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22 Dazzling Gold Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Want to Try

22 Dazzling Gold Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Want to Try

If you want your makeup to leave everyone speechless, I’ve got just the right 22 dazzling gold eyeshadow looks for you to wear on your next night out or special occasion.

Gold eyeshadow looks stunning on a variety of skin tones and eye colors, effortlessly elevating your makeup game to the next level.

1. Stunning gold eyeshadow look

Gold makeup is timeless and incredibly wearable. Applying this metallic pigment across your lids instantly brightens up your look. The shiny and fresh appearance of this particular makeup enhances the golden-brown shade, making chocolate-brown hair and bluish-grey eyes really pop.

I love how this makeup artist paired the eye look with neutral, glossy lips, and cheeks, completely uniting the whole look.

2. Treasure on the eyes

Treasure on the eyes
Credit: malvina_isfan

This look is perfect for fashion editorials, as it’s over-the-top and full of sparkly rhinestones. But if you’re brave enough to wear it, you should definitely go for it.

This amazing eye look is perfect for a night out, New Year’s Eve, or a cool summer festival. You may keep the lips very neutral with a touch of gloss, allowing the eyeshadow to stand out even more.

3. Beautiful dollish look

22 Dazzling Gold Eyeshadow Looks You'll Want to Try
Credit: malvina_isfan

If you want to rock the gold eyeshadow but don’t want to cover your whole lid in it, you can opt for something more subtle yet beautiful. This delicate hint of gold in the inner eye mixed with pinky tones covering the lid makes a perfect match to the bold black eyeliner, which beautifully elongates the eye.

I love the combination of juicy neutral lips with a pop of pink and beautiful shimmery cheeks in this makeup look.

4. Bronzy-gold goddess

Bronzy gold goddess
Credit: malvina_isfan

This smoky golden eye makeup, beautifully blended with bronze eyeshadow, gives off a stunning glow that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention. I love how it’s paired with soft, nude makeup on the cheeks and lips, making the brown eyes pop.

5. Gold and bold

Gold and bold
Credit: malvina_isfan

A gold eyeshadow doesn’t always have to be paired with nude lips to look elegant and feminine. This look proves that a bold lip can make a real statement when combined with a touch of gold.

The fluffy brows and subtle cut crease add a new dimension to this outstanding look, while the dark cherry lip gives it edgy vibes. This is definitely a look to remember for your next makeup session.

6. Classic soft glam

The classic soft glam in gold is beloved by every makeup enthusiast for its simple yet mesmerizing effect. A hint of gold in the middle of the lid brings light to the eyes, brightening them up effortlessly.

The black eyeshadow liner and brownish crease are well-blended into the rest of the eyeshadows and winged out for the cat-eye illusion. This versatile look complements all eye colors and shapes, making it suitable for every occasion.

7. Mesmerizing gold art

Unlike the previous one, this look is everything but simple. It looks like a real piece of art with so many details to look at. The rest of the makeup is minimalistic and neutral which brings all the attention to the eyes.

This gold eyeshadow look is exceptionally unique, thanks to the mesmerizing combination of rhinestones and metallic gold shadow. It’s ideal for events or parties, adding an extra touch of glamour to any occasion.

8. Golden muse

Golden muse
Credit: malvina_isfan

The gold in this makeup look resembles an actual sunset, especially when mixed with orange rusty tones and a subtle black eyeliner along the lid. I particularly like the pop of gold in the lower lid and the sparkles in the crease, which frame the whole look beautifully.

However, this look isn’t just about the eyes. The lips are equally cool and bold, adorned with shiny rhinestones that have a purple tone to them.

9. Brilliant gold eyeshadow look

The golden eyeshadow, swept from the inner corners to the middle lid of the eye, attracts light to that area and beautifully opens up the eye.

The rusty gold tones in this makeup look make blue eyes stand out, while the black shadow blended along the lash line creates a gorgeous illusion of dark and thick eyelashes.

10. Born to glam

This look is all about the glam, featuring dramatic lashes and black shadow in the inner and outer parts of the lid. The gold glitter in the middle lid makes a beautiful halo-eye look, creating a spotlight effect.

The lower lid and waterline are filled with black eyeshadow, winged out towards the brows to create the coveted cat-eye effect that every girl aims for.

11. Amazing gold glitters

22 Dazzling Gold Eyeshadow Looks You'll Want to Try
Credit: malvina_isfan

Here’s another over-the-top look that’s perfect for special events or festivals, boasting an abundance of shimmer, rhinestones, and metallic eyeshadow.

The gold eyeshadow is applied all over the lid, seamlessly blending with the stunning silver hue. The addition of cute silver and baby pink rhinestones on both the eyes and lips makes this look uniquely eye-catching.

12. Fabulous eyeshadow look in gold

This fabulous makeup is all about pairing the accessories with gold eyeshadow and black, dramatic eyeliner that enhances the eye shape in the best way. The rest of the makeup is kept simple, featuring nude, earthy tones, complemented by a few coats of black mascara on the eyelashes.

This makeup showcases how a gold eyeshadow look can be effortlessly recreated and how versatile and wearable it is for any occasion. If you’re into boujee looks, this is the perfect choice for you.

13. Remarkable gold cut crease

The subtle pop of metallic gold in this look creates a perfect contrast to the stunning liner, which extends along the crease and enhances the eyes’ shape. The delicate linework and voluminous lashes exemplify how makeup can truly be a work of art.

The rest of the makeup in this look remains neutral, featuring brownish lips, brushed eyebrows, and a touch of pink on the cheeks to infuse a hint of color into the overall look.

14. Golden rhinestone eye look

Golden rhinestone eye look
Credit: maddycloud

Swiping a gold shade over the lid and pairing it with a thin black eyeliner is a fantastic way to elevate your entire look. Even if the rest of your makeup remains neutral, you’ll still capture attention with your stunning gold eyeshadow.

What makes this look even more captivating are the gold rhinestones in the hair, perfectly complementing the eye makeup and adding an extra touch of allure.

15. Magnificent golden hour

This particular eye look embodies the sought-after “golden hour” vibe we all love to achieve in our makeup routines. With its magnificent halo eyes, it exudes a timeless beauty that’s simply irresistible.

The black shadow in the corners of the eyes adds a striking contrast to the overall look, while the long, dramatic lashes perfectly frame and accentuate the eyes.

16. Fantastic gold eyeshadow look

This fantastic gold eyeshadow look exudes a timeless and effortless charm, making it easy to recreate even for those who aren’t pro makeup artists. The gold eyeshadow is applied all over the upper lid, accentuated by thick black eyelashes that emphasize the eyes. A hint of gold on the lower lid adds the perfect finishing touch.

The rest of the makeup looks fresh and has that healthy glow to it with beautiful pinky cheeks and matt neutral lips.

17. Gold bride

Gold eyeshadow looks are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of occasions and eye shapes. A mere touch of gold eyeshadow elevates eye makeup to the next level, flawlessly defining and enhancing the eyes.

This is an example of a gold eyeshadow look that exudes femininity and elegance, perfect for all the brides out there.

18. Flawless festive glam

Flawless festive glam
Credit: alicedickson

The golden tones applied on the lid, blended seamlessly with deeper tones in the crease, create an ideal match for a brilliant eye look that’s sure to make you stand out. Paired with bold lips in cool, sensual brown tones topped with gloss, this look exudes confidence and sophistication.

19. Gold but nude look

Gold-eye looks don’t always have to be glamorous to make an impact; as shown above, they can be subtle and soft yet still outstanding. This specific look is delicately chic, with a cool touch of liquid eyeliner that adds a modern edge.

The overall look is so simple and natural, and you can easily recreate it by yourself. Graphic eyeliner is what gives it a unique and creative note.

20. Gorgeous gold eyeshadow look

The intense cat-eye smoky makeup trend has remained popular for the past few years, and for good reason—it looks stunning on any skin tone, especially complementing dark brown eyes.

Every makeup artist loves creating the cat-eye smoky makeup look for its glamorous appeal and time-saving application. You can effortlessly achieve this look at home and feel like royalty in no time.

21. Clean and soft

22 Dazzling Gold Eyeshadow Looks You'll Want to Try
Credit: lihibubi_mua

Gold eyeshadow lends itself beautifully to soft and natural makeup looks, especially when paired with impeccably shaped brows and luminous, highlighted skin. Blending gold shadow on the lids alongside peachy cheeks and nude lips creates an effortless and sophisticated appearance.

As shown in the picture, this look is a great option for brides or for everyday wear due to its minimalistic charm.

22. Trendy eye look

If you’re looking to add a touch of gold to your lids without going over the top, a sheer and sheen hint of gold eyeshadow is all you need. Paired with light and soft lips and cheeks, this subtle gold accentuates your eyes and creates the perfect classic makeup look in minutes when finished with a few coats of black mascara.

Gold eyeshadow looks are a go-to choice for any occasion, thanks to their timeless and feminine allure. They effortlessly make the eyes stand out, regardless of their color or shape. Plus, these looks are easy to recreate at home, adding an element of fun and excitement to your makeup routine.

22 Dazzling Gold Eyeshadow Looks You'll Want to Try

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