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20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope

20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope

Sometimes we forget how much strength there is within us. The pain slaps us in the face, and we think it’s the end of the world. Well, it’s not.

While it’s okay to take time to grieve, you should never forget that brighter days are coming. Let these wonderful female quote tattoos about strength remind you of that!

1. An angel in the garden of evil

20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope
Credit: r.h.sin

Many people go through difficult periods in life, and end up becoming the very thing they hated early on. They justify their actions by mentioning their tough past. Don’t be like that.

This wrist tattoo reminds you that it takes true strength to remain good even when you’re far from a good place in life. Remain an angel in the garden of evil.

2. Always believe in your own strength

You’d be surprised by what you can achieve if only you believed in your power. Throw all insecurities out the door! Or rather, face them! They are only a product of your mind.

This breathtaking back tattoo brings an important message: Once you step out of your comfort zone, and come face to face with your fears, you’ll achieve what you thought was impossible as long as you never lose faith in your capabilities!

3. For the hope of it all

20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope
Credit: t.wenty47

Your situation may seem hopeless now. Nothing is going well, and it feels like you’ll stay in the same loop until the rest of your days. But trust me, the good days will come.

Nothing lasts forever, neither the good nor the bad, but that’s the beauty of it. Live for the hope of it all! Who knows who you are destined to meet, or what you are fated to experience?

Let this female quote tattoo about strength serve as a reminder of this lovely truth!

4. Everything happens for a reason

It’s okay to grieve and cry your eyes out at night. In fact, it’s encouraged. The only way to get over a problem is to look it straight in the eyes and let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling.

But once you go through that process, you should never forget this important message—everything that happens has a purpose, and if it doesn’t, create one! Character development, girlie!

5. I want to feel my stars align again

When it comes to female quote tattoos about strength, this is a wonderful one! The tiny red stars make the message all the more impressive!

And the message is: You proclaim your wish for the good things to come, and that’s already the first step to something greater!

It’s okay if it takes time. Believe in the power of your manifestation. Wishing for it may not make it happen, but having hope may open up more opportunities for you!

6. One day at a time

One day at a time

You can’t change your whole life overnight. I know it’s hard to deal with problems, but you have to solve them one at a time, and one day at a time.

Pick one and focus on it. Neglect everything else. Give all of your attention to it. By focusing solely on one thing, you will achieve success and consequently feel better about yourself, becoming more optimistic about tackling your other challenges.

7. You’re stronger than you think

20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope
Credit: cassienovah

Think of a past situation where you thought you surely wouldn’t make it. And yet here you are? Victorious and stronger than ever, but still doubting your power to overcome obstacles.

Get this tattoo to remind yourself that you are always more powerful than you believe yourself to be.

8. With pain comes strength

It’s normal and valid to acknowledge your pain and find ways to deal with it. But you shouldn’t see it as merely a bad thing! There’s a silver lining—the many great lessons that come with grief!

All those lessons give you strength and wisdom better to handle any chaos that may come next.

9. Still I rise

20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope
Credit: liv_tattoos

Simple but effective, this black ink reminds you that no matter how much you find yourself at the bottom, you’ll still rise, holding more power than ever!

Like a phoenix, you’ll emerge from the ashes again, ready for the next battle life throws at you.

10. You are your only limit

The world often makes us feel like our dreams don’t matter. This striking design is there to remind you that you can achieve anything as long as you believe it.

Just remember what motivated you in the first place, and why it matters so much to you. Focus on the dream, not the people who make comments about it. Only the sky is your limit.

11. Wear your scars like wings

Instead of letting your demons conquer you, be the one to conquer them! Don’t reject your goodness out of fear of being betrayed. The true strength of character is seen in the ability to stay good despite all the bad things happening!

This quote, along with the striking wing design, serves as perfect encouragement to strive on your path of virtue.

12. Grow through what you go through

Grow through what you go through

If you like a powerful image next to your female quote tattoos about strength, opt for this gorgeous flower design. Its vibrant orange and green hues contribute even more to the overall beauty in meaning.

It’s a tattoo that reminds you that you’re not just going through a painful period, but rather GROWING through it. Like a flower, you will bloom, and become wiser for future internal battles.

13. Happiness comes in waves

Happiness doesn’t last forever, but that’s not such a bad thing. It comes and goes, but each time it visits us again, we appreciate it all the more due to the pain we’ve suffered.

So, this gorgeous combination of a female quote tattoo about strength and a tiny wave and sun design will help remind you of that fact.

14. Protect your energy

Protect your energy
Credit: laniart13

This delicate design depicts elements from nature, evoking feelings of tranquility. It further enhances the meaning of the quote below that urges you to reject everything that disturbs your inner peace.

Sometimes we’re not aware of the importance of energy. What and who you surround yourself with plays a major role in who you are. So, choose wisely.

15. It is what it is

This is one of the most striking female quote tattoos about strength, with its graceful font and strong shades of red and blue.

Red signifies intensity, reminding you to allow yourself to feel the pain, whereas blue represents the peace that comes with acceptance. If you can’t change it, there’s no point in prolonging the pain.

16. Inhale the future, exhale the past

Inhale the future exhale the past
Credit: _xibalbaarts_

You can’t create a new life if you’re still stuck with old patterns. Embrace your strength and let go of everything that’s holding you back.

Invite novelty and excitement into your days, exhaling all past sorrows.

17. Everything will be okay

This is a simple yet beautiful message about hope. It reminds you that sorrow is fleeting, and that soon there will come a moment when everything will be okay.

It’s a micro tattoo, adorned with a beautiful font and in red ink. The design is as simplistic as the message itself, yet the crimson hue underscores its profound significance.

18. I can, and I will

I can and I will
Credit: @inkbytheg

It’s important how we frame our thoughts. If you believe you can’t do something, you will minimize your chances of doing it. If you believe in yourself, however, you’ll soon see your life turn around significantly.

It’s a female quote tattoo about strength whose delicate design contrasts its powerful meaning.

19. Not broke, just bent

This is a gorgeous dotwork depicting a variety of colorful flowers, creating a delicate yet life-like image that fascinates the eye. The quote below elevates the meaning to a new level.

It compares you to a flower, urging you to remember there’s no such thing as being “broken.” You are not the pain you feel.

20. You’ve got this

Let’s finish with this sweet yet empowering note! Never forget that you are strong enough, and that you can overcome whatever life throws your way!

Allow these female quote tattoos about strength to give you hope, but also help you regain faith in your own abilities. There’s nothing you can’t do; it’s the world that convinces you otherwise.

I hope these designs were of help, and that you found one that resonates or sparks inspiration. Wishing you the best of luck!

20 Beautiful Female Quote Tattoos About Strength And Hope

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