gothic tattoo of your dreams. It looks so realistic, not to mention painful! In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, dragons symbolize protection, wisdom, and strength. It seems like the dragon looming over the castle is actually protecting his home – and he’s looking exceptional while doing it.

14. Unique Goth Vampire

One more calf tattoo giving us horror vibes with this unique, girl vampire art. I just can’t keep my eyes off it. Is she looking straight into my soul or what? The artist did an outstanding job with this custom piece.

We all know vampires are immortal, so if you want to have a bit of eternity for yourself, you can do it by getting a vampire tattoo. Or just waiting for one to bite you – whichever one comes first.

15. Elbow Gothic Eye Tattoo

A ditch filler tattoo is a less “aggressive” gothic version than the other ones, but still dark enough for everyone who likes this style. It’s a mixture of romantic and gothic styles, perfect for the goth girlies. It may be a smaller tattoo, but it’s filled with so many details that represent intuition and spirituality. Intuition goes beyond our consciousness and gives us insight into the things we can feel deeply yet not see with our eyes.

16. Black Death Peony

16. Black Death Peony
Credit: antclaytattoo

In Japanese culture, black peonies can be used as a symbol of mourning, but they can also represent respect. Anyway, peony flowers are often featured in tattoos and if done correctly, they look pretty amazing. This one is deathly, but hey, isn’t every goth thing?

17. Jaw-dropping Libra Tattoo

17. Jaw-dropping Libra Tattoo
Credit: antikvnst

Where to look first? I don’t care if this one would be painful to get or not, it’s worth it! Just look at the shading and the deets. It’s just fine art. Libra is the embodiment of peace and harmony, and also a symbol of balance between good and bad. Gothic Libra tattoo… what else could you ask for?

18. Scary Lucifer’s Heart

A fallen angel’s heart in the palm of your hands. Well, almost. Lucifer’s heart on your body. As you can see here, it looks awesome. But, have you spotted the snake’s tail vanishing and converting into Lucifer’s heart? How poetic, right? It doesn’t get more goth than this, I’d say.

19. Demon Pin-up Girl

19. Demon Pin-up Girl
Credit: antclaytattoo

Girls, hear me out. Do you want your tattoo to be sexy but gothic at the same time? You can so do it. This demon pin-up girl is a great example of that. It has everything you need to bring that feminine goth energy.

20. Extraordinary Leg Tattoo

I don’t know if you can tell, but his one is still under construction. Even though you can already tell how extra it is. Gothic tattoo fans, thank me later. You can’t go unnoticed with this big tattoo all over the leg. It just shows how dedicated of a goth you are. Stick through the pain for this masterpiece on your body forever.

So now, after you’ve seen all the symbols, all the art, and many possibilities for gothic tattoos in black and gray, I hope you got inspired and are already on your way to your local tattoo artist. Whether you choose some of these gothic tattoos or similar ones, I’m sure you will decide what’s best for you!

20 Spooky Gothic Tattoos In Black And Gray

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