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Deep Soul Connection: 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

Deep Soul Connection: 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

The deep soul connection signs are those little moments that you don’t pay attention to. It’s the very thing that makes your entire body tingle and you feel like you’re on fire.

You can’t experience those feelings when you’re around anyone but your soulmate. You probably know this by now, but the life-changing encounter between you and your twin flame will become the moment you also find yourself.

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of these terms a while ago already. Many people believe that people from our past lives are following us through our reincarnations. 

It hasn’t been proven for now, but there are human beings who talk about memories that they seem to have made in a previous life. Is that the truth or are they just very imaginative? 

We may never know the answer to that. 

However, there’s a good chance that the spiritual connection between two people is so strong that they experience a karmic relationship. This means that there’s some unfinished business between the two of you and your souls will stay connected until you find a way to resolve this. 

So, is this intense connection you’re experiencing true love, or should you stay nothing more than best friends? Is the answer to this question actually written in the stars? 

In this article, we’ll talk about all the signs of a deep soul connection that’ll help you understand your true self as well as your life partner. 

15 signs of a deep soul connection

1. You met under weird circumstances

Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

One of the deep soul connection signs is when you meet under questionable circumstances. 

There’s a good chance that you met in a place that neither of you usually visits. Something drew you there that particular day. You simply felt like you had to go there or something bad would’ve happened. 

That feeling right there was your intuition. You had to see for yourself what was going on and it brought you to the right place at the right time. 

These weird circumstances could even include an unplanned trip that you went on and you happened to sit next to him on the plane. What are the chances that you’d meet the love of your life like this? Quite slim, but not impossible. 

Even if you met through some friends, the entire timing of your lives seems to align perfectly. For whatever reason, you feel like the circumstances were curious or out of the ordinary, which leads you to also believe that this is a special connection you’re experiencing.

2. The respect is mutual and undeniable

Your gut feeling is never wrong when it comes to this man. That’s why you believe that the respect you have for each other is mutual and undeniable. 

The romantic relationship you’re building is fundamentally filled with respect and understanding. You’re not even sure if you ever experienced something like this before you met this man. 

Mutual respect isn’t a random little thing that makes a relationship work. It’s the most important thing that you need to build your relationship on. If there’s no respect then there’s no way your relationship will work out.

However, with this man, you don’t have those problems. You simply know that you can tell him everything and that he’ll always respect your decisions and opinions. Your respect for each other also allows you to follow your life journey while also loving each other unconditionally. 

If that doesn’t sound like your souls have been connected for years, then I don’t know what does. 

3. You simply know when something’s wrong with the other

DONE Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal 2

It’s weird to believe that these things exist, but you have a telepathic connection that you’ve established on a spiritual level. 

You know when the other one doesn’t feel okay. You don’t have to say a word, but your partner can just sense if you’re okay or not. 

Even if you put a smile on your face, he can still feel the shift in your energy that reminds you that you’re true soulmates. Your soulmate relationship consists of several “superpowers.”

How many times has it happened that you had a weird feeling like something was wrong, just to call him and find out and he was going through something bad? Even if it’s something as simple as a mild fever, you still knew that something was up. 

You wouldn’t have that feeling if you weren’t connected on a soul level. How do you know that he wasn’t doing okay? How do you explain that rationally? 

Unless you put it down to an energy level, you are seeing the signs of a deep soul connection. 

4. You communicate with a heavy undertone of love

It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about at the moment, you can still feel the love in the air. There’s so much empathy and the soulmate connection is unquestionable. 

Just like any other couple, you have disagreements. You can’t always be on the same page about things, or you’ll fall into a conflict with no actual reason behind it. 

Even though it could happen, you can still feel the love and understanding in those arguments. It doesn’t matter what’s going on because you’re both so sure that the other one has no bad intentions. 

You’ll never end up giving each other the silent treatment after a fight because you’re so affectionate with each other that it never escalates. You don’t use any derogatory words nor do you try to insult each other. 

That’s a true sign that you were meant to be together. Your connections are on a deeper level and it can’t be understood by anyone else who hasn’t experienced it. 

5. Your intimate moments are intense

Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

So many people get into bed with someone who only gives them negative energy. A real connection feels much different than that. 

One of the signs of a deep soul connection is when your insecurities can’t ruin your intimate moments. You can let him explore your body without a second thought, while also being able to enjoy his. 

When I say that it’ll be intense, I mean that it’s so much more than just his touch that makes you feel like you’re floating on clouds. Your heart is trying to burst out of your chest, your mind is clouded with pleasure, and your hands can’t get enough of him. 

Now that’s something that you can’t find just anywhere. So many people have multiple partners during their lifetime but is the kind of relationship that tells you that there’s so much more in the bedroom than your greedy fingertips. 

Lifetimes of love are brought together in that room.  

6. It’s so much more than just a physical relationship

Even though those intimate moments are amazing, you know that it’s more than just physical pleasure. It’s a relationship that awakens every aspect of you. 

Karmic soulmates are so much more than good friends. It’s the first time you’re sure that your personal growth has been inspired by another person. 

The unconditional love you’ll experience in this relationship will transcend anything you’ve ever thought love to be. It’s a relationship in which your entire body buzzes with excitement. 

He ignites a fire within you that craves his presence more than anything else. Plus, you know for a fact that he’s experiencing the same awakening you’re going through. 

Something within the both of you is changing and everyone around you is able to see it. Many people will comment on the fact that you seem happier. 

7. You experience synchronicities when you’re around each other

DONE Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal 4

There are many different types of soul connections, every single one of which is deep, and there are so many signs that indicate it’s real. So, it’s no wonder there is a common thread in every relationship like this – they all experience synchronicities. 

Did you see angel numbers before you bumped into each other? Was there something that happened to the both of you that was significant? For example, you always felt a specific love for the moon or rainbows used to follow you around wherever you went? 

Those synchronicities are obvious signs that the universe is doing everything in order to bring you two together. It wouldn’t happen between people who don’t have a specific connection. 

The first meeting could be accompanied by all of those weird instances that can’t be explained, yet they’re still significant for you two. 

8. You finish each other’s sentences

How many people do you know who think so similarly to you that you finish each other’s sentences? Not many, I suspect. Probably only family members or one of your lifelong friends. 

However, this man seems to get you completely. He reads your mind like no other and it’s one of those signs you two are kindred spirits who were waiting so long to be reunited. 

You don’t even have to think too much about it. The words simply slip out your mouth and when you realize what happened, you have to laugh about it. 

To be honest, it is funny. It’s the type of situation that seems so unreal that there’s no other way to react to it. Afterward, when you get home, you’ll have the time to think about how weird that moment was. 

You know how much you’re invested in the story that could unfold if you let him love you. The love possibilities you have are endless with this man because he understands you on such a deep level. 

It’s one of the deep soul connection signs you’ll have to experience to actually believe it. Otherwise, you’ll always think that it’s nothing more than a myth. 

9. You feel safe and sound in his arms

Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

Let’s be honest, we’re all riddled with so much trauma that we can barely trust people anymore. We wake up in the morning and the weight of our past doesn’t seem to leave our shoulders. 

Depending on what you’ve been through, there’s a good chance that you’re still experiencing anxiety and depression because of it. 

But none of those things seem to matter when you’re around him. At the beginning of your relationship, you thought he’d eventually get bored of your mood swings. 

Now you know better. You understand that he loves you and is unconditionally there for you. He has a unique way of making you feel safe and sound in his arms without trying too hard. 

He doesn’t judge you or make you feel like a burden when you’re having a tough time. With him in your life, those dark days are so rare that they seem to be in the past already. 

That’s what true love is able to bring out in you. It’s the type of love that doesn’t give you anything less than a safe place to unpack all of your trauma, while your partner helps you sort through all those unbearable memories. 

10. You have the same vision for the future

Another sign of a deep soul connection is when you’re able to see the same future ahead of you. You spent so many past lives together that it seems funny how well you know each other by now. 

There’s nothing you’d rather do than spend the rest of this life with your twin flame. He’s more than your soulmate and it’s obvious by the fact that you have the same vision for the future. 

You both want the same things. You both want to start a family, become so much better at your hobbies, and start a business that’ll help other people in this world. 

You’re both aware that a life of solitude isn’t the right choice for you. That’s exactly why you’re so set on doing things that’ll help your community. You’re both family-oriented and have an outgoing nature that gives you the energy to always be there for the people who are dear to you.

But even if that’s not the case, and you both have a completely different plan for the future, then it’s still a plan that’s personal to you two. 

11. You’re authentic with him

DONE Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal 6

Your true self takes center stage when you’re with him. Do you believe that you’d be able to be so free with someone who wasn’t meant for you?

You’ve hidden your authentic self so deep within yourself that you didn’t even know she existed. But here she is! She just needed a little push. She had to feel safe enough to come out and not feel like someone’s judging her for her quirks. 

Your authentic self was so deep within you that you completely forgot about her or how it feels to laugh aloud. Now you can laugh however much you want, you can talk a lot, and even dance whenever the music makes you move. 

You don’t have to fear taking up space again. He makes you feel worthy of it. 

If he says that you make him feel the same way, then you know it’s real. Even though he’s always thinking of you, he’s still giving himself the chance to express himself truly. 

This way, both of you have the freedom to act and feel without feeling pressured to hide anything. 

12. A real psychic confirmed it

Is there something like a real psychic? I can’t tell you to believe in it, but I can tell you that there are people in this world who swear a psychic was the one to predict their future to a T. 

You can take this as a sign of a deep soul connection between you and your partner. Psychics can probably tell your energies as well as predict the outcome of your relationship. 

They’re extremely empathetic and each psychic has a specific way of handling these cases. They’ll know where to look for the red string that’s keeping you together. They’ll even be able to tell how long your paths have been intertwined. 

Because of that, you can’t expect your relationship to be a normal and boring one. You transcended one century after another and your love won every time.

13. Your morals and values are aligned

Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

There aren’t many people you’ll meet where you immediately realize your morals and values actually align. Everyone’s had a different type of upbringing and most of our values come from there. 

Not many apples tend to fall far from the tree. So it’s hard to find your equal in this regard. You met men before who were close to being perfect – they understood your need for independence. But one day, they realized that it wasn’t okay for them anymore. 

You don’t have that problem when you have a deep soul connection with someone. Your values align because you understand each other on a measureless level. 

He supports your decision to be your own woman. You also support his decision to chase his career aspirations.

You both try to be included when there’s some type of injustice around you because you know you can influence it. Neither of you will just stay silent when there’s something happening that you don’t agree with. 

These situations will bring you even closer together. I know this type of thinking pattern and behavior doesn’t just come overnight. You’ve had lifetimes to get to know the inner working of your brain – now you’re using that ancient knowledge. 

14. You’re obsessing over each other

Here’s yet another deep soul connection sign – you simply can’t stop thinking about each other. It’s not the same as when you have a crush, but rather an obsession that doesn’t seem to have an end. 

Whenever you’re not around each other, you can’t wait to see him again. You’re consumed by the thoughts of him and you don’t even want it to stop. 

When you’re together, you can’t seem to keep your hands off of each other. It’s weird because people describe this as infatuation, calling it nothing more than a fleeting moment of attraction. 

However, to you two, this is so much more than that. This is your entire world we’re talking about and there’s nothing that can keep the two of you apart. 

Sometimes, people aren’t supposed to end up with their twin flame in this lifetime. That’s because of karma and trauma. More often than not, people split up even when they meet their twin souls. 

That doesn’t mean that you’ll stay indifferent to each other. You can obsess over each other even when you decide that you won’t stay in a relationship. 

Do you have that one ex that you can’t seem to get rid of? Yeah, you should probably look into that relationship. 

15. You know that this will last for a long time

DONE Deep Soul Connection 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal 8

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of starting a relationship between you two or if you’ve broken up a long time ago. A clear sign that you two have a soul connection is when you’re sure that this will last for a very long time. 

You can feel it in the way your heart won’t stop pounding in your ribcage when you think of him. You can feel that he’s ruining you for anyone else every time he lays eyes on you. 

This feeling won’t disappear by itself and if you’re completely honest, you don’t want it to. 

You know that your relationship will last a lifetime. You made so many plans for the future and you know so much about each other. You’re the type of couple that everyone else looks up to because your love is indisputable. 

Your soul knows that it won’t let him go even if you feel like it’s the right time to walk away. 

Either way, this is the relationship that you should be in. The stars were the ones to determine your compatibility and lay the road out for you. Now it’s up to you to choose what’ll happen next.

Deep Soul Connection: 15 Signs Your Soul Has Found Its Equal

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