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20 Front Neck Tattoos For Guys That Will Get Noticed

20 Front Neck Tattoos For Guys That Will Get Noticed

Neck tattoos are only for the brave ones, that’s a fact. You gotta have the courage to cover this part of your body with ink. What are some cool front-neck tattoos for guys, though?

Honestly, any tattoo you get on your neck is going to become a statement piece. But the front of your neck is the most visible part which means that your new design will probably get noticed by everyone. That’s why you want to engrave something cool and unique on it; something that’s going to steal the show.

If you’re a rebellious person who loves to express himself through tattoos, then you’ve probably considered getting one on your neck for a while. You know that you won’t be able to cover this design or hide it with clothes, but honestly, you’re fine with that.

Now, the real issue is finding an appropriate design that suits your aesthetic and fits perfectly on your neck. Here are some of our favorite front-neck tattoos for guys that are going to leave everyone speechless.

1. Piece of art on the neck

Do you love art and everything it represents? Would you consider getting an artistic tattoo such as this one and wearing it on your neck for the rest of your life? We love this design and maybe you’ll feel the same way about it.

2. Geometrical shapes

This is definitely a bold piece that’s not for everyone. However, if you’re looking for something that’s going to stand out then this geometrical tattoo is the way to go.

3. Ornamental piece

3. Ornamental piece
Credit: ulises_indio

If you’re into ornamental designs and are looking for something to get inked on your neck, you should consider this idea. Perfectly symmetrical, it’s going to fit on your neck to a tee.

4. Abstract design

4. Abstract design
Credit: kwin_tattoo

For all of you out there who are into abstract tattoos, this could be the design you’re looking for. It’s going to cover the whole front of your neck which requires a ton of commitment. What do you think? Are you brave enough to do it?

5. Small and simple neck tattoo

5. Small and simple neck tattoo
Credit: trobbies

Who said that neck tattoos have to be big and bold? If you’re looking for a smaller design, then this simple tattoo could be your choice.

6. Tribal design

6. Tribal design
Credit: curlytattoo

Tribal tattoos are cool since they require a ton of patience and skill to be executed perfectly. Now, the one in the photo above is definitely a statement piece. But if you want to, you can tone it down a bit and opt for a smaller version of it. It’s up to you.

7. Spider and the web

Spider and its web are two elements that will fit perfectly on the front part of your neck. This is an edgy tattoo made for all lovers of dark and gloomy elements.

8. Butterfly piece

Guys can get butterfly tattoos. Periodt! This black and gray design is simple enough but at the same time, it’s highly detailed and looks so real.

9. Angel and his wings

9. Angel and his wings
Credit: kiloinc_

Angel with its wings is another great option for your neck. Let the wings spread across this part of your body and give this tattoo any meaning you want.

10. Cross neck tattoo

Are you a religious person looking for something to embrace your faith? A cross tattoo is always a safe choice but what makes this one unique is its placement. Are you up for it?

11. Necklace out of thorns

When you take a look at this design, you can tell how simple it is. But there’s something bold about thorns that wrap around your neck like a necklace. It looks more audacious than it is.

12. Colorful flowers

12. Colorful flowers
Credit: miss_dino

We gave you a ton of black and gray options so we wanted to switch things up a bit. Would you consider getting these vibrant flowers inked on the front of your neck? It’s definitely a brave decision that isn’t for everyone. But who knows, maybe you’re going to like it.

13. “Blessed”

Your neck is a perfect spot for short statements or sayings that mean a lot to you. When you feel blessed in life, consider getting a neck tattoo to show that to the world. We love this cursive font that wraps around the front of your neck perfectly.

14. A detailed moth

This design is similar to the butterfly one that we’ve already mentioned but we wanted to add this one to the list as well since there are a couple of differences. A moth may seem like an unusual choice for a tattoo but you gotta admit that it looks great on the neck.

15. Owl piece on the neck

15. Owl piece on the neck
Credit: artizu

Would you be courageous enough to wear an owl tattoo on your neck? We love the shading on this one but what makes it stand out are its blue eyes. They look so real!

16. Colorful bug

A bug is another option that can look amazing on your neck. This is a more colorful design but if you can’t imagine yourself getting a colored design on this part of your body, you can always opt for black and gray ink.

17. Neotraditional design

If you’re into non-traditional tattoos, then you’re going to love this one. Rose is always a great choice but this style makes it look more unique.

18. Scary skull

As we’ve already mentioned, roses are a staple when it comes to tattoos. It’s the same with skulls. Combine them together and you get an edgy, dark tattoo that will show those around you how brave you are.

19. A fierce eagle

As a symbol of honesty and freedom, an eagle is a common tattoo option. What’s great about getting it on your neck is that it has enough space to spread its wings freely.

20. “Trust no one”

20. “Trust no one”
Credit: vivislm

Simple statements such as this one can have a bold meaning. “Trust no one” could definitely be your tattoo of choice if you’ve been disappointed by those who meant the most to you.

20 Front Neck Tattoos For Guys That Will Get Noticed

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