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20 Stunning Face Tattoos For Hardcore Tattoo Enthusiasts

20 Stunning Face Tattoos For Hardcore Tattoo Enthusiasts

Whether you find yourself running out of space on the rest of your body or you’re simply feeling brave enough, the idea of covering your face with ink is definitely a bold one. So, what are some cool ideas for face tattoos?

With the rising number of celebrities getting their faces inked, it’s no surprise that more people are looking into facial tattoos. Just make sure you’re 100% sure about it and won’t regret your decision since these tattoos aren’t exactly something you can hide.

Same with every other spot on the body, choosing the right design for your face tattoo won’t be easy. It’s also important to choose the right tattoo artist who’ll get the job done perfectly.

Now, we can’t tell you what facial decoration to opt for but we can definitely give you a few options to choose from. From simple to intricate ones, here are some ideas we love.

1. Dotwork tattoo

Getting a dotwork tattoo on your face? Yes, please! If you’re looking for a design that will have the wow effect, then this is exactly what you need.

2. Tiny face ornament

Your face is a perfect spot for tiny and simple tattoos such as this one. It’s minimalistic but it’s still going to stand out due to its placement.

3. Barbed wire

3. Barbed wire
Credit: psn.nr40

A barbed wire symbolizes strength and overcoming challenges. When you want everyone to know how resilient you are, it’s a great idea to get this design on your face.

4. Little star

Here we have another minimalistic design that won’t take up too much space on your face. This little star is a great option when you’re not ready to commit to a huge facial decoration.

5. Floral face decoration

Flowers will always be in and getting them tattooed on your face is definitely an option worth considering. If you’re into natural elements and don’t feel intimidated by wearing a piece such as this one on your face, then check this design out.

6. Moon and stars

What about a small tattoo of a moon and stars? It looks whimsical and it will make you feel like a fairy.

7. Tiny heart

7. Tiny heart
Credit: micktattoo87

This tiny heart is another rad option that’s perfect for those of you who don’t want to go big and bold with your face tattoos. Even though it’s minimalistic to a tee, it still looks amazing thanks to its placement.

8. Geometrical ornament

8. Geometrical ornament
Credit: hands.inked

Symmetrical tattoos that follow the pattern will always look cool. We’re in love with this design and the fact that it relies on thicker lines. They’re probably the main reason why this tattoo stands out.

9. Leaves tattoo

We’ll always appreciate tattoos that contain elements such as leaves. A great thing about a tattoo such as this one is that it can follow the natural curve of your face.

10. Whimsical butterfly

Would you consider wearing a whimsical butterfly on your face? We love the thin lines that this design features since it adds to its femininity.

11. Fine-line rose tattoo

A traditional rose is another great idea for a face tattoo. You can get it as detailed as you want to, or you can keep things simple if that’s your preferred aesthetic. It’s all up to you.

12. Traditional-style face tattoo

Do you like traditional-style tattoos? If the answer is yes, then this is a cool option for your next body decoration. It’s definitely going to steal the attention when you walk into the room.

13. Vines and flowers

A combination of vines and flowers looks amazing on the skin, and if you’re feeling brave, you can get something like this on your face. We love the fact that this design is a combination of fine lines and a dot work.

14. Favorite saying

14. Favorite saying
Credit: malafama_ink

You can always get your favorite saying inked on your face. “Wild heart” is definitely a cool option, but if you don’t like it then you can go with something else. When it comes to the font, we love this one since it adjusts perfectly to the natural curves on your face.

15. Celtic knot

The Celtic knot is a symbol of love, happiness, and friendship. It’s an endless knot that has no beginning or end which is why it has such a positive meaning. Getting it on your face would show just how strong feelings you have for someone specific. Are you willing to do that?

16. Letter tattoo

16. Letter tattoo
Credit: kalanyzeff

Another idea is to get the first letter of someone’s name as an everlasting memory of that person. Choose any font and ink color you like and give your new tattoo a personal touch.

17. Spider tattoo

17. Spider tattoo
Credit: shauntattoos

Do you love spooky and edgy tattoos that you know not everyone will go for? Getting a spider tattoo on your face is definitely a bold decision but if you’re feeling confident about it, then it’s surely going to fit you.

18. Snake tattoo

This is another rad idea for a face tattoo. We love how this design relies on black ink mostly which makes it even more eye-catching.

19. Red ink decoration

Red ink is definitely a color many people opt for when they’re looking to get something a bit more toned down. Even a huge design isn’t as intimidating if you opt for red ink. So, if you’re ready to get a tattoo on your face but don’t want to take things too far, then this is a good choice.

20. Abstract face piece

20. Abstract face piece
Credit: nooirtattoo

On the other hand, if you’re not afraid to go to extremes, then this abstract design is an option worth considering. People will definitely notice your new tattoo as soon as they see you.

20 Stunning Face Tattoos For Hardcore Tattoo Enthusiasts

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