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22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoo Ideas For Hardcore Fans

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoo Ideas For Hardcore Fans

Transport yourself to the realm of Westeros with these magnificent Game of Thrones tattoos that refer to different symbols and scenes from the show and the book.

A variety of designs, shown in different tattoo styles, empower you to embrace your inner fortitude and rise above life’s struggles.

Shall we find the perfect one for you?

1. Dracarys

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoos To Enter The World of Westeros

This micro tattoo may be small, but its profound symbolism is truly inspiring. It portrays Drogo exhaling fire as he battles the foes of his beloved Mother.

It’s executed in blackwork ink accented by touches of red, with the red elements symbolizing the inner fortitude and strength required to conquer any challenge.

2. A dragon and a sword

A dragon and a sword
Credit: barythaya

This is another blackwork piece, depicting a dragon and a sword, both potent symbols of strength, inspiring you to grab hold of your inner power and step into the world bravely.

The back placement makes the design all the more intriguing, giving off a vibe of someone unafraid to confront any challenge head-on!

3. Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoos To Enter The World of Westeros
Credit: dbishoptattoo

Here’s a depiction of all Dany’s dragons, done in the fascinating blackwork! However, the fire they breathe is shown in red, green, and orange hues.

The contrast between the colors makes this Game of Thrones tattoo all the more captivating, especially with the little “Dracarys” quote, urging you to be bold and ready.

4. What do we say to the god of death?

This tattoo connects the Stark and Targaryen houses, depicting a micro dragon and a quote underneath the image, referencing a scene between Arya and Syrio Forel.

He urges Arya to flee from the fight if she wants to stay alive. As we know, NOT dying can be particularly hard in the Westeros universe, so Arya engraves this advice deep in her mind, managing to survive till the very end.

5. House Stark

This Game of Thrones tattoo is for all the lovers of House Stark, showcasing their famous sigil, a wolf. If you admire their ideals or recognize them in yourself, this piece will inspire you to lead a life of truth and justice.

Plus, the captivating blackwork will make you look hardcore as hell!

6. Arya’s Needle

Aryas Needle
Credit: codydresser

If you’re a fan of more colorful tattoos, opt for this gorgeous Game of Thrones tattoo adorned with orange tones. It depicts Arya wielding her little “Needle.” You can also notice the famous words “Valar Morghulis,” translating to “All men must die.”

It’s a fascinating design that perfectly captures Arya’s fierce spirit, motivating you to face life’s challenges with the same fire!

7. House Baratheon

For a striking combination of powerful and cute elements, opt for this colorful Game of Thrones tattoo. It depicts a crowned stag, the sigil of House Baratheon as well as their iconic words: “Ours is the fury.”

The cartoon style and the flowers surrounding the stag contribute to the adorable energy of the tattoo, but the words still dominate the design, and inspire with their deep significance.

8. Winter is coming

Winter is coming
Credit: @_inkfactory_

And here are the famous words of House Stark, the quote that keeps repeating itself from the first episode, warning of the danger coming with winter.

It’s depicted alongside the Stark sigil, empowering you to face whatever is ahead. The arm placement makes the tattoo all the more powerful, making you look truly badass!

9. The Three-Eyed Raven

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoos To Enter The World of Westeros
Credit: yanomani_ami

For a truly formidable back tattoo, consider choosing this blackwork depiction of the Three-Eyed Raven. Its design also evokes the image of the Iron Throne, with swords scattered all around.

The combination of these two elements from the show creates an even more fascinating image.

10. A song of ice and fire

For all fans of full-back tattoos, here’s one that depicts the battle between fire and ice, with the Night King on one side, and Daenerys on the other. You can also notice white walkers, dire wolves, and dragons, all fighting for victory over Westeros.

There is no gap left on the back, creating a truly captivating ink.

11. Mother of dragons

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoos To Enter The World of Westeros
Credit: @sketchbrooke_ 

If you want an amazing, framed Game of Thrones tattoo, this one is a great example. It shows Dany with little Drogon, who’s just learning to take back her power and conquer all those she deems unjust.

You can notice the word “judgment” written below the image, emphasizing her fiery nature and queenly attitude.

12. House Greyjoy

If you love Theon Greyjoy as much as I do, this tattoo might appeal to you. It shows the words of his house, evoking feelings of strength and bravery.

The words are connected to their ritual of resurrection, where they dunk the person underwater until they stop moving, then pull them out. If they cough up water, it means they’re blessed and come back stronger than ever.

13. Tyrion Lannister tattoo

And here’s one of the most famous Tyrion’s quotes, featured with the Lannister sigil and the hand of the King symbol, symbolizing his departure from his family and union with Daenerys.

The tattoo boasts vibrant shades of red and orange, while the lion is depicted in somber tones of black and gray, signifying his past life.

14. A Targaryen and a Stark

A Targaryen and a Stark
Credit: mayconcorbie

This intriguing black and grey tattoo signifies Jon Snow’s identity crisis. Is he a Stark or a Targaryen? We know Jon has the integrity of a Stark and the fire of the Targeryn, fighting for his ideals head-on!

This Game of Thrones tattoo depicts his sword, with a dragon on one side and a dire wolf on the other. So, if you want your forearm to be decorated with a badass piece, what’s better than this?

15. The North remembers

If you want a truly striking, lifelike Game of Thrones tattoo, this image of Arya should do the trick. It depicts her in her most badass era, exacting vengeance upon Walder Frey for the death of her mother and brother.

She kills his sons, and makes a pie out of them, presenting it to Walder with a different face. So, if you want inspiring ink, this is surely the perfect choice.

16. Cartoon Daenerys

If you want a blend of hardcore and cute, pick this amazing cartoon Game of Thrones tattoo. It depicts Dany in her lovely blue dress, with Drogon on her shoulder.

The image is framed within a shape, making this a combination of the cartoon and geometrical tattoo style.

17. A mini Arya Stark

For all Arya Stark lovers, consider this striking blackwork tattoo capturing her standing proudly with Needle in hand.

Embrace the spirited demeanor and unyielding strength she embodies, letting her resilience inspire you.

18. Inspiring Game of Thrones tattoo

Inspiring Game of thrones tattoo
Credit: @terrygrow

If you want a motivating Game of Thrones tattoo, here’s a famous quote of Arya’s where she urges you not to be afraid because “fear cuts deeper than swords.”

This becomes all the more inspiring when you think about her own fortitude and how she never stands aside in a time of battle, but rather faces her adversaries courageously.

19. Night King

Adorn your forearm with this captivating black and grey Game of Thrones tattoo, showcasing the Night King and a dragon.

Their eyes, and even the fire, are depicted in icy blue hues, accentuating the ominous presence of the White Walkers.

20. The lone wolf dies…

The lone wolf dies
Credit: yoaltizitl_sa

This is a simple yet intriguing Game of Thrones tattoo, showcasing a dire wolf, with a quote underneath. It’s a reference to a conversation between Sansa and Arya, where they talk about their strong bond and how they can survive everything as long as they’re together.

It’s a tattoo that will remind you of the importance of family. Solitude may serve you well temporarily and teach you a lot of things, but ultimately, it’s love that saves you.

21. Matching Game of Thrones tattoos

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoos To Enter The World of Westeros
Credit: xchicoassisx

If you and your loved one want matching Game of Thrones tattoos, these are perfect. It refers to the famous quotes: “All men must die” and “All men must serve.”

It’s a tattoo that fascinates with both its deep significance and formidable font.

22. The iconic Olenna

The iconic Olenna
Credit: @villainarts

Here’s another example of a lovely cartoon Game of Thrones tattoo, showing Olenna Tyrell sipping poison in Joffrey’s drink.

This way, she protects her granddaughter Margaery and the whole realm from his vicious hands. This ultimately leads to her death, and the iconic confession: “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”

All in all, all these Game of Thrones tattoos hide powerful references that will help you find the inner strength needed to overcome all life’s obstacles, all the while making you look extra hardcore.

22 Powerful Game Of Thrones Tattoo Ideas For Hardcore Fans

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